2021 Speedo Summer Championships — Greensboro: Day 5 Live Prelims Recap

2021 Speedo Summer Championships — Greensboro

Saturday Prelims Heat Sheet

This morning will be the last prelims session of the 2021 Speedo Summer Championships at the Greensboro Aquatic Center. On the program this AM will be just two women’s/men’s events: the 200 IM and the 50 free.

Indiana’s Mac Looze comes in as the women’s 200 IM top seed ahead of Planet Swim’s Sara Stotler and SwimAtlanta’s Gigi Johnson. On the men’s side, Wave II Trials event finalist Sam Stewart and sub-2:10 breaststroker Charlie Swanson will go head-to-head in the last heat.

In the women’s 50 free, Lindsay Flynn comes in with the top seeded time, three-tenths ahead of 15-year-old Erika Pelaez. Meanwhile, Kevin Gillooly is seeded 0.06s ahead of Indiana’s Jack Franzman for the top men’s 50 free prelims seed.

Women’s 200 Individual Medley — Prelims

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Mac Looze (Indiana), 2:16.54
  2. Sara Stotler (Planet Swim), 2:17.06
  3. Josie Panitz (Ohio State), 2:17.57
  4. Leah Gingrich (Columbus), 2:17.61
  5. Emily Thompson (Greater Somerset), 2:17.79
  6. Madelyn Christman (Carmel), 2:18.09
  7. Emily Brown (Westerville), 2:18.40
  8. Gigi Johnson (SwimAtlanta), 2:18.67

Mac Looze cruised to the top 200 IM finals time this morning by a half second with a 2:16.54. She enters the meet with a seed time of 2:14.76. Also easily clinching the No. 2 seed was Sara Stotler at 2:17.06.

Out of the earlier heats, Ohio State’s Josie Panitz dropped a 2:17.57 lifetime best to grab the No. 3 seed. At the Geneva Sectionals last month, Panitz swam 2:18.87 in this event. Columbus veteran Leah Gingrich qualified for another A-final here in Greensboro with her No. 4 seed time of 2:17.61.

Greater Somerset 15-year-old Emily Thompson churned the fastest backstroke split (33.99) to qualify fifth into the A-final at 2:17.79. Meanwhile, Carmel 18-year-old Madelyn Christman (2:18.09) and Westerville 15-year-old Emily Brown (2:18.40) had the fastest AM free splits at 32.06 and 32.10, respectively. SwimAtlanta 17-year-old Gigi Johnson rounds out the top 8 seeds at 2:18.67.

Men’s 200 Individual Medley — Prelims

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Sam Stewart (YMCA Hub Fins), 2:01.25
  2. Baylor Nelson (SwimMAC), 2:02.22
  3. Jared Daigle (Club Wolverine), 2:02.37
  4. Charlie Swanson (Club Wolverine), 2:03.16
  5. Tristan DeWitt (Indiana), 2:04.25
  6. Thomas Watkins (Ohio State), 2:04.47
  7. Dylan Sali (Scarlet), 2:04.64
  8. Ansel Froass (Mason Manta Rays), 2:05.09

Wave II Trials event finalist Sam Stewart cruised to another top seed, this time in the 200 IM with his AM effort of 2:01.25. Stewart had the fastest breast split of the field at 34.73. Coming in for second this morning was SwimMAC’s Baylor Nelson, touching the wall with a lifetime best of 2:02.22. Nelson now moves up to No. 29 on the all-time 17-18 rankings, only behind Josh Prenot (2:02.17).

Club Wolverine teammates Jared Daigle (2:02.37) and Charlie Swanson (2:03.16) rounded out the top four times. Indiana’s Tristan DeWitt took the No. 5 seed at 2:04.25 while Ohio State’s Thomas Watkins swam 2:04.47 for the No. 6 seed. Scarlet’s Dylan Sali was the seventh swimmer to break 2:05 this morning at 2:04.64 while No. 8 seed Mason Manta Rays’ Ansel Froass (2:05.09) had the fastest free split of the A-final qualifiers at 29.49.

Women’s 50 Freestyle — Prelims

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Erika Pelaez (Eagle), 25.66
  2. Chloe Stepanek (Long Island), 25.76
  3. Amy Fulmer (Ohio State), 25.79
  4. Lindsay Flynn (Mecklenburg), 25.96
  5. Teresa Ivan (Mecklenburg), 26.08
  6. Elizabeth Broshears (Indiana), 26.19
  7. Katherine Zenick (Ohio State), 26.23
  8. Alexandra Dicks (Coral Springs), 26.28

The top four swimmers of the women’s 50 free all swam under 26 seconds, led by 15-year-old Erika Pelaez at 25.66, just 0.09s off her seed time of 25.57. Swimming a tenth slower to land the middle lane next to Pelaez was Long Island’s Chloe Stepanek, touching the wall at 25.76. Ohio State’s Amy Fulmer was 25.79 to take the No. 3 seed ahead of meet top seed Mecklenburg’s Lindsay Flynn (25.96).

Another Mecklenburg swimmer, Teresa Ivan, hit 26.08 for the No. 5 seed. The only swimmer to drop from their meet seed in prelims was Indiana’s Elizabeth Broshears, dropping from 26.48 to 26.19 to place 6th this morning. Rounding out the top 8 seeds were Ohio State’s Katherine Zenick (26.23) and Coral Springs’ Alexandra Dicks (26.28).

Men’s 50 Freestyle — Prelims

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Jack Franzman (Indiana), 22.52
  2. Kevin Gillooly (Unattached), 22.56
  3. Josh Fleagle (Unattached), 23.05
  4. James LeBuke (Club Wolverine), 23.09
  5. Lucas Calderon (North Baltimore), 23.11
  6. Miles Simon (City of Atlanta), 23.27
  7. Brady Samuels (Cardinal), 23.28
  8. Flynn Crisci (Uni. of Pittsburgh), 23.37

Dominating their heats to snag the top three seeds into tonight’s men’s 50 free A-final were Indiana’s Jack Franzman (22.52), Kevin Gillooly (22.56), and Josh Fleagle (23.05). Franzman set a new lifetime best by 0.04s this AM, dropping from his 22.56 from 2019 PSS Bloomington. Gillooly, a Rowan University swimmer, also dropped a new personal best by 0.04s after hitting 22.60 in May of this year. Meanwhile, Fleagle came just a tenth off his 2018 lifetime best of 22.95, touching in at 23.05 this morning.

Club Wolverine’s James LeBuke (23.09) came in just 0.02s ahead of North Baltimore’s Lucas Calderon (23.11) for the 5th seed. Swimming 0.01s apart for the 6th and 7th seeds was City of Atlanta’s Miles Simon (23.27) and Brady Samuels (23.28), with University of Pittsburgh’s Flynn Crisci (23.37).

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1 year ago

Gillooly taking this 50 free still has one more year left in D3… give him a write up

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It’s STOTLER not Stotler. 😊

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1 year ago

I mean not Stolter😂

1 year ago

“ Greater Somerset 15-year-old Emily Thompson churned the fastest breast split (33.99) to qualify fifth into the A-final at 2:17.79. ” really?? 😱😱😱

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1 year ago

Back split

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