2017 Canadian World Trials: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap


The fourth and final day of the Canadian Swimming Trials is upon us, with more opportunities to qualify for the World Championships on the line. All of the events today will be used for selection, with the 200 fly, 50 free, 200 IM, and the women’s 800 and men’s 1500 free on the schedule.

In the women’s 200 fly Katerine Savard, who has already qualified for the team in the 200 free and 100 fly, is seeded head and shoulders above the rest of the field. She hasn’t broken 2:10 since 2014, but based on her form here the 2:09.77 qualifying standard is definitely within reach. 5th seed Sarah Darcel has scratched the event, choosing to focus on the 200 IM.

The men will be in tough to qualify, but both Mack Darragh and Nicolaas Dekker are seeded with 1:58s and could conceivably get down to the required 1:57.28.

After qualifying in the 4×100 free relay on night 1, both Chantal van Landeghem and Michelle Toro will look for an individual event in Budapest coming in as the top two seeds in the 50 free. Their teammates Penny Oleksiak and Sandrine Mainville will likely provide the biggest challenge, having gone 1-2 in the 100 earlier. Oleksiak is the only one of the four who has never been under the ‘A’ standard of 25.18.

In the men’s event Yuri Kisil comes in as the favorite with a best time of 22.23, and will look to add this event to his Budapest schedule that already includes the 100. Number two seed Alex Loginov has been sub-23 nineteen times, including a best of 22.30, so he’ll likely be Kisil’s top challenger. The ‘A’ standard of 22.47 is well within reach for both of them, and potentially Markus Thormeyer as well. Thormeyer has yet to make the team after a few near misses, and though he’s only the 9th overall seed, his best time sits at 22.77.

The women’s 200 IM will likely be the race of the day, with many in contention. Four of those main contenders have already qualified, in Mary-Sophie HarveySydney PickremKylie Masse and Kayla Sanchez, while others such as Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson and Sarah Darcel will have their last shot to make it in this race. Among those six, Sanchez is the only one who has never been under the 2:13.41 ‘A’ standard.

In the men’s 200 IM Luke Reilly will take his last shot at qualifying after a near miss by less than three tenths in the 400 IM. He’ll need to take off about half a second to hit the standard of 2:00.22. Mack Darragh and Javier Acevedo both hold best in the 2:01-range and will challenge for the win.

The women’s 800 and men’s 1500 will have the fastest heats swim with finals. Olivia Anderson of Etobicoke leads the women’s field with a best time of 8:32.84, nearly six seconds under the qualifying time. In the men’s race, top seed Peter Brothers has about eight seconds to shave off to get down to the ‘A’ standard.

Women’s 200 Fly Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 2:05.95, Audrey Lacroix, 2009
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 2:09.77
  1. Katerine Savard, CAMO, 2:14.06
  2. Mabel Zavaros, OAK, 2:15.00
  3. Jacomie Strydom, OSC, 2:15.50
  4. Maggie MacNeil, LAC, 2:15.60
  5. Victoria Kwan, MAC, 2:16.17
  6. Jessie Gibson, SPART, 2:17.34
  7. Danielle D’Aoust, UCSC, 2:17.89
  8. Sophie Marois, NN, 2:18.24

Top seed Katerine Savard cruised to the top spot in the women’s 200 fly prelims in a time of 2:14.06. Though tying up a bit on the back half, based off the form she has shown here she should get close to the qualifying standard tonight.

Mabel ZavarosJacomie Strydom and Maggie MacNeil all had solid swims to qualify 2nd, 3rd and 4th overall in 2:15-something.

Men’s 200 Fly Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 1:56.90, Zack Chetrat, 2015
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 1:57.28
  1. Mack Darragh, OAK, 2:00.03
  2. Osvald Nitski, OAK, 2:00.32
  3. Nicolaas Dekker, RAPID, 2:00.54
  4. Montana Champagne, GO, 2:01.63
  5. Connor Wilkins, OAK, 2:02.29
  6. Lucas Tyler, UVPCS, 2:02.68
  7. Etienne Paquin-Foisy, ELITE, 2:03.37*
  8. Matthew Mac, OAK, 2:03.37*

The Oakville Aquatic Club had a strong showing in the men’s 200 fly prelims, with half of tonight’s made up of swimmers representing them. Leading the way was Mack Darragh, who clocked a time of 2:00.03.

Teammate Osvald Nitski was close behind in 2:00.32, and Nicolaas Dekker also came in at 2:00 for third. Montana Champagne of the GO Kingfish had a nice swim for 4th in 2:01.63.

