2019 European Short Course Championships: Day 3 Finals Live Recap


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For a World Record, athletes will earn a bonus of €10,000 (about $11,000), with European Records earning them €5,000 (about $5,500). The European Swimming Federation will also offer €220,000 (about $245,000) as prize money for the 12 best performances in the Mens and Womens events respectively. The best sinlge-performance according to the FINA points table will receive €20,000.

MEN’S 50M FREESTYLE – Semifinals

  • WR    20.26  MANAUDOU, Florent (FRA) Doha (QAT) Dec 2014
  • WJR  21.24 KOLESNIKOV, Kliment (RUS) Copenhagen (DEN) Dec 2017
  • ER     20.26  MANAUDOU, Florent (FRA) Doha (QAT) Dec 2014
  • EJR   20.70 Standard Time
  • CR     20.31    MOROZOV, Vladimir (RUS) Copenhagen (DEN) Dec 2017

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Morozov (RUS) – 20.73
  2. Lobanovskii (HUN) – 21.11
  3. Juraszek (POL) – 21.16
  4. Manaudou (FRA) – 21.17
  5. Miressi (ITA) – 21.18
  6. Boccia (ITA) – 21.19
  7. Timmers (BEL) – 21.22
  8. Bilis (LTU) – 21.23

50 breast champ Vladimir Morozov is in line for a fourth-straight Russian gold in this race, going 20.73 to qualify first by four tenths. Morozov won this race in 2013 and 2017, with Evgeny Sedov winning in 2015 to keep the streak alive. Perhaps his toughest test tonight will be France’s Florent Manaudouthe 2012 champion who has had a solid run during the ISL season. Manaudou is fourth heading into tonight.

Hungary’s Maksum Lobanovskii won the second semifinal, besting Manaudou and taking the second qualifying spot overall. Poland’s Pawel Juraszek is also in the top three, taking second to Morozov in that semi. Spots 2 through 6 are separated by just eight one-hundredths of a second as this field could break any which way later tonight.


  • WR         50.25   CAMPBELL Cate  AUS  Adelaide (AUS) 26 OCT 2017
  • WJ          51.45   SANCHEZ Kayla Noelle CAN Sheffield (GBR) 14 DEC 2018
  • ER          50.58   SJOESTROEM Sarah SWE Eindhoven (NED) 11 AUG 2017
  • EJ           52.60   STANDARD TIME
  • CR          50.95   KROMOWIDJOJO Ranomi NED Copenhagen (DEN) 15 DEC 2017


  • GOLD: Anderson (GBR) – 51.49
  • SILVER: Gastaldello (FRA) – 51.85
  • BRONZE: Heemskerk (NED) – 51.88

Great Britain’s Freya Anderson held down her top spot through the final, going 51.49 for her nation’s first women’s gold at this year’s Euros. Anderson is now just three tenths off a super-suited British record, and moves to #3 in the world this year behind only Cate Campbell and Emma McKeon from the ISL season.

Beryl Gastaldello gets her second individual silver of the meet so far, going 51.85 for second. She was also second in the 50 fly last night and now owns two of France’s three medals from the meet so far. Gastaldello is just two tenths off a Charlotte Bonnet French record.

The Dutch have medaled in this event for four straight short course Euros now, with Femke Heemskerk taking bronze in 51.88. She bested Brit Anna Hopkin (51.90) by a couple hundredths.

MEN’S 100M BREASKSTROKE – Semifinals

  • WR    55.61   VAN DE BURGH, Cameron (SA) Berlin (GER) Nov 2009
  • WJR  57.27  MARTINENGHI, Nicolo’ (ITA) Copenhagen (DEN) Dec 2017
  • ER      55.94  PEATY, ADAM (GBR) Copenhagen (DEN) Dec 2017
  • EJR    57.27  MARTINENGHI, Nicolo’ (ITA) Copenhagen (DEN) Dec 2017
  • CR      55.94  PEATY, ADAM (GBR) Copenhagen (DEN) Dec 2017

