2021 January Pro Swim Series: Day 4 Combined Results


The 2021 January Pro Swim Series has come to a close with the completion of Sunday’s finals sessions in Richmond and San Antonio. This evening, both men’s and women’s winners in the 100 free from Richmond have topped the overall results. Likewise, one new world top-5 swim and two new world top-10 swims were swum tonight.

In the women’s 100 free, 23-year-old Catie DeLoof swept the women’s sprints in both Richmond and overall this weekend with her top time of 54.33. That is now 17th in the world this season and 3rd in the nation. Olivia Smoliga topped the event in the San Antonio pool, ranking 5th in the nation with her #2 overall swim of 54.67.

Into the men’s 100 free, the entire top 4 finishers in Richmond were faster than the entire San Antonio pool. Winning in Richmond was NC State alum Justin Ress, clocking in a time of 49.18. That time now ranks Ress third in the nation. Finishing in the top 4 in Richmond and overall include veteran Michael Chadwick (49.52), 30-year-old Austin Surhoff (49.76), and backstroke ace Coleman Stewart (49.84). San Antonio pool winner, Olympian Ryan Held, finished 5th overall with his evening swim of 49.86. Held currently holds the fastest American 100 free this season at 49.00 from the 2020 U.S. Open.

Looking at the top times in the world this season, three American women are now in the top 10 times in the 200 IM. backstroker Kathleen Baker swam the 2nd-fastest women’s 200 IM in the world with her top time of 2:10.30 from Antonio. Madisyn Cox took second in this event at 2:11.22. However, Cox’s season best of 2:10.49 from the 2020 U.S. Open remains at #3 in the world. Ranking 6th in the world is teen phenom Torri Huske with her 2:11.18 also from this most recent U.S. Open meet.

2020-2021 LCM Women 200 IM

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Winning the women’s 200 back was teen Isabelle Stadden, whose season best of 2:09.31 from this evening now ranks 7th in the world this season. NCAP teen Phoebe Bacon finished in second at 2:10.51, however, her season best of 2:09.16 sits at 5th in the world. That now puts two American (18-year-old) women under 2:10 in the 200 back this season and in the top 10 world times. Fellow 18-year-old and 200 back world record holder Regan Smith owns a season best of 2:11.74, which is #21 in the world this season.

In the men’s 200 back, Olympic champion Ryan Murphy won the San Antonio final at 1:56.82, putting him at #6 in the world this season. Event runner-up Shaine Casas swam the only other sub-2:00 time this evening at 1:58.04, ranking him #13 in the world.

Women’s 1500 Free Timed Final

  • PSS Record: 15:20.48, Katie Ledecky (USA), 2018
Rank Time Swimmer Team Site
1 16:12.87 Ally McHugh WA San Antonio
2 16:13.09 Ashley Twichell TAC Richmond
3 16:15.40 Haley Anderson MVN San Antonio
4 16:33.21 Caroline Pennington TAC Richmond
5 16:35.05 Cavan Gormsen LIAC Richmond
6 16:35.64 Bella Sims SAND San Antonio
7 16:39.03 Paige McKenna NCAP Richmond
8 16:41.99 Katie Grimes SAND San Antonio

Men’s 1500 Free Timed Final

  • PSS Record: 14:53.12, Jordan Wilimovsky (USA), 2016
Rank Time Swimmer Team Site
1 15:10.29 Zane Grothe BCH San Antonio
2 15:24.77 Will Gallant MVN San Antonio
3 15:30.06 David Johnston TEX San Antonio
4 15:30.74 Josh Parent ABF Richmond
5 15:31.46 Dylan Porges TAC Richmond
6 15:44.95 Liam Custer SYS San Antonio
7 16:21.26 Anders Aistars MVN Richmond

