2017 M. NCAAs: Texas Breaks Ahead; The Battle for 2nd Heats Up


Following day 2 finals of the 2017 Men’s NCAA Championships, the defending champion Texas longhorns have burst into the lead. Texas not only swept the relays, but also won 2 of the individual races. Senior Clark Smith redeeemed his 2015 title in the 500 free, leading a 1-2 finish with teammate Townley Haas. Fellow Longhorn senior Will Licon successfully defended his title in the 200 IM after tying with Florida’s Mark Szaranek. Texas now leads the meet by 82.5 points.

The battle for 2nd should be a close one. Cal currently holds the runner up position, but Florida is just 4.5 points back. The NC State Wolfpack and Indiana Hoosiers round out the top 5 on today’s scoreboard, and aren’t out of reach of a top 3 spot by any means.


  1. Texas                           225.5   2. California                        143
  3. Florida                         138.5   4. NC State                          123
  5. Indiana                           121   6. Stanford                          105
  7. Southern Cali                      75   8. Univ of Georgia                    73
  9. Missouri                         71.5  10. Auburn                           69.5
 11. Louisville                         57  12. South Carolina                     40
 13. Michigan                           39  14. Arizona State                      34
 15. Purdue                             33  16. Alabama                            32
 17. Texas A&M                          23  18. Wisconsin                          21
 19. Tennessee                          19  20. Ohio St                            17
 21. University of Miami                14  22. Lsu                                12
 22. Notre Dame                         12  24. Arizona                            10
 25. Florida State                       7  26. UNC                                 6
 26. Harvard                             6  28. Kentucky                            4
 28. Virginia Tech                       4  28. Northwestern                        4
 31. Penn St                             2  31. Hawaii                              2
 33. Pittsburgh                          1

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Peter Davis

Yes, and this was all but foregone before the meet even started. My predictions pre-meet were(excluding diving): Texas 500, Cal 400, NC St 330, Florida 320 Those predictions, which I made simply by quickly going event by event doing likely up/downs and then predicting relay finishes, had the teams at these totals after day 2(actual day 2 total): Texas 210(225.5), Cal 156(143), NC St 153(123), Florida 150(138.5) Texas is currently at 225.5, and subtracting the 12 diving points puts them at 213.5, or just 3.5 points above the predicted pace needed to reach 500. Cal, by virtue of the Josa DQ, and by falling off a bit in tonight’s final swims, is off pace by 13 points, finishing at 143.… Read more »


I think the title of the article agrees with you.

Bay City Tex

It will be interesting to see if Texas would have needed to swim on Saturday to win the,meet. I have gone through every event, including diving, and one,year they would have tied, the other year they would have won outright. I moved Texas swimmers out, and,Cal swimmers up, for the additional points
on Saturday, the Horns were just that dominant. Amazing talent, amazing coach. Next year will be very difficult for a 4-peat. Shebat and Harty will be a great backstroke duo with Murphy gone, but Will Licon and Jack Conger (Clark too) will be almost impossible to replace. Does Joseph Schooling stay for his sr. year? 3 for 3 on nattys. What’s left for him?


>3 for 3 on nattys. What’s left for him?

4 for 4?

About Lauren Neidigh

Lauren Neidigh

Lauren Neidigh is a former NCAA swimmer at the University of Arizona and the University of Florida. She got her M.S. in Criminology from Florida State and seems exceptionally confused about which team she should cheer for during the college football season. Lauren is currently a coach at Loggerhead Aquatics …

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