2017 Canadian Trials: Day 1 Prelims Live Recap


A total of six different events will be contested at day 1 prelims in Victoria, with the 50 fly, 200 free, 200 breast and 100 back going off along with the timed final heats of the women’s 1500 and men’s 800 free. The fastest heat of each will be swum with finals tonight.

#2 seed in the women’s 200 free Penny Oleksiak has scratched the event in favor of the 50 fly, while Katerine Savard has done the opposite scratching the 50 fly to focus on the 200 free.

Along with those two, other big names in action this morning include Taylor Ruck (200 free, 100 back), Kierra Smith (200 breast), Javier Acevedo (100 back), Yuri Kisil (200 free) and Markus Thormeyer (200 free, 100 back).

Women’s 50 Fly Prelims

  1. Penny Oleksiak, TSC, 26.40
  2. Sadie Fazekas, WAC, 26.96
  3. Sandrine Mainville, CAMO, 27.04
  4. Michelle Toro, NYAC, 27.17
  5. Maggie MacNeil, LAC, 27.53
  6. Marie-Lou Lapointe, CASE, 27.56
  7. Paige Kremer, EKSC, 27.58
  8. Mabel Zavaros, 27.59

Penny Olekisak took the top seed in the women’s 50 fly this morning, clocking a time of 26.40. Her best time stands at 25.93 from last year, just 0.01 off the Canadian Record. Sadie Fazekas also slipped under 27 seconds in 26.96, and Sandrine Mainville takes the third seed into tonight at 27.04.

Men’s 50 Fly Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 23.30, Santo Condorelli, 2015
  1. Kyle Robrock*, DU-CO, 24.39
  2. Matthew Dans, GO, 24.57
  3. Alexandre Perreault, OTTSC, 24.68
  4. Josiah Binnema, EKSC, 24.70
  5. Nicolaas Dekker, RAPID, 24.74
  6. Cameron Kidd, WRMS, 25.00
  7. Peter Webster*, DU-CO, 25.03
  8. Gamal Assaad, OAK, 25.06

American Kyle Robrock posted the fastest time of the morning in the men’s 50 fly in 24.39, though he and 7th fastest Peter Webster (also American) won’t be eligible for the A-final.

Matt Dans of the GO Kingfish will have lane 4 in the A-final posting the top time of any Canadian in 24.57, followed by Alexandre Perreault (24.68) and Josiah Binnema (24.70). Mack Darragh and Scott Hunter (both 25.11) will also qualify for the A-final in a tie for 7th among Canadians.

Women’s 200 Free Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 1:56.94, Brittany Maclean, 2016
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 1:58.68
  1. Katerine Savard, CAMO, 1:58.29
  2. Mackenzie Padington, ISC, 1:58.39
  3. Kayla Sanchez, AAC, 1:58.44
  4. Kennedy Goss, GGST, 1:59.24
  5. Mary-Sophie Harvey, NN, 1:59.44
  6. Danica Ludlow, UCSC, 1:59.49
  7. Rebecca Smith, SCAR, 1:59.81
  8. Taylor Ruck, UN-CAN, 2:00.19

Three women got under the ‘A’ standard in the prelims of the women’s 200 free, with Katerine Savard leading the way in a quick 1:58.29. Also under the standard was Mackenzie Padington and Kayla Sanchez who qualified 2nd and 3rd overall.

800 free relay Olympic bronze medalists Kennedy Goss (4th) and Taylor Ruck (8th) also made the final, with Ruck squeaking in by less than a tenth over Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson (2:00.27) who was 9th.

Men’s 200 Free Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 1:46.40, Brent Hayden, 2008
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 1:47.73
  1. Jeremy Bagshaw, ISC, 1:49.62
  2. Carson Olafson, UBCDS, 1:49.72
  3. Markus Thormeyer, UBCDS, 1:49.96
  4. Yuri Kisil, UBCDS, 1:50.06
  5. Colin Gilbert, UCSC, 1:50.28
  6. Peter Brothers, UCSC, 1:50.72
  7. Stefan Milosevic, UBCDS, 1:50.88
  8. Samuel Belanger, UL, 1:51.04

The UBC Dolphins dominated the men’s 200 free, making up half of tonight’s A-final. Carson OlafsonMarkus Thormeyer and Yuri Kisil qualified 2nd, 3rd and 4th overall, while Stefan Milosevic was 7th. However it was Island Swimming’s Jeremy Bagshaw taking the top seed in a time of 1:49.62.

The top-8 are separated by less than 1.5 seconds and should make for a great race tonight. Calgary’s Colin Gilbert and Peter Brothers also got under 1:51 to qualify 5th and 6th overall. The men will be shooting for the ‘A’ standard of 1:47.73 tonight.

After tying for 9th place, Alexander Pratt of Cascade beat out Adrian Vanderhelm of Barrie in a swim-off, 1:51.03 to 1:51.28. They were both 1:51.44 in the heats.