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Shymanovich (BLR) – 55.89 ER/CR
  2. Kamminga (NED) – 56.34
  3. Scozzoli (ITA) – 56.81
  4. Murdoch (GBR) – 56.83
  5. Sakci (TUR) – 56.86
  6. Martinenghi (ITA) – 57.08
  7. Bjerg (DEN) – 57.14
  8. McKee (ISL) – 57.35

Ilya Shymanovich had a stellar swim out of semis, breaking an Adam Peaty European record and coming within two tenths of the world record. The Belarusian was 55.89, hitting just the fourth-ever swim under 56 seconds. World record-holder Cameron van der Burgh has done it twice and Peaty once, at this meet in 2017.

Shymanovich is in line to win what would be just the 5th Short Course Euros gold in Belarus history.

200 breast champ Arno Kamminga is looking for a trio of breaststroke medals this week. He’s the second qualifier at 56.34, just a tenth off his national record. Kamminga won bronze in the 50 breast, and the Netherlands and now in a tight battle in the overall medal table with five total medals.

Italy’s Fabio Scozzolia gold medalist back in 2012 and silver medalist in 2017, is third in 56.81. Further back, Turkey’s Emre Sakci set a new national record in 56.86, his second breaststroke record this meet.


  • WR    1.59.23  HOSSZU, Katinka (HUN) Doha (QAT) Dec 2014
  • WJR   2.00.03 Standard Time
  • ER     1.59.23  HOSSZU, Katinka (HUN) Doha (QAT) Dec 2014
  • EJR    2.02.25 Standard Time
  • CR      1.59.84  HOSSZU, Katinka (HUN) Netanya (ISR) Dec 2015


  • GOLD: Panziera (ITA) – 2:01.45
  • SILVER: Zevina (UKR) – 2:02.25
  • BRONZE: Toussaint (NED) – 2:03.04

Italy’s Margherita Panziera shaved a tenth off her own 2018 national record to win gold in the 200 back. The 2017 bronze medalist moved up to gold, besting three-time champ Daryna Zevina of the Ukraine. Zevina swept the 2011, 2012 and 2013 editions before Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu won the next two in a row. Now Panziera takes over, the first Italian gold medalist ever in the event.

That’s a third individual gold for Italy, all coming on the women’s side. They take the overall medal table lead with 9 total medals, and have now matched Russia with three individual golds.

100 back champ Kira Toussaint of the Netherlands added a bronze here as well. She bested Russia’s Daria K. Ustinova by more than a second – Ustinova was a silver medalist in this race back in 2015.

MEN’S 200M IM – Final

  • WR     1.49.63  LOCHTE, Ryan (USA) Istanbul (TUR) Dec 2012
  • WJR   1.52.48 Standard Time
  • ER      1.51.35   CSEH, Laszlo (HUN) Netanya (ISR) Dec  2015
  • EJR    1.53.26  CECCON, Thomas (ITA) Riccione (ITA) Dec 2018
  • CR      1.51.35   CSEH, Laszlo (HUN) Netanya (ISR) Dec 2015


  • GOLD: Vazaios (GRE) – 1:50.85
  • SILVER: Zenimoto Hvas (NOR) – 1:51.74
  • BRONZE: Heintz (GER) – 1:52.55

Greece’s Andreas Vazaios came up with a massive swim to make his country’s first medal of the 2019 Short Course Euros gold. Vazaios smashed a national record and the European record, breaking the championship record as well at 1:50.85. That’s by far the fastest time in the world this season, and should check in as the #4 swim of all-time behind two Ryan Lochte races and a 2014 swim from Kosuke Hagino.

That’s the first-ever gold medal for Greece at Short Course Euros, adding to 3 silvers and 6 bronzes in meet history.

Also jumping onto the medal table for the first time this year is Norway, getting a national record 1:51.74 from Tomoe Zenimoto HvasVazaios and Zenimoto Hvas were silver and bronze in 2017, and they both surge past 2017 champ Philip Heintz of Germany. Heintz was within a tenth of his winning time from 2017, but fell to bronze for Germany.

