2021 Olympic Trials Wave I Video Roundup – Day 2


Night 2 of racing at the 2021 Wave I Olympic Trials saw many more Wave II cuts from high schoolers and college swimmers alike, with 9 total Wave II cuts in the finals session. We saw names from last night such as Autumn Haebig, Patrick Sammon and Katie Trace place 2nd in events while new names came to the forefront in the form of Kate McCarville, Malia Rausch, and Liam Bresette.

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Daniel Smith
4 months ago

Looks like a lot of great racing is occurring, and many PRs achieved. I will comment that if the OTrials were not two meets, as it is this year, a lot of these swimmers would not get the great positive mentions they received from Coleman. Need more of this for Wave I, encourage this swimmers!

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Coleman Hodges

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