2024 Pro Swim Series – Knoxville: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap



The third day of action at the 2024 Knoxville Pro Swim Series will feature four different events: the 100 backstroke, 200 breaststroke, 200 IM, and 50 free. The 800 free will be swum in the afternoon, with the exception of the fastest heat of women and men, which will swim in the finals session.


Despite Regan Smith’s absence, the 100 backstroke is still going to be a loaded event on the Women’s side. Headling the affair is 2023 Worlds bronze medalist Katharine Berkoff, who will take the middle lane tonight but has to hold off the likes of Claire Curzan, Rhyan White, and Isabelle Stadden.

The men’s 100 back is a very similar story, with the 2023 Worlds bronze medalist, Hunter Armstrong, taking top billing this morning. Armstrong will look to throw down with familiar foes Shaine Casas and Justin Ress, as well as a strong contingent of up-and-comers led by the likes of Daniel Diehl.

Kate Douglass may have disappointed some fans by scratching out of the 200 IM and potential showdown with Summer McIntosh, but she did time trial the event earlier in the meet, swimming a speedy 2:07.89. Douglass, however, will still grace the pool this morning in two events, the 200 breast and 50 free.

In the breaststroke, Douglass enters as the #2 seed despite being the reigning World silver medalist, as just ahead of her is Lilly King, who has an entry time of 2:20.95. The pair will look to jostle for lanes in tonight’s final with a pair of Douglass UVA teammates, Ella Nelson and Alex Walsh, as well as a strong international contingent containing the likes of Kotryna Tetervkova, Mona McSharry, and Tess Cieplucha.

In the 50, Douglass is the #5 seed behind the likes of Abbey Weitzeil, Kasia Wasick, and Gretchen Walsh, but in such a short distance and with a deep field, there is no margin for error, so all of the top seeds will be looking to throw down to get a coveted spot amongst the top eight.

Sandwiched between the two events is the 200 IM, which will still be a strong event as it is headlined by the World Junior Record Holder, McIntosh, as well as last summer’s silver medalist, Alex Walsh. The 200 see a strong international presence as the likes of Cieplucha, Ashley McMillan, and Alicia Wilson throw their hats into contention.

The men’s 200 breast sees Jake Foster atop the field, at least on paper, and they will look to compete with Nic Fink and Charlie Swanson for the middle lanes in tonight’s final. All three have entry times sub 2:09, with Will Licon sitting just outside at 2:09.13.

The 200 IM sees Jake’s brother Carson Foster leading the last heat and looking to replicate his win in the 400 IM last night. In Foster’s way are Maximus Williamson, Trenton Julian, Destin Lasco, and Kieran Smith.

The men’s splash and dash is sure to not disappoint as the last few heats are full of talent. Leading the way are Michael Andrew, Ryan Held, and Jack Alexy, but look for Tennessee training partners Jordan Crooks and Guilherme Santos to push the top trio.

WOMEN’S 100 Backstroke – HEATS

  • World Record: Kaylee McKeown (AUS) – 57.33 (2023)
  • American Record: Regan Smith (USA) – 57.57 (2019)
  • U.S Open Record: Regan Smith (USA) – 57.71 (2023)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: Regan Smith (USA) – 57.90 (2023)
  • OLY Trials Cut – 1:01.89

Top 8:

  1. Katharine Berkoff – 59.06
  2. Isabelle Stadden – 59.56
  3. Rhyan White/ Claire Curzan – 1:00.25
  4. N/A
  5.  Josephine Fuller – 1:00.33
  6. Leah Shackley – 1:00.44
  7. Morgan Scott – 1:01.35
  8. Charlotte Crush – 1:01.58

29.63 at 50, Torri Huske threw down in just the 2nd heat this morning, taking the win in 1:02.75, just behind Jillian Crooks’ 1:02.70 from the 1st heat.

Crooks, who entered with a yards time, held on the top time of the morning through heat 7 when she was overtaken by Rhyan White, who touched in 1:00.25. White looked smooth and in control and will easily make it into the A-final, where she should have plenty left to swim sub-:60.

Heat 7 also saw no shows in lanes 3, 6, and 7, with Berit Berglund, Gabby DeLoof, and Ashley McMillian opting not to swim.

The penultimate heat saw a full eight lanes of swimmers, with Claire Curzan out touching Leah Shackley from 1:00.25 to 1:00.44. With that time there Curzan sits tied with White with one heat remaining.

