2022 Women’s B1G Championships: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap


  • When: Wednesday, February 16 – Saturday, February 19, 2022
  • Where: Madison, Wis. – Soderholm Family Aquatic Center
  • Defending Champion: Ohio State (2x) (2021 Results)
  • Prelims: 10 am, Finals: 5:30 pm (Central), (Wednesday night relays begin at 5 pm)
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It is the final day of the B1G Championships and Ohio State grew their lead last night over Michigan and Indiana for the title. It looks as if the team battle may turn into second place. The battle for fifth and eighth places are also close.

Today’s prelims session includes the 200 backstroke, 100 freestyle, 200 breaststroke, and 200 butterfly. The 1650 freestyle will begin at 3:15, and the top seeded heat will be swimming at finals.

Scores Thru Day 3

  1. Ohio State 877
  2. Michigan 810
  3. Indiana 782
  4. Wisconsin 681
  5. Minnesota 595.5
  6. Northwestern 583.5
  7. Rutgers  330
  8. Purdue 289/ Penn St 289
  9. Tie
  10. Nebraska  288
  11. Illinois 161
  12. Iowa 134

200 Backstroke

  • B1G Meet: 1:48.47 2/23/2019 Elizabeth Nelson
  • 1:50.50 NCAA A Cut
  • 1:57.11 NCAA B Cut

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Phoebe Bacon (Wisconsin), 1:51.71
  2. Anna Peplowski (Indiana), 1:53.04
  3. Mara Newman (Wisconsin), 1:53.85
  4. Emma Lepisova (Northwestern), 1:53.98
  5. Tristan Harrison (Ohio State), 1:54.62
  6. Casey Chung (Michigan), 1:54.62
  7. Marie Schobel (Penn St), 1:54.83
  8. Paige Hall (Ohio State), 1:55.06

Defending champion in the event, Phoebe Bacon cruised to the top time in the event this morning finishing in a time of 1:51.71. She was just off of her seed time of 1:50.48. Bacon went out in a 54.49 and had less than a three second fall off as she came back in a 57.22. Michigan’s Casey Chung and Penn State’s Marie Schobel finished behind Bacon in heat six to qualify in sixth and seventh.

Indiana freshman Anna Peplowski will be the second seed tonight after dropping a little over a half of a second on her seed time to swim to a 1:53.04 finish. Peplowski won heat four. Also in heat four, Ohio State’s Tristan Harrison had a huge drop of over three and a half seconds from her seed time. Harrison was second in her heat as she will be fifth headed into tonights finals in a 1:54.62.

Mara Newman (Wisconsin) and Emma Lepisova (Northwestern) went 1-2 in heat five to advance to the final as the #3 and #4 seed respectively. Lepisova finished third in the event last year with a time of 1:53.62. Paige Hall (Ohio State) dropped about two and a half seconds out of lane 7 to slip into the A final as the eight seed.

Runner-up in the event last year, Kristen Romano of Ohio State elected to swim the 200 butterfly today instead of the 200 backstroke.

100 Freestyle

  • B1G Meet: 46.57 2/22/2020 Maggie MacNeil
  • 47.18 NCAA A Cut
  • 49.51 NCAA B Cut

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Amy Fulmer (OSU), 47.64
  2. Maggie MacNeil (Michigan), 47.86
  3. Maddie Smith (Northwestern), 48.07
  4. Katherine Zenick (OSU), 48.11
  5. Lindsay Flynn (Michigan), 48.15
  6. Hannah Cornish (Minnesota), 48.21
  7. Jasmine Nocentini (Northwestern), 48.23
  8. Sophie Fiske (Wisconsin), 48.40

Ohio State’s Amy Fulmer went over a second faster today than she did a year ago in both prelims and finals as she finished sixth last year in the event. She will be the top seed heading into finals after swimming a 47.64 in heat ten. Teammate Katherine Zenick who finished seventh in the event last year was second in heat 11 to qualify fourth.

Winning heat 11 was Michigan’s Maggie MacNeil in a time of 47.86. That was just off of her seed time of 47.15. MacNeil won the event last year and still has the chance to do so tonight. Freshman teammate Lindsay Flynn finished third in heat 11 to qualify fifth heading into tonight’s finals.