Top incoming qualifier Duncan Scott just missed the medals, going 1:53.30 for fourth. He fell too far to the back of the field early (he was 6th through fly and back) and just couldn’t recover, even with a solid 27.1 free leg.


  • WR     1.59.61 BELMONTE GARCIA, Mireia (ITA) Doha (QAT) Dec 2014
  • WJR   2.02.96 HASEGAWA, Suzuka (JAP) Tokyo (JAP) Jan 2017
  • ER      1.59.61 BELMONTE GARCIA, Mireia (SPA) Doha (QAT) Dec 2014
  • EJR    2.05.41 Standard Time
  • CR      2.01.52 BELMONTE GARCIA, Mireia (SPA) Herning (DEN) Dec 2013


  • GOLD: Hosszu (HUN) – 2:03.21
  • SILVER: Bianchi (ITA) – 2:04.20
  • BRONZE: Jakabos (HUN) – 2:05.00

Katinka Hosszu returns to gold in the women’s 200 fly, seven years removed from her last title in 2012. Overall, this is her 18th Short Course Euros gold, beginning with that 2012 meet where she won the 200 fly along with the 100 and 200 IMs.

With the win and Zsuzsanna Jakabos taking bronze, Hungary is up to five total medals including two gold from Hosszu. They were second to Russia in 2017 with eight golds, six of them from Hosszu.

Italy’s Ilaria Bianchi repeated as silver medalist, going 2:04.20 for a narrow Italian record.


  • WR    1.02.36 MEILUTYTE, Ruta (LTU) Moscow (RUS) Oct 2013 + ATKINSON, Alia (JA) Doha (QAT) Dec 2014
  • WRJ  1.02.36 Standard Time
  • ER     1.02.36 MEILUTYTE, Ruta (LTU) Moscow (RUS) Oct 2013
  • EJR   1.02.36 Standard Time
  • CR     1.02.92 MEILUTYTE, Ruta (LTU) Herning (DEN) Dec 2013

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. McSharry (IRL) – 1:04.36
  2. Carraro (ITA) – 1:04.63
  3. Laukkanen (FIN) – 1:04.97
  4. Castiglioni (ITA) – 1:05.07
  5. Godun (RUS) – 1:05.22
  6. Chikunova (RUS) – 1:05.29
  7. Zmushka (BLR) – 1:05.30
  8. Mamie (SUI) – 1:05.37

Mona McSharry set a new Irish record on the way to a semifinal win and the top qualifying spot into tomorrow’s 100 breast final. The Irish 19-year-old is coming off of bronze in the 50 breast, and is chasing Ireland’s first-ever Short Course Euros gold in any event, men or women.

Italy’s Martina Carrarosecond in that 50 breast, is the second qualifier here in 1:04.63, though she’s been as fast as 1:04.1 this season in the ISL series. That’s the Italian record. She went 1-2 in her semifinal with Arianna Castiglioni (1:05.07) and those two sit 2nd and 4th into the final.

Finland’s Jenna Laukkanen is the defending silver medalist, and won this race back in 2015. She’s third in 1:04.97.


  • WR          48.88    XU Jiayu  CHN    Tokyo (JPN) 11 NOV 2018
  • WJ           48.90    KOLESNIKOV Kliment RUS Saint Petersburg (RUS)  22 DEC 2017
  • ER           48.90    KOLESNIKOV Kliment  RUS Saint Petersburg (RUS)  22 DEC 2017
  • EJ            48.90    KOLESNIKOV Kliment  RUS Saint Petersburg (RUS)  22 DEC 2017
  • CR           48.97    DONETS Stanislav  RUS  Istanbul (TUR) 13 DEC 2009
  • CR           48.97    VYATCHANIN Arkady RUS  Istanbul (TUR) 13 DEC 2009


  • GOLD: Kolesnikov (RUS) – 49.09
  • SILVER: Diener (GER) – 49.94
  • BRONZE: Glinta (ROU) – 50.30

Russia’s Kliment Kolesnikov successfully defended his 2017 gold medal, going 49.09 to win the 100 back. Kolesnikov was just a tenth off of his European record set at this meet two years ago, and this swim should check into the top 20 performances of all-time.