Katharine Berkoff proved why she is at the forefront of American backstroke sprinting, easily laying down a 59.06 to take lane 4 tonight. Joining her from that last heat sub-:60 was Isabelle Stadden, who was half a second behind. No-showing the final heat were Tess Howley and Catie DeLoof.  Taylor Ruck nabbed 3rd in the last heat, touching in 1:01.61.

MEN’S 100 Backstroke– HEATS

  • World Record: Thomas Ceccon (ITA) – 51.60 (2022)
  • American Record: Ryan Murphy (USA) – 51.85 (2016)
  • U.S Open Record: Aaron Piersol (USA) – 51.94 (2009)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: David Plummer (USA) – 52.40 (2016)
  • OLY Trials Cut – 55.69

Top 8:

  1. Kacper Stokowski – 54.11
  2. Shaine Casas – 54.16
  3. Jonny Marshall – 54.63
  4. Kieran Smith – 54.80
  5. Justin Ress – 54.98
  6. Aidan Stoffle – 55.05
  7. Hunter Armstrong – 55.41
  8. Jacob Molacek – 55.53

Both David Curtiss and Gabe Jett no-showed the 1st heat, leaving Luke Amerson to swim the 100 back alone, taking the heat and posting the fastest (and only) time of the morning so far at 58.38.

Jason Park, in heat 2, took over that top spot by swimming 57.40, a time that would remain atop the list until heat 5 when Landon Kyser replaced him with his swim of 56.58.

Much like on the women’s side, the circle-seeded heats saw a bevy of absences, with Michael Andew and Quintin McCarty bowing out of heat 6. Taking advantage of an empty lane was Jonny Marshall, who took the win in a time of 54.63 out of lane 2. Touching behind him and also dipping under 55 were Kieran Smith (54.80) and Justin Ress (54.98).

Heat 7 was taken by Kacper Stokowski in 54.11, with Shaine Casas also cruising to pass Marshall’s time, hitting the wall in 54.16.

The final circle-seeded heat saw no Destin Lasco, but Aidan Stoffle made the most of his chance and took the win in a time of 55.05. The heat was notably slower than the previous two, with 2023 bronze medalist Hunter Armstrong touching in 55.41 and scrapping into the A-final in 7th.

WOMEN’S 200 Breaststroke– HEATS

  • World Record: Evgeniia Chikunova (RUS) – 2:17.55 (2023)
  • American Record: Rebecca Soni (USA) – 2:19.59 (2012)
  • U.S Open Record: Rebecca Soni (USA) – 2:20.38 (2009)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: Annie Lazor (USA) – 2:20.77 (2019)
  • OLY Trials Cut – 2:31.69

Top 8:

  1. Kate Douglass – 2:23.04
  2. Mona McSharry – 2:27.43
  3. Lilly King – 2:27.83
  4. Ella Nelson – 2:29.06
  5. Alexis Yager – 2:30.62
  6. Tess Cieplucha – 2:30.70
  7. Hannah Marinovich – 2:31.37
  8. Sophie Angus – 2:31.50

What can’t Torri Huske swim? Showing up in Heat 2 lane 1 with yards entry time, Huske swam a speedy 2:32.98 to take the top time through 2 heats. Huske has been on a bit of a breaststroke renaissance of late, throwing down a 37.64 split in the 200 IM last month.

Huske’s time remains the top in the field up through the beginning of the circle-seeded heats, followed by Kailee Morgan’s 2:36.41 and Molly Yacoviello’s 2:36.80.

Heat 5 saw both of its middle lanes empty in what had been a no-show-filled morning as both Alex Walsh and Kotryna Teterevkova did not appear. Taking advantage of the opportunity were Alexis Yager and Addie Robillard, who took over from Huske atop the leaderboard, touching in at 2:30.62 and 2:31.99, respectively.

Heat 6 was back to regularly scheduled programming with all the lanes filled, as Kate Douglass made a 2:23.04 look very easy. Nabbing 2nd and safely into the A- Final was Ireland/Tennessee swimmer Mona McSharry who finished in 2:27.43.

(With one heat remaining, Huske currently sits in 8th)

Ella Nelson made the last heat competitive, creepy up on the early leader Lilly King in the middle 100 as the pair both finished under 2:30 and safely qualified for the A-Final. King will be your third seed tonight as she touched in a time of 2:27.73, with Nelson just behind in 4th (2:29.06).