Women’s 50 Free Prelims

  1. Michelle Toro, NYAC, 24.95
  2. Chantal van Landeghem, TSC, 25.32
  3. Sandrine Mainville, CAMO, 25.49
  4. Kayla Sanchez, AAC, 25.66
  5. Sarah Fournier, CNQ, 25.69
  6. Jacqueline Keire, OAK, 25.87
  7. Rebecca Smith, SCAR, 25.89
  8. Taylor Ruck, UN-CAN, 25.94

Michelle Toro threw down a quick 24.95 this morning to take the top time heading into tonight, clear of the field by nearly four tenths. National record holder Chantal van Landeghem came in with the number two time at 25.32, and Sandrine Mainville was right there at 25.49.

Taylor Ruck squeaked into the A-final in 8th at 25.94, while Penny Oleksiak was back in 26.32 for 12th, choosing to swim butterfly rather than freestyle.

Men’s 50 Free Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 21.73, Brent Hayden, 2009
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 22.47
  1. Alex Loginov, TSC, 22.55
  2. Kyle Robrock, DU-CO, 22.87*
  3. Yuri Kisil, UBCDS, 22.99
  4. Sid Farber, DU-CO, 23.13**
  5. Owen Daly, CAMO, 23.13**
  6. Markus Thormeyer, UBCDS, 23.24
  7. Cameron Kidd, WRMS, 23.27
  8. Antoine Bernard-Lalonde, CAMO, 23.31

Alex Loginov was the only one who came close to the ‘A’ standard this morning, clocking a very solid 22.55 for the top seed. Yuri Kisil was the only other Canadian under 23 in 22.99, while Owen Daly (23.13) and Markus Thormeyer head into tonight seeded 3rd and 4th.

Kyle Robrock and Sid Farber of Denver University put up decent times in 22.87 and 23.13, and will swim the B-final tonight. That will move Spencer Bougie and Kyle Troskot into the A-final.

Women’s 200 IM Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 2:10.08, Sydney Pickrem, 2015
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 2:13.41
  1. Sydney Pickrem, ISC, 2:12.17
  2. Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, GO, 2:12.80
  3. Sarah Darcel, ISC, 2:13.51
  4. Kylie Masse, WEST, 2:14.01
  5. Kayla Sanchez, AAC, 2:14.75
  6. Bailey Andison, PERTH, 2:14.84
  7. Alexia Zevnik, PCSC, 2:17.06
  8. Genevieve Cantin, UL, 2:17.28

National record holder Sydney Pickrem posted the top time of the morning in 2:12.17, well under the World Championship qualifying standard. Also under the standard was Canada’s Olympic representative in this event last year Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson, who wasn’t far behind in 2:12.80.

Pickrem’s Island teammate Sarah Darcel was out guns a blazing in the final heat, hitting the 100m wall in 1:00.85, before cruising to a time of 2:13.51. In the first circle-seeded heat Kylie Masse and Kayla Sanchez posted times of 2:14.01 and 2:14.75, while Bailey Andison came in at 2:14.75 for 6th.

Despite a relatively slow 8th place time of 2:17.28, top seed coming in Mary-Sophie Harvey missed the A-final with a disastrous 2:18.47 for 13th.

Men’s 200 IM Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 1:59.19, Keith Beavers, 2008
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 2:00.22
  1. Mack Darragh, OAK, 2:02.12
  2. Rob Hill, CHENA, 2:04.52
  3. Javier Acevedo, AAC, 2:05.27
  4. Araya Therrien, UBCDS, 2:05.49
  5. Josh Zakala, ISC, 2:05.66
  6. Luke Reilly, UBCDS, 2:05.73*
  7. Jeremy Tremblay, SAMAK, 2:05.73*
  8. Ryan Telford, AAC, 2:06.14

Mack Darragh cruised to win his heat in a time of 2:02.12, which stands up as the top time heading into finals. Likewise Rob Hill coasted to win the last heat for the #2 seed in 2:04.52.

Both Javier Acevedo and Luke Reilly didn’t have the best swims this morning coming in at 2:05.27 and 2:05.73, but both advance to the final in 3rd and t-6th respectively.

Women’s 800 Free (Early Heats)

  • Canadian Record: 8:20.02, Brittany Maclean, 2014
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 8:38.56
  1. Molly Gowans, ISC, 8:51.59
  2. Marit Anderson, CP, 8:55.98
  3. Brooke Lamoureux, ISC, 8:58.98
  4. Kaitlin Gervais, UVPCS, 9:03.69
  5. Lexy King, ROD, 9:04.10
  6. Marianne Rheaume, CAMO, 9:04.11
  7. Chantel Jeffrey, CSSSC, 9:06.15
  8. Rania Hamida Nefsi, ELITE, 9:07.67

Molly Gowans, who represents GBR internationally, leads the early heats so far in the women’s 800 at 8:51.59. Her teammate from Island Swimming Brooke Lamoureux also got under nine minutes in 8:58.98.