The win also puts Russia into the lead again on the medal table: Russia now has 4 golds to lead all nations, though their 9 total medals trails Italy’s 10.

Germany’s Christian Diener tied a 10-year-old national record at 49.94 – that earned him silver. That’s Germany’s first medal in this event since 2008.

Robert Glinta went 50.30 for bronze. That’s Romania’s first medal of the meet so far, and matches 2017, when Glinta’s 100 back bronze was the nation’s only medal here. Glinta was just off his own national record. He beat Italy’s Simone Sabbioni (50.33) by three one-hundredths, and Great Britain’s Luke Greenbank was also within a tenth of a medal.

WOMEN’S 100M IM – Final

  • WR          56.51    HOSSZU Katinka HUN Berlin (GER) 07 AUG 2017
  • WJ          57.75      IKEE Rikako JPN Tokyo (JPN) 15 NOV 2017
  • ER           56.51     HOSSZU Katinka HUN Berlin (GER) 07 AUG 2017
  • EJ            57.68    STANDARD TIME
  • CR           56.67    HOSSZU Katinka HUN Netanya (ISR) 04 DEC 2015


  • GOLD: Hosszu (HUN) – 57.36
  • SILVER: Kameneva (RUS) – 57.59
  • BRONZE: Laukkanen (FIN) – 58.62

Katinka Hosszu‘s gold here comes with a number of context numbers. It’s her second gold of the night, coming not long after a hard-fought 200 fly win. It’s her 19th Short Course Euros gold medal overall. And it’s her third-straight win in this event and her fifth-straight Short Course Euros with a medal in the 100 IM. (She won in 2012, 2015 and 2017, and took silver in 2013).

Russia’s Maria Kameneva went 57.59 for silver. That’s a 10th overall medal for Russia, pushing them into a tie with Italy atop the medal table, and it’s also a second silver for Kameneva this week. Meanwhile Jenna Laukkanen was bronze in 58.62, just two one-hundredths off her own national record set last year at Short Course Worlds. Laukkanen was coming off a 100 breast semifinal not long ago.

2015 silver medalist Siobhan-Marie O’Connor of Great Britain just missed out on the medals, going 58.68 for fourth.


  • WR         14:08.06             PALTRINIERI Gregorio ITA Netanya (ISR) 04 DEC 2015
  • WJ          14:27.70              STANDARD TIME
  • ER          14:08.06             PALTRINIERI Gregorio ITA Netanya (ISR) 04 DEC 2015
  • EJ           14:27.78              STANDARD TIME
  • CR          14:08.06             PALTRINIERI Gregorio ITA  Netanya (ISR) 04 DEC 2015


  • GOLD: Paltrinieri (ITA) – 14:17.14
  • SILVER: Christiansen (NOR) – 14:18.15
  • BRONZE: Aubry (FRA) – 14:25.66

It’s been on years and off years for Italy’s Gregorio Paltrinieriwho has won in alternating Short Course Euros over the past five editions. Paltrinieri won in 2012 and 2015, but didn’t medal in 2013 and took silver in 2017. He returns to the top of the podium with a 14:17.14 here, outlasting two-time defending bronze medalist Henrik Christiansen (14:18.15).

Christiansen nabs Norway’s second medal of the 2019 Euro meet, both of them silvers. Norway had no silver or gold medals in 2017 (just four bronzes) and came into the meet with just 7 silvers in meet history, so the 2019 edition has been a solid showing for that nation so far.

France’s David Aubry took bronze in 14:25.66, well ahead of defending champ Mykhailo Romanchuk (14:32.51).


