2021 January Pro Swim Series: Day 1 Combined Results


Day 1 Combined Results

The 2021 Pro Swim Series has officially kicked off on Thursday evening in both San Antonio, Texas and Richmond, Virginia with the timed finals of the 800-meter free.

Mission Viejo’s Haley Anderson took the top overall time in the women’s 800 free with an 8:34.93, just two-tenths faster than TAC Titans’ Ashley Twichell, who took the top time in Richmond at 8:35.16. Sandpipers of Nevada’s Erica Sullivan swam the only other sub-8:40 swim to place third overall at 8:38.46. Anderson’s top time and season best currently rank 25th in the world for the 2020-2021 season. 13-year-old Claire Weinstein, who became the youngest 2021 Olympic Trials qualifier with her lifetime best of 8:45.34 in this event, placed 9th overall after registering the 5th-fastest time in Richmond.

On the men’s side, Zane Grothe and Kieran Smith registered the lone sub-8:00 swims in San Antonio at 7:59.05 and 7:59.27 respectively. Mission Viejo’s Will Galant rounded out the top 3 overall times in the men’s 800 free at 8:07.03. TAC Titans’ Dylan Porges, who had the fastest 800 free time in Richmond, ranked 4th overall at 8:07.03.

  • Bold* indicates Richmond swims.

Women’s 800 Free Timed Finals

  • PSS Record: 8:06.68, Katie Ledecky (USA), 2016

Top 8:

  1. Haley Anderson, MVN, 8:34.93
  2. Ashley Twichell, TAC, 8:35.16*
  3. Erica Sullivan, SAND, 8:38.46
  4. Caroline Pennington, TAC, 8:40.50*
  5. Bella Sims, SAND, 8:41.24
  6. Katie Grimes, SAND, 8:43.38
  7. Paige McKenna, NCAP, 8:43.57*
  8. Cavan Gormsen, LIAC, 8:43.87*

Men’s 800 Free Timed Finals

  • PSS Record: 7:49.96, Michael McBroom (USA), 2014

Top 8:

  1. Zane Grothe, BCH, 7:59.05
  2. Kieran Smith, UN, 7:59.27
  3. Will Galant, MVN, 8:04.80
  4. Dylan Porges, TAC, 8:07.03*
  5. David Johnston, TEX, 8:07.49
  6. Joshua Parent, ABF, 8:08.95*
  7. Liam Custer, SYS, 8:13.17
  8. Jack Collins, UN, 8:15.71

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3 months ago

Feels good to have the swim series back!

3 months ago

Kieran Smith seems to be in form. That’s promising for his 400m free and IM.

3 months ago

Wait- I am confused is Ledekcy swimming at the TYR pro series, if so when?

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