Northwestern also placed two swimmers into finals. Maddie Smith won heat nine to qualify third in 48.07. Smith was third in the event last year swimming a 47.98 in finals. Jasmine Nocentini, who transferred to Northwestern this year, qualified seventh after swimming a 48.23 out of heat ten.

Rounding out the A final will be Minnesota’s Hannah Cornish and Wisconsin’s Sophie Fiske. Both are freshmen at their respective schools.

200 Breaststroke

  • B1G Meet: 2:04.03 2/18/2017 Lilly King
  • 2:06.58 NCAA A Cut
  • 2:13.97 NCAA B Cut

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Brearna Crawford (Indiana), 2:07.85
  2. Noelle Peplowski (Indiana), 2:08.25
  3. Hannah Bach (OSU), 2:08.48
  4. Letitia Sim (Michigan), 2:08.91
  5. Josephine Panitz (OSU), 2:09.06
  6. Sophie Angus (Northwestern), 2:09.13
  7. Hannah Brunzell (Northwestern), 2:09.33
  8. Jenna Silvestri (Wisconsin), 2:09.45

Indiana went 1-2-4 in this event last year and has the top two qualifiers tonight. Freshman Brearna Crawford till be the top seed after swimming a 2:07.85 out of heat four. Crawford had the fastest first 100 of the field as she went out in a 1:00.84. Senior Noelle Peplowski won heat six to be the #2 seed heading into tonight with a 2:08.25.

Ohio State also placed two swimmers into the A final. Hannah Bach who was sixth in the event last year will be third headed into tonight after finishing behind Peplowski in heat six in a time of 2:08.48. Junior Josephine Panitz placed 12th in the event last year but will at least be in the top 8 this year after heading into finals as the fifth seed with a time of 2:09.06.

Northwestern placed Sophie Angus and Hannah Brunzell into the A final with the #6 and #7 seeds respectively. Brunzell was third and Angus was fifth in this event last year.

Michigan did not score any points in the event last year but freshman Letitia Sim qualified for the A final this morning after finishing second in heat five with a time of 2:08.91.

Wisconsin senior Jenna Silvestri rounds out the top 8 after dropping over three and a half seconds to qualify eighth in 2:09.45. Silvestri was tenth in the event last year.

200 Butterfly

  • B1G Meet: 1:52.17 2/26/2021 Olivia Carter
  • 1:53.20 NCAA A Cut
  • 1:59.23 NCAA B Cut

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Olivia Carter (Michigan), 1:53.82
  2. Megan Van Berkom (Minnesota), 1:55.31
  3. Miriam Guevara (Northwestern), 1:55.67
  4. Victoria Kwan (Michigan), 1:55.84
  5. Kristen Romano (OSU), 1:55.90
  6. Katherine Trace (OSU), 1:55.95
  7. Mackenzie McConagha (Wisconsin), 1:56.22
  8. Mallory Jump (Wisconsin), (1:57.09)

Michigan senior Olivia Carter will have the chance to defend her title tonight. Carter is the top seed headed into finals tonight by almost one and a half seconds after winning heat five. Teammate Victoria Kwan who was fourth in the event last year with a 1:57.04 will also be fourth headed into finals tonight.

Minnesota’s Megan Van Berkom is the #2 seed headed into tonight after winning heat four. Van Berkom was 10th in the event last year after swimming a 1:58.13 in the B final.

Miriam Guevara of Northwestern finished second in the event last year swimming a 1:55.11 in finals. This morning she swam to a second place finish in heat four to be the #3 seed tonight.

OSU placed fifth years Kristen Romano and Katherine Trace into the final after swimming the fifth and sixth times this morning. Romano was second in heat three and Trace was second in heat five. Trace had a huge drop from her seed time as her seed time was a 2:01.11. Romano did not swim the event last year and Trace was third last year.

Wisconsin’s Mallory Jump and Mackenzie McConagha round out the final and will be seeded seventh and eighth heading into tonight. McConagha is a freshman and Jump did not swim in the event last year.

1650 Freestyle

  • B1G Meet: 15:43.17 2/22/2020 Molly Kowal Ohio State
  • 15:52.41 NCAA A Cut
  • 16:30.59 NCAA B Cut

Heats begin at 3:15

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