Women’s 200 Breast Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 2:20.12, Annamay Pierse, 2009
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 2:25.91
  1. Kierra Smith, KWIC, 2:25.96
  2. Ashley McGregor, PCSC, 2:26.47
  3. Rachel Nicol, LASC, 2:30.01
  4. Sarah Darcel, ISC, 2:30.44
  5. Katrina Brathwaite, PCSC, 2:31.62
  6. Faith Knelson, ISC, 2:32.42
  7. Katja Pavicevic, TSC, 2:32.78
  8. Genevieve Robertson, UN-VAR, 2:33.15

Shockingly we saw two of the top five seeds get disqualified in the women’s 200 breast heats, with #2 Kelsey Wog and #5 Sydney Pickrem both nailed. Wog was expected to challenge Kierra Smith for the win in this race after winning silver at the Short Course World Championships.

Pickrem posted a time of 2:26.26 before getting DQed which would have qualified 2nd. Wog’s 2:28.53 would’ve had her 3rd best, 4th if Pickrem wasn’t DQed.

Smith takes the top seed into tonight at 2:25.96, followed by Ashley McGregor in 2:26.47. 100 breast Olympic finalist Rachel Nicol sits 3rd at 2:30.01.

**Update: Kelsey Wog‘s DQ has been overturned per the results, moving her into the 3rd seed for tonight. Sydney Pickrem remains DQed at this point.

Men’s 200 Breast Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 2:08.84, Mike Brown, 2008
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 2:11.11
  1. James Dergousoff, CHENA, 2:13.32
  2. Eli Wall, TSC, 2:14.06
  3. Ryan Telford, AAC, 2:14.61
  4. James Guest, PCSC, 2:15.66
  5. Frederik Kamminga, EKSC, 2:16.38
  6. Connor Islings, PCSC, 2:16.48
  7. Jaren LeFranc, KISU, 2:17.04
  8. Benjamin Blackmon, UCSC, 2:18.06

James Dergousoff came within two tenths of his best time to take the top seed in a time of 2:13.32, followed by Eli Wall and Ryan Telford who both finished in the 2:14-range for 2nd and 3rd. James Guest sits 4th.

Richard Funk used his swim to test his sprint speed rather than try for a spot on the team, clocking 27.56 on the opening 50, but was disqualified on the swim.

Women’s 100 Back Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 58.66, Kylie Masse, 2016
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 1:00.61
  1. Kylie Masse, WEST, 58.42 CAN Record
  2. Hilary Caldwell, ISC, 1:00.62
  3. Dominique Bouchard, OAK, 1:00.74
  4. Alexia Zevnik, PCSC, 1:01.04
  5. Danielle Hanus, ISC, 1:01.12
  6. Kayla Sanchez, 1:01.14
  7. Johanna Roas*, 1:01.22
  8. Jade Hannah, ISC, 1:01.45

Kylie Masse smashed her own Canadian Record in the prelims in a time of 58.42, lowering her mark from the medley relay prelims in Rio that stood at 58.66. Masse is the reigning Olympic bronze medalist and has a good shot at improving that position in Budapest this summer. The world record stands at 58.12.

200 back specialists Hilary Caldwell and Dominique Bouchard both went 1:00 for 2nd and 3rd overall. Following them is a slew of women going 1:01-low, led by Alexia Zevnik and Danielle Hanus. Kayla Sanchez made her second final of the day in 6th, and since an international swimmer, Johanna Roas, placed 7th overall, 9th fastest of the morning Taylor Ruck moves into the A-final at 1:01.50.

Men’s 100 Back Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 53.63, Pascal Wollach, 2009
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 54.06
  1. Javier Acevedo, AAC, 54.70
  2. Rob Hill, CHENA, 55.32
  3. Anton Loncar*, CRO, 55.52
  4. Markus Thormeyer, UBCDS, 55.87
  5. Tim Zeng, CHENA, 56.10
  6. Anders Klein, EKSC, 56.27
  7. Noah Choboter, ROD, 56.32
  8. Kyle Robrock*, DU-CO, 56.69

After just finishing up his first NCAA Championships a few weeks ago, Javier Acevedo of Ajax put together a nice morning swim for the top seed in 54.70. Acevedo qualified for the Olympic team last year clocking 53.67 in the Trials final, just 0.04 off the national record. After a very impressive 11th place finish at NCAAs in this event, we should expect Acevedo to be a bit faster tonight.

Rob Hill also had strong swim, clocking a new best time in 55.32 for the 2nd seed. Both Anton Loncar (Croatia) and Kyle Robrock (USA) won’t be eligible for the A-final due to their international status, which will move 9th and 10th fastest of the morning William Marois and Josh Zakala into the A-final.

Markus Thormeyer qualified for his second final of the day in 3rd at 55.87, and should be capable of a nice drop after clocking 52.50 SCM at the U Sport Championships in February.