Women’s 200 IM Finals

  • PSS Record: 2:08.66, Katinka Hosszu (HUN), 2015
Rank Time Swimmer Team Site
1 2:10.30 Kathleen Baker TE San Antonio
2 2:11.22 Madisyn Cox TXLA San Antonio
3 2:15.21 Beata Nelson WA San Antonio
4 2:15.31 Evie Pfeifer TEX San Antonio
5 2:15.38 Emily Escobedo COND Richmond
6 2:16.43 Letitia Sim TNT Richmond
7 2:16.67 Katie Crom MVN San Antonio
8 2:16.96 Miranda Tucker UN Richmond

Men’s 200 IM Finals

  • PSS Record: 1:56.32, Michael Phelps (USA), 2012
Rank Time Swimmer Team Site
1 1:59.38 Kieran Smith UN San Antonio
2 2:01.20 Will Licon TXLA San Antonio
3 2:01.66 Arsenio Bustos WAC Richmond
4 2:01.89 Jay Litherland DYNA San Antonio
5 2:02.39 Andrew Seliskar CAL San Antonio
6 2:02.99 Carson Foster TEX San Antonio
7 2:03.59 Jake Foster TEX San Antonio
8 2:04.51 Danny Kovac UN San Antonio

Women’s 200 Back Finals

Rank Time Swimmer Team Site
1 2:09.31 Isabelle Stadden UN San Antonio
2 2:10.51 Phoebe Bacon NCAP San Antonio
3 2:13.33 Josephine Fuller NOVA Richmond
4 2:13.38 Zoe Dixon NOVA Richmond
5 2:14.40 Aislin Farris ABF Richmond
6 2:14.71 Summer Smith ABF Richmond
7 2:15.16 Lisa Bratton AGS San Antonio
8 2:15.45 Levenia Sim TNT Richmond

Men’s 200 Back Finals

  • PSS Record: 1:55.04, Xu Jiayu (CHN), 2017
Rank Time Swimmer Team Site
1 1:56.82 Ryan Murphy CAL San Antonio
2 1:58.04 Shaine Casas TAMU San Antonio
3 2:00.14 Austin Katz TEX San Antonio
4 2:02.42 Baylor Nelson MAC Richmond
5 2:02.63 Jack Dahlgren UN San Antonio
6* 2:02.82 J.T. Ewing FISH Richmond
6* 2:02.82 Caleb Maldari ABF Richmond
8 2:02.84 Billy Swartwout LIAC Richmond

Women’s 100 Free Finals

  • PSS Record: 53.12, Sarah Sjostrom (SWE), 2016
Rank Time Swimmer Team Site
1 54.33 Catie DeLoof CA-Y Richmond
2 54.67 Olivia Smoliga ABSC San Antonio
3 55.13 Abbey Weitzeil CAL San Antonio
4 55.49 Margo Geer MVN San Antonio
5 55.61 Natalie Hinds ABSC San Antonio
6 55.96 Kayla Wilson TIDE Richmond
7 56.02 Mallory Comerford CARD San Antonio
8 56.07 Ali DeLoof TNAQ Richmond

Men’s 100 Free Finals

  • PSS Record: 48.00, Nathan Adrian (USA), 2016
Rank Time Swimmer Team Site
1 49.18 Justin Ress WOLF Richmond
2 49.52 Michael Chadwick NCAC Richmond
3 49.76 Austin Surhoff UN Richmond
4 49.84 Coleman Stewart WOLF Richmond
5 49.86 Ryan Held NYAC San Antonio
6 49.91 Zach Apple MVN San Antonio
7 50.35 Jeff Newkirk TXLA Richmond
8 50.40 Tate Jackson TXLA San Antonio

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3 years ago

Was the San Antonio pool slow? The disparity in times at the two meets given the swimmers is glaring.

Reply to  BobE
3 years ago

What? San Antonio has been pummeling the Richmond times the whole week.

Swim fan
Reply to  Bruh
3 years ago

I would argue the stronger group of swimmers is 100% in SA. In the events where legitimate olympic candidates swam at both pools, Richmond was sometimes faster (like the men’s 100 free).

Reply to  BobE
3 years ago

San Antonio pool was horrid, the National Team was not happy with the pool at all. There were rumblings all over.

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