After heat 2 of the morning, Marit Anderson moved into 2nd overall and first among Canadians with a time of 8:55.98.

Men’s 1500 Free (Early Heats)

  • Canadian Record: 14:39.63, Ryan Cochrane, 2012
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 15:12.79
  1. Rafael Davila, ISC, 15:22.23
  2. Alexander Pratt, CASC, 15:43.69
  3. Christopher Paproski, CHENA, 16:00.35
  4. Jong Hoon Lee, ESWIM, 16:03.75
  5. Chris Deegan, UVPCS, 16:05.33
  6. Andrew Woinoski, SFA, 16:08.87
  7. Raben Dommann, CHENA, 16:11.37
  8. Tim Woinoski, SFA, 16:15.29

Through the first of the early 1500 heats Venezuelan Rafael Davila has posted the top time in 15:22.23. The top swim among Canadians thus far comes from Cascade’s Alexander Pratt in 15:43.69.

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northern light
6 years ago

Any word on Overholt’s absence? Injuries or school?

6 years ago

So disappointed about Ruck. Hope she bounces back from this.

6 years ago

So do I. On the bright side, at least she’s qualified for relay swims at the world Juniors.

Reply to  Ben
6 years ago

Going to sectionals before this meet and swimming the 50? I don’t understand

Reply to  Swim
6 years ago

Me either. I think she screwed herself over by going to sectionals tbh.

Reply to  Hswimmer
6 years ago

I get trying new things and adding to your swimming resume but this is a level where you shouldn’t experiment.

Reply to  Ben
6 years ago

She only qualified for relays at juniors? She won gold in the 100 and 200 free at the 2015 Juniors.

Reply to  KRB
6 years ago

And yet not only did she finish 8th in both of those here, but she’s finished outside of the Fina “a” standard in all of her events so far.

6 years ago

World class swimming this week from W-backstrokers and W- free relays. Some unusual stuff also happening. Santo, Noemi and Overholt not there. Ruck could have swam the times she’s posting in street clothes last year. Mary Harvey on fire all year including days 1 and 2 but no show day 3 in best event and crashed and burned this morning in 2IM. Thormeyer doesn’t look anything like Thormeyer. Wog doesn’t look anything like the Wog we saw in Windsor. I know it’s a year after the olympics but it seems there are more surprises than normal.

Reply to  Marley09
6 years ago

Ruck is definitely off form here. She wont be taken to Budapest. As was the case for Rio trials, I think she swims too many events.

Sophie Mary Harvey has been way disappointing after the 200 free and 400 IM. I thought she would win 400 free and probably win the 200IM maybe in Canadian record time based on her SC performances earlier this year.

And yes, Wog and Thormeyer have been disappointing based on last year.

Even the Ontario High Performance women have been so-so here.

But Caldwell and Masse have been impressive. Paddington making the FINA A cut for 400 free was a nice unexpected surprise

Reply to  KRB
6 years ago

Well, considering Oleksiak was on injury recovery until sometime around the end of February, and she also isn’t training full-time like she did last year, her performance is pretty good for this point in the season. Also I’m not sure if we can call the rest of the High Performance Center so-so when all of them qualified within the first two days, including two new juniors. Either way, time will tell.

But yeah, Ruck was a bit disappointing this weekend, and I was hoping to see better from Wog as well.

Reply to  Ben
6 years ago

50 free final has yet to be swam so let’s see. Oleksiak can be given a pass because of injury – yes. But Chantal not making 100 free top 2 was disappointing (but good for Sandrine). And while Sanchez and Smith have been good, similar to Mary Sophie Harvey just a couple of months ago they were swimming fantastic in the US, and I sort of expected them to further that trend here at Trials.

6 years ago

Yes she did- trying to get the FINA A standard?

Reply to  swammergirl
6 years ago

She already made the “A” standard in prelims on day 1. Maybe she doesn’t feel ready for the 50 free yet and is just going for a personal best in the 50 fly. She did the same thing in the arena pro seriea and also qualified for the b final.

Reply to  Ben
6 years ago

I thought she had just missed it- at the moment I can’t seem to find the FINA A standards, what was it for the 50 fly?

Reply to  swammergirl
6 years ago
6 years ago

Oleksiak swam fly instead of free.. trying to get the FINA A so she can swim 50 fly this summer?

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