Women’s 1500 Free Timed Final (Early Heats)

  • Canadian Record: 15:57.15, Brittany Maclean, 2014
  1. Marit Anderson, CP, 17:07.39
  2. Rania Hamida Nefsi, ELITE, 17:21.03
  3. Lexy King, ROD, 17:22.38
  4. Victoria Mock, UVPCS, 17:23.76
  5. Daphne Demers, CAMO, 17:36.38
  6. Avery Movold, PGB, 17:36.50
  7. Andrea Terriault, CAMO, 17:37.31
  8. Rosalie Davidson, NN, 17:38.65

Through the early 1500 heats Marit Anderson leads the field in 17:07.39, well clear of 2nd place Rania Hamida Nefsi (17:21.03). The top eight seeds will swim tonight with finals.

Men’s 800 Free Timed Final (Early Heats)

  • Canadian Record: 7:41.86, Ryan Cochrane, 2011
  1. Rafael Davila, ISC, 7:58.90
  2. Ryley McRae, KCS, 8:26.53
  3. Raben Dommann, CHENA, 8:29.06
  4. David Brenken, NYAC, 8:29.67
  5. Vincent Laperle, NN, 8:29.97
  6. Alex Woinoski, SFA, 8:31.81
  7. Sebastian Paulins, BRANT, 8:32.20
  8. Mitchell Hebert, GOLD, 8:36.09

Rafael Davila put up a best time of 7:58.90 in the early 800m heats to sit miles ahead of the field. Davila was actually the top seed coming in, but was ineligible to swim in the fastest heat due to the fact that he represents Venezuela internationally. Ryley McRae is fastest among Canadian swimmers so far in 8:26.53.



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7 years ago

A bit too low-key in the comments section for a 58 FREAKIN 42 IN PRELIMS!!!!! Wasn’t expecting that! I’m not sure that Katinka will be faster than last year but Kathleen will be. And many folks coming for revenge– Seebohm, Nielsen, etc. Semolina’s hungry too. World Champs gonna be LIT!

7 years ago

IN PRELIMS AT TRIALS!! And that should be Smoliga, not Semolina. Cursed autocorrect.

7 years ago

Everybody are in anticipation of what can happen in couple hours. Any further steps in all-time ranking where she is #5 now means some record: 58.33 American record, 58.23 – world record, 58.12 – high-tech suites record.

7 years ago

Never underestimate Hosszu, especially if she breaks her wr in 200im the day before. However, I would bet for Seebohm with a new (or newest) wr.

7 years ago

Looks like Kelsey Wog’s DQ has been overturned

Go Green
7 years ago

Does anyone know what Pickrem and Wog got DQd for? Just curious

Reply to  Go Green
7 years ago

Go Green – we don’t but we can ask.

Reply to  Go Green
7 years ago

Any word on the DQ’s and if they are fighting them? Such a shame, those two girls would have had such a great race with Kierra.

7 years ago

Masse is really overlooked in favour of the likes of Oleksiak & Ruck – Clearly unjustly.

Bill G
Reply to  Dee
7 years ago

Is there a “Forgotten backstroke swimmers no longer wanting to be anonymous” club? Ryan Murphy can chair. Always a good sign when the SwimSwam summary mentions what the WR mark is after your prelim swim. Masse was the athlete ambassador for the Short Course Worlds in Windsor, so she isn’t quite toiling in anonymity.

Reply to  Bill G
7 years ago

And that is one of a few left of 2009 era records on women’s side.

Reply to  Prickle
7 years ago

Yep, IMHO the most underrated record on the women’s side. Women’s 100bk was a golden generation with the likes of Seebohm & Franklin at their peak together, still neither could take it.

Reply to  Bill G
7 years ago

Indeed, doesn’t quite get the plaudits she deserves though.

7 years ago

2min for Taylor Ruck? I know that is prelim race, but a very intense one. She could be easily out of final. Is she ok?

7 years ago

58.42 morning swim for Masse.

Reply to  Marley09
7 years ago

CBC stream down for the women’s backstroke. 58.42!?!? Impressive

Reply to  Marley09
7 years ago

Are you sure? 58.42 in the morning? It would earn a gold medal in Rio

Reply to  Prickle
7 years ago

I was 20 feet away.

Reply to  Marley09
7 years ago

Then make yourself a half distance closer in the evening and we will see American record of Missy Franklin got beaten 58.33 🙂

Reply to  Prickle
7 years ago

I can’t wait to see what she does tonight!

7 years ago

UBC Dolphins. Dinos live in Calgary.

7 years ago

How about real-time results?? I can’t find them either.

Thanks for the recap.

Reply to  coach
7 years ago

Scratch that. Found it. Thanks again

Bo swims
Reply to  coach
7 years ago

Meet mobile up … search Saanich

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