2022 U.S. Trials Day 3 Roster Update – Grimes Only Sure New Roster Addition

by Robert Gibbs 17

April 28th, 2022 News, Previews & Recaps


While there were four events each for men and women tonight, only one new name was definitely added to the U.S. World Championships Roster.

On the women’s side, 16 year-old Olympian Katie Grimes secured a spot on the U.S. pool roster with a win in the 400 IM. Grimes won the 10k at the U.S. Open Water National just a few weeks ago. Emma Weyant, who won Olympic silver in this event in Tokyo, picked up a likely spot with a 2nd-place effort behind Grimes.

In the 100 fly, phenoms Claire Curzan and Torri Huske finished 1-2 for the third time this meet, having already accomplished that feat in the 100 free and the 50 fly. Lilly King picked up a second swim in Budapest by winning the 50 breast after winning the 200 last night.

Katharine Berkoff blasted an American Record in the 50 back, and while she’s not officially on the roster yet, she will in all probability make the team as well.

On the men’s side, no new names were definitely added to the roster, but Carson Foster secured an individual swim with his victory in the 400 IM. He was already on the team thanks to a third-place finish in the 200 free last night, but this gets an individual berth. Olympic gold medalist Chase Kalisz finished 2nd behind Foster, but he’ll have to wait to officially be added to the team for now.

100 fly winner Caeleb Dressel was already on the team after winning the 100 free. Michael Andrew and Hunter Armstrong broke an American Record and a World Record, respectively, however, neither swimmer is officially on the team yet. Andrew won the 50 breast and Armstrong the 50 back, and stroke 50s fall under Priority #3 when it comes to adding swimmers to the U.S. Team.

A couple ties make the math weird, but right now, the women have 11 guaranteed roster spots, and the men have 12. Each gender also has four swimmers “waiting” to get added to the team under “Priority #2,” the second-place finishers in the Olympic Events. With six events left representing a possible twelve roster spots, the men need two more doubles, and the women need one more doubles, among the top two priorities, to ensure all of the top two swimmers can make it.

Each gender also has another four swimmers waiting to make the team in either a stroke 5o or as part of the 400 or 800 freestyle relays. So, the women currently have a theoretical seven additional swimmers they could take before hitting the 26 swimmer roster cap, while the men have room for six more. Given the names that are swimming the remaining six events, there is a very high degree of likelihood that the U.S. will be able to take all qualifying swimmers to Budapest.



Priority # 1 – All Guaranteed

Priority # 2

Priority # 3

Priority # 4

  • Bella Sims – 800 free relay

Priority # 5

  • Mallory Comerford – 100 free
  • Alex Walsh – 800 free relay


Priority #1 – All Guaranteed

Fink and Swanson tied for first in the 200 breast. Per the selection guidelines, since they were both under the FINA ‘A’ cut, they will both be included in Priority #1 and be added to the team.

Priority # 2

Priority #3

Priority #4

  • Coby Carrozza – 800 free relay

Priority #5

  • Justin Ress – 400 free relay
  • Trey Freeman – 800 free relay


Here’s an overly-simplified version of the U.S. World Championship selection process: the team can have a maximum of 26 men and 26 women. Swimmers are added to the roster in these priorities until the roster cap is hit:

  1. Top 4 in 100/200 frees, Winner of all other Olympic events
  2. 2nd-place finisher in all Olympic events (besides 100/200 free)
  3. Winner of non-Olympic events (50 back, 50 breast, 50 fly)
  4. 5th-place finisher in 100/200 free
  5. 6th-place finisher in 100/200 free

For a full breakdown of selection procedures, follow this link.

We track ‘doubles’ as a way of knowing when the next priority of swimmers can be officially added to the team. A ‘double’ is effectively a swimmer qualifying in more than one event. One swimmer qualifying in three events counts as two ‘doubles’ for our purposes.

The Magic Numbers:

  • 6 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side means all Priority 2 athletes (2nd-place finishers) can be added for that gender
  • 9 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side means all Prority 3 athletes (stroke 50 winners) can be added for that gender.
  • 11 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side means all Priority 4 athletes (5th-place in 100/200 free) can be added for that gender
  • 13 doubles on either the men’s or women’s side means all priority 5 athletes (6th-place in 100/200 free) can be added for that gender

Doubles After Day 3

Women – 5

Men – 4

Note: There are several additional doubles once you start factoring in stroke 50s, but since those “slots” don’t help add Priority #2 to the roster, we’re not including them for now. The upshot is that once Priority #2 is officially added, we should see a cascading effect that will add rapidly to the number of doubles.