Maybe I am hyping this up to much, but Huske’s time is good for 12th, equalling her placing in the 100 back, and she still has the 50 to swim.

MEN’S 200 Breaststroke– HEATS

  • World Record: Qin Haiyang (CHN) – 2:05.48 (2023)
  • American Record: Josh Prenot (USA) – 2:07.17 (2016)
  • U.S Open Record: Josh Prenot (USA) – 2:07.17 (2016)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: Jake Foster (USA) – 2:08.23 (2023)
  • OLY Trials Cut – 2:15.99

Top 8:

  1. Alon Baer – 2:15.07
  2. Grant Sanders – 2:15.51
  3. Joshua Chen – 2:15.62
  4. Lyubomir Epitropov – 2:15.76
  5. Ilya Evdokimov – 2:15.77
  6. Nic Fink – 2:16.23
  7. Miguel De Lara – 2:16.39
  8. Will Licon – 2:16.43

Entered with a yards time but certainly demonstrating some long-course breaststroke skills, Colton Milne grabbed the first heat in a time of 2:20.66.

Through the first 3 heats, Milne’s time still stands as the top time, with Heat 2’s winner, Liam Aleman, touching in 2:22.79 and Heat 3’s winner, Brandon Cho, hitting the wall in 2:21.58.

With a massive drop from his entry time, heat 4’s Alon Baer, takes over from Milne, stopping the clock in a time of 2:15.07. The University of Evansville swimmer dropped nearly four seconds from his seed time of 2:18.91.

The first of the circle-seeded heats saw outside smoke take the win. Lane 8’s Grant Sanders took the win in 2:15.51 ahead of Miguel de Lara’s 2:16.39. Charlie Swanson finished 6th in the heat in a time of 2:19.67.

Heat 6 almost saw a repeat of lane 8 magic as Ilya Evdokimov also ran down lane 4’s Lyubomir Epitropov, touching just .01 behind, 2:15.77 to 2:15.76. Nic Fink was also closing on the pair, ending up 3rd in the heat in 2;16.63, which sits 5th overall, with one heat remaining.

The last 50 of heat 7 saw three in a line as they all stroked into the finish. Having the best speed into the finish was Joshua Chen, who nabbed the win in a time of 2:15.62, closely followed by Will Licon‘s 2:16.43 and Jake Foster‘s 2:16.61. Cody Miller ended up 7th in the heat (2:20.79) and 22 overall.

Also missing the A- final is Jake Foster, who will take the center lane in the B-final.


  • World Record: Katinka Hosszu (HUN) – 2:06.12 (2015)
  • American Record: Ariana Kukors (USA) – 2:06.15 (2009)
  • U.S Open Record: Kate Douglass (USA) – 2:07.09 (2023)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: Summer McIntosh (CAN) – 2:08.08 (2023)
  • OLY Trials Cut – 2:16.09

Top 8:

  1. Alex Walsh – 2:10.84
  2. Summer McIntosh – 2:12.21
  3. Ashley McMillian – 2:14.15
  4. Kelly Pash – 2:14.69
  5. Beata Nelson – 2:14.87
  6. Alicia Wilson – 2:15.40
  7. Josephine Fuller – 2:16.14
  8. Tess Cieplucha – 2:16.46

Taking the win from heat 1 was Tori Brostowitz in a time of 2:23.63. Also competing and finishing in a time of 3:08.48 was Ahalya Lettenberger, a Rice University swimmer and 2021 Paralympic silver medalist in the 200 IM SM7.

(As an aside and entirely the author’s opinion, I think USA swimming should look to include more Paralympic athletes and events at large meets, similar to how Australian and Canadian trials have been run)

Heat 3 saw 13-year-old Grace Koenig-Song win in a time of 2:23.59.  Angie Coe took heat 4 of 9 in a time of 2:17.88, slicing 2.49 off her seed time, and is the top time so far.

With just the circle-seeded heat remaining, Mckenna Debever’s 2:17.35 from heat 6 is the time to beat.

Heat 7, the first of the circle seeded, saw every lane filled (YAY!) as Canada’s Ashley McMillian used a strong breaststroke to pull away from Kelly Pash and lead at the 150. McMillian would hold on and win the heat (2:14.15), but the lead evaporated from 2.2 seconds to just .54 as both Pash (2:14.69) and Alicia Wilson (2:15.40) surged in the last 50.