  • WR    20.26  MANAUDOU, Florent (FRA) Doha (QAT) Dec 2014
  • WJR  21.24 KOLESNIKOV, Kliment (RUS) Copenhagen (DEN) Dec 2017
  • ER     20.26  MANAUDOU, Florent (FRA) Doha (QAT) Dec 2014
  • EJR   20.70 Standard Time
  • CR     20.31    MOROZOV, Vladimir (RUS) Copenhagen (DEN) Dec 2017


  • GOLD: Morozov (RUS) – 20.40
  • SILVER: Manaudou (FRA) – 20.66
  • BRONZE: Lobanovskii (HUN) – 20.76

Russia’s Vladimir Morozov takes home his fourth gold of the meet so far, going 20.40 to win the 50 free easily. The 27-year-old standout won the 50 breast individually, and has also held down key legs of the winning men’s 4×50 free and mixed 4×50 medley relays. He couldn’t quite nab the world or European record (a 20.26 from Florent Manuadou back in 2014), but does come close to his own Russian record 20.31 set at this meet in 2017.

Morozov has now won two Euro short course golds in this race in a row.

Manaudou was second, going 20.66 for silver. That’s a fifth medal overall for France. The French women had put up three medals and the men none, but after Aubry’s 1500 and Manaudou’s 50 free, that ratio is starting to even out.

Hungary’s Maksim Lobanovskii took bronze in 20.76, but Poland’s Pawel Juraszek also got under 21 seconds in 20.97. That’s just two tenths off the Polish record in the event.


  • WR     1.33.91 Netherlands (NED) Copenhagen (DEN) Dec 2017
  • WJR   –
  • ER      1.33.25 Netherlands (NED) Turkey 2009
  • EJR    1.41.62 STANDARD TIME
  • CR      1.33.25 Netherlands (NED) Turkey 2009


  • GOLD: France / Netherlands – 1:35.21
  • SILVER: —
  • BRONZE: Denmark – 1:35.24

A thriller to finish the session: France jumped out to an early lead with standouts Beryl Gastaldello (23.85) and Melanie Henique (23.30), but defending champs the Netherlands surged back on a 23.5 from Femke HeemskerkThen both anchors (Anna Santamans and Valerie van Roon) split 23.6s as the two teams tied for gold.

It’s a big rise for France, which had never medaled in this event and had only a handful of bronze medals in women’s relays in the history of short course Euros. The French women have now won two golds and two silvers in just three days so far, and two men’s medals tonight brings the nation to six overall. In 2017, France had just eight total medals and only one gold. They’ve now doubled that gold total. Lena Bousquin was the other leg of that relay, splitting 24.4.

The Dutch relay also got a 23.9 from Kira Toussaintand repeats their 2017 gold here, though they were about 1.3 seconds slower without Ranomi Kromowidjojo. Tamara van Vliet led off in 24.19.

Denmark took bronze on a 23.2 anchor from Pernille Blume, with Jeanette Ottesen splitting 23.6. It was a ways back to Russia (1:35.99) and Great Britain (1:36.18), though those two nations led early on leadoffs of 23.80 from Maria Kameneva and 23.74 from Anna Hopkin, respectively.

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11 months ago

Pre-session shout out to Jos Ulyett. Big break out in 2017 followed by some injuries and bad luck, but she just shattered the British record and went top 10 all time in the SCM 200br with a 2.17.10. Nice to see her back and well.

11 months ago

Manaudou foxing? Not seeing the explosiveness we usually see off the blocks from him.

11 months ago

Anderson came home in 26.21… That is just filthy… Euro Junior champ, World Junior Champ, now a European Senior title… Big time performer… Expect her to take a hammer to Halsall’s NR next summer.

Reply to  Dee
11 months ago

I really like what I am seeing from her because I swear she has recorded PBs in This event every time she has got in the pool recently.

Reply to  Jeff
11 months ago

Yep. PB’s every 100fr so far this SCM season I think: 52.5 opener, 52.1 x2 at ISL, 52.0 heats, 51.9 semi, 51.4 final.

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