The Junior Pan Pac team will consist of 20 men and 20 women. The selection criteria is similar to that of the World Championship, with the caveat that swimmers must be under 19 years of age as of December 31, 2022, and swimmers who make the senior Worlds team are ineligible. In short, first priority goes to the top finisher in each event, as well as the second-place finisher in the 100 and 200 free. The second priority will then move to the second-fastest swimmer in each Olympic event until the 20 athletes have been selected on both sides.

Theoretically the team could take up to the 6th-highest eligible finisher. Realistically the selection won’t go that deep, unless a lot of swimmers decline their spot, and for now, we will just show you the swimmers that are guaranteed to make the team.



  • Charlotte Hook – 200 fly
  • Anna Moesh – 100 free
  • Leah Hayes – 100 free & 400 IM
  • Bella Sims – 800 free & 200 free*
  • Erin Gemmell – 200 free
  • Lydia Jacoby – 200 breast
  • Kennedy Noble – 200 back
  • Alex Shackell – 100 fly

* Sims will potentially make the senior World Championship team as a member of the 800 free relay. Per the selection criteria , if she swims at Worlds, she will not be eligible for this meet.


  • Aaron Shackell – 200 fly
  • Kaii Winkler – 100 free
  • Hudson Williams – 100 free
  • Alec Enyeart – 1500 free
  • Henry McFadden – 200 free
  • Rex Mauer – 200 free
  • Nick Mahabir – 200 breast
  • Keaton Jones – 200 back
  • Maximus Williamson – 400 IM
  • Thomas Heilman – 100 fly

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9 months ago

NGL It feels like the Junior team selection is slightly confusing for anyone not placing first.
Even your post from yesterday is completely different from today.
Does the 2nd place girl in the 200 BR not have a chance anymore?

9 months ago

Is Jacoby in the 100 breast junior team a mistake? It hasn’t happened yet. And also it seems likely she will make the senior team.

9 months ago

It’s so American that at home we swim most of our meets in a bathtub and then on the world stage act like the 50s are beneath us.

Reply to  Willswim
9 months ago

But, we have a lot of bathtubs, hence we have a lot of great swimmers who can do it all anywhere.

Reply to  Willswim
9 months ago

fairly certain USA Swimming would prefer long course swimming be far more common than it currently is. Just because high school and ncaa swim scy, don’t mean USA swimming is happy with that. There’s a reason club excellence only recognize LCM times.

9 months ago

Historically, doesn’t the US also take 2nd place in the 50’s though? (if there are spots available)

Last edited 9 months ago by sepgup
PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
Reply to  sepgup
9 months ago

No. The second swimmer in the 50s is offered first to the winner of the 100 of that stroke, then the second place swimmer in the 100, then anyone else on the team who wants it.

Reply to  Robert Gibbs
9 months ago

OK so Huske by winning the 100 fly should swim the 50 along with Curzan. This is a good thing because it’s fun to watch those 2 battle, so we get all 3 event rematches because I’m making big assumptions they will final in all 3 of them again. You didn’t list that event for her because it doesn’t matter for qualifying since she finished 2nd in the 50 and only firsts matter by getting you to priority 3. Makes sense. She’ll swim it but since the 2nd slot in the 50’s is really “someone who already the made the team by some other means” with rules around that it doesn’t impact roster selection knowing that both 50 fly slots… Read more »

9 months ago

It’s actually crazy that Justin hasn’t earned an official roster spot after going 48.3 and 23.9 in a 50 back. Then it’s even crazier that Armstrong went 48.2 and 23.7WR and is still only priority 3.

9 months ago

Michael Andrew – 100 fly (and 50 breast)

Shouldn’t MA also have ‘and 50 fly’?

PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
9 months ago

Are we sure Armstrong isn’t already on the team? I imagine USA Swimming won’t bother issuing an official statement because it likely won’t matter after tomorrow where we’ll almost assuredly pick up 2 more doubles from the 400 free and 100 breast, but I’m intrigued if it isn’t the same rule as the Swanson/Fink rule.

Last edited 9 months ago by PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
9 months ago

They need the second 100 for medley relay prelims.

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