After DFSing the 200 Breast, Alex Walsh showed off her skills, cruising to the victory in the 2oo IM, touching in 2:10.84. Second at 2:14.87 was Beata Nelson.

The final heat saw no show from Aimee Canny and Leah Smith, but Summer McIntosh with a lead of 2.85 seconds at the 100 over Josephine Fuller. In no need to expend extra energy, McIntosh shut it down over the last 100, finishing in a time of 2:12.21. For reference, McIntosh’s last 50 was 32.88 while Walsh’s was 31.66 and Pash’s was 31.55.


  • World Record: Ryan Lochte (USA) – 1:54.00 (2011)
  • American Record: Ryan Lochte (USA) – 1:54.00 (2011)
  • U.S Open Record: Ryan Lochte (USA) – 1:54.46 (2009)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: Leon Marchand (FRA) – 1:55.68 (2023)
  • OLY Trials Cut – 2:03.49

Top 8:

  1. Carson Foster – 2:01.52
  2. Trenton Julian – 2:02.06
  3. Grant Sanders – 2:02.06
  4. Grant House – 2:02.31
  5. Kieran Smith – 2:02.44
  6. Jay Litherland – 2:02.47
  7. Maximus Williamson – 2:02.52
  8. Will Licon – 2:02.58

Mizzou swimmer Jack Dahlgren used a yard’s time to get a lane and swam a swift 2:04.66 in heat 1 to take the top spot atop the leader. Dahlgren, the 2023 Pan-Ams bronze medalist in the 200 fly, has a previous best time of 2:11.94 in the IM dating back to 2017.

Dahlgren’s time would hold up until the 1st of the circle-seeded heat when a ferocious last 50 saw 4 swimmers surge to the wall. Taking the win was Trenton Julian (2:02.06), who finished ahead of a pair of Grants, Grant Sanders (2:02.26) and Grant House (2:02.31). Sitting uncomfortably in 4th (with 2 heats remaining) is Jay Litherland, who was out-touched by the trio and stopped the clock in 2:02.47.

Heat 7 was a clash of ages as Kieran Smith took the win in 2:02.44 over his young competitors Maximus Williamson (2:02.52), Lorne Wigginton (2:03.19) and Thomas Heilman (2:04.47).

Heat 8 was a sparse affair, with just four of the eight lanes filled with Destin Lasco and Daniel Diehl, the big absences. Carson Foster, buffered on both sides by an empty lane, looked smooth and steady, opening up a 1.90 lead over Will Licon at the 150 turn. Foster touched in 2:01.52, taking over the top spot, with Licon finishing in 2:02.58.

WOMEN’S 50 Freestyle – HEATS

  • World Record: Sarah Sjostrom (SWE) – 23.61 (2023)
  • American Record: Simone Manuel (USA) – 23.97 (2017)
  • U.S Open Record: Abbey Weitzeil (USA) – 24.00 (2023)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: Sarah Sjostrom (SWE) – 24.17 (2016)
  • OLY Trials Cut – 25.69

Top 8:

  1. Kasia Wasick – 24.42
  2. Abbey Weitzeil – 24.76
  3. Kate Douglass – 24.88
  4. Catie DeLoof – 25.03
  5. Simone Manuel – 25.09
  6. Torri Huske – 25.20
  7. Katharine Berkoff – 25.26
  8. Erika Connolly – 25.44

Through the 1st six heats, the top time was shared by Amber Meyers and Addison Reese at 26.30, with Meyers swimming in heat 5 and Reese in heat 6.

Heat 9, was an empty affair as Gretchen Walsh, Kelly Pash, and Maxine Parker all were no-shows. Taking full advantage and swimming her 3rd race of the morning was Torrie Huske, who blitzed the field, winning in a time of 25.20.

Heat 10 was the Kasia Wasick show as she lit up the heat touching in 24.42 ahead of Douglass’s 24.88, Catie DeLoof’s 25.03, and Simone Manuel’s 25.09.

Wasick’s time would reign supreme as the last heat saw Abbey Weitzeil take the win on 24.76, .76, off her entry time of 24.00. Erika Connolly nabbed 2nd in the heat just ahead of Farida Osman 25.44 to 25.53.

MEN’S 50 Freestyle – HEATS

  • World Record: Cesar Cielo Filho (BRA) – 20.91 (2009)
  • American Record: Caeleb Dressel (USA) – 21.04 (2019)
  • U.S Open Record: Caeleb Dressel (USA) – 21.04 (2021)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: Caeleb Dressel (USA) – 21.51 (2020)
  • OLY Trials Cut – 22.79

Top 8:

  1. Michael Andrew – 22.05
  2. Jordan Crooks – 22.12
  3. Jack Alexy/Brooks Curry – 22.25
  4. Alberto Mestre/ Lamar Taylor – 22.36
  5. Matt King – 22.37
  6. Ian Ho – 22.39

Javier Acevedo got the crowd going in heat 7 after dipping under 23, touching in 22.97 but still sits behind the leader from since heat 1, Drew Loy, who entered with a yards time but stopped the clock in 22.84.

Heat 10, the first of the circle-seeded, saw the 100 free winner Jack Alexy surge in the last 15 meters to stop the clock in 22.25 ahead of Lamar Taylor’s 22.36 and Matt King’s 22.37.

Justin Ress was a no-show in Heat 11, which saw Ian Ho (22.39) and Bjorn Seeliger (22.51) pass Ryan Held (22.56) in the closing meters.

Powered by a great start, Jordan Crooks looked like the race was going to be his after the 1st 20 meters, but Michael Andrew snuck by and took the win and top time, stopping the clock in 22.05. Crooks would wind up 2nd in the heat at 22.12 ahead of Brooks Curry’s time of 22.25.

Ryan Held, after finishing 3rd in his heat, wound up in 12th. Leading the B-final tonight will be Santo Condorelli (22.40)


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3 months ago

Michael Andrew looked really strong in the 50 heats. He must be focusing on his 50s for Doha. Interesting to watch him sandwiched between Crooks and Curry who both appear to have a higher stroke rate but Andrew is grabbing more water. Pretty disappointing swims for Ryan Held and David Curtiss considering they are 50 specialists. Hope to see some sub-22 times tonight from a few of these guys.

Reply to  Hank
3 months ago

MA is a little under the weather but is swimming anyway. His start reaction times have been consistent and better over last 2 meets. He is focusing on the 50’s at Doha because those are the events that USA swimming are allowing him to swim. Jake Foster was given the slot in the 100 breast over MA the American record holder.

Reply to  Anonymous
3 months ago

Foster was given that spot for good reason. When’s the last time MA was anywhere near his American Record?

Reply to  bobthebuilderrocks
3 months ago

Oh my when was Jake Foster anywhere near the American Record.

Reply to  Anonymous
3 months ago

MA did not have a qualifying time in the allotted time frame

Reply to  Anonymous
3 months ago

MA needs to get back to top form in the 100 breaststroke to secure an Olympic spot with the 50 free being such a crapshoot. Based on his recent times, he seems like an outlier in the 100fly. He’s probably going to need a sub 51 to make the team or a 1:55 200IM whichever is more attainable.

Reply to  Hank
3 months ago

He seems to have completely given up on the 200 IM – I bet he gets 8th at trials in the 100 fly

3 months ago

Douglass giving Cody Miller a run for his money in the 200 breast.

Reply to  Dmswim
3 months ago

Do you think she’ll swim finals?

3 months ago

Lamar Taylor with that D2 power ✊🏾

3 months ago

I wonder if Gretchen and Maxine went back for UVA’s dual meet today?

Reply to  Swimmerj
3 months ago

It wouldn’t surprise me, especially as Knoxville is only a few hours from VT. We’ll find out here shortly.

3 months ago

McIntosh going to push A. Walsh to a pb in the 2 IM?

Reply to  PCB
3 months ago

An Alex Walsh PB would be unreasonably fast for January.

Reply to  PCB
3 months ago

I’d love to see a PB from Walsh and she’s been having a great meet. She’s been swimming “off events” (as much anything can be an off event for her) and erasing old PBs so I wonder how it will translate to her primary event.

Reply to  PCB
3 months ago

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they both got to 2:08 or faster

Reply to  Eddie
3 months ago

Expect they will but walsh PB is like 207 flat, no?

Reply to  PCB
3 months ago

Ok this was wrong but not *that* wrong!

Eric Illouz
3 months ago

Summer’s RT 0.71 improving i think its the fastest she has ever been

Dalaeb Cressell
Reply to  Eric Illouz
3 months ago

Thanks Rowdy

3 months ago

Time Trial doesn’t count for the Pro Series record?

3 months ago

Douglas looks like she can PR in the 200breast today