2017 Canadian World Trials: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


Day three will feature four events, with three of them being used for selection to the World Championships.

The women’s 400 free is led by Neptune Natation’s Mary-Sophie Harvey, who will look for a third individual event in Budapest after qualifying in the 200 free and 400 IM on days 1 and 2. The 2nd and 3rd seeds, Kennedy Goss and Taylor Ruck, will look to book their ticket to Budapest in the event after missing earlier in the meet. Both are seeded under the ‘A’ standard of 4:10.57.

The men’s 400 free is headlined by Jeremy Bagshaw and Peter Brothers who come in with seeds of 3:50.9 and 3:51.2 respectively. They’ll need a big drop to qualify for Worlds with the standard sitting at 3:48.15.

The women’s 100 fly has five women seeded under a minute, led by Olympic silver medalist Penny Oleksiak. Oleksiak and #2 seed Katerine Savard will be the favorites to qualify in this event, though #3 seed Rebecca Smith has swam well here so far. All three have already qualified for the team.

Olympic trials winner Mack Darragh leads the men’s 100 fly, but will need to drop about a second to hit the ‘A’ standard.

The women’s 200 back is loaded with six seeded under the ‘A’ time, led by 2016 Rio bronze medalist Hilary CaldwellDominique Bouchard and Kylie Masse. Both Caldwell and Masse have already booked their tickets in the 100 back, so it will be up to Bouchard to perform and earn her spot on the team.

The men’s event likely comes down to a duel between Javier Acevedo and Markus Thormeyer, who hold the top two seeds at 2:00. Thormeyer will look to qualify for the team after near misses in the 100 and 200 free, while Acevedo has already qualified in the 100 back. The standard sits at 1:58.55.

The 50 breast will wrap things up this morning. 100 breast winners Rachel Nicol and Richard Funk will be favored to top the podium. Swimming Canada will not use this event for selection to Worlds, but as the winner of the 100m race both Nicol and Funk will likely have the option to swim this event in Budapest.

Women’s 400 Free Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 4:03.43, Brittany Maclean, 2016
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 4:10.57
  1. Mackenzie Padington, ISC, 4:11.47
  2. Kennedy Goss, GGST, 4:14.09
  3. Danica Ludlow, UCSC, 4:15.18
  4. Molly Gowans, ISC, 4:15.46*
  5. Olivia Anderson, ESWIM, 4:16.69
  6. Caitlin Hodge, UL, 4:17.77
  7. Taylor Ruck, UN-CAN, 4:18.92
  8. Kaitlin Gervais, UVPCS, 4:21.23

The biggest story coming out of the women’s 400 free is the absence of Mary-Sophie Harvey, who no-showed her heat this morning with two individual events already on her World Championship schedule. She was the top seed coming in.

Island Swimming’s Mackenzie Padington capitalized, winning the final heat in a a big best time of 4:11.47. Kennedy Goss touched 2nd in that heat in 4:14.09 which stands up as the 2nd best time heading to finals.

In heat 2 Taylor Ruck led through 200m before she was overtaken by Calgary’s Danica Ludlow, who went onto win the heat in 4:15.18 and take the 3rd fastest time into tonight. Ruck faded but still qualified for the final in 4:18.92, the 6th best among Canadians.

Molly Gowans, who represents Great Britain internationally, will be ineligible for tonight’s A-final which moves Octavia Lau (4:21.26) up into the championship heat tonight.

Men’s 400 Free Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 3:43.46, Ryan Cochrane, 2014
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 3:48.15
  1. Rafael Davila, ISC, 3:53.56*
  2. Jeremy Bagshaw, ISC, 3:54.05
  3. Colin Gilbert, KCS, 3:55.01
  4. Peter Brothers, UCSC, 3:55.43
  5. Alexander Pratt, CASC, 3:57.98
  6. Tristan Cote, ESWIM, 3:58.04
  7. Jon McKay, UVPCS, 3:59.85
  8. Teddy Kalp, NYAC, 3:59.98

Venezuelan Rafael Davila posted the top time of the morning in 3:53.56, holding off Island Swimming teammate Jeremy Bagshaw in the last heat. Bagshaw was the fastest among Canadians this morning and will have lane 4 in tonight’s A-final. With Davila in the B-final Brian Palaschuk will swim the A.

Colin Gilbert nabbed Peter Brothers at the wall in heat 2 as they qualify 2nd and 3rd overall, and last night’s 400 IM winner Tristan Cote also made the final in 5th.

Josh Zakala, Carson Olafson and Stefan Milosevic all no-showed their heats.

Women’s 100 Fly Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 56.46, Penny Oleksiak, 2016
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 58.48
  1. Katerine Savard, CAMO, 57.96
  2. Penny Oleksiak, TSC, 58.61
  3. Rebecca Smith, SCAR, 58.64
  4. Mabel Zavaros, OAK, 59.37
  5. Maggie MacNeil, LAC, 59.60
  6. McKenna DeBever, UNAT, 1:00.91
  7. Sadie Fazekas, WAC, 1:01.01
  8. Sarah Darcel, ISC, 1:01.03

Katerine Savard posted the top time in the women’s 100 fly slipping under the 58 second mark in 57.96, showing lots of early speed out in 26.89. That time is over half a second below the qualifying standard of 58.48.

Penny Oleksiak cruised to win her heat in 58.61, and Rebecca Smith registered a best time to come in just three one-hundredths behind Oleksiak in 58.64. It looks as though it will come down to these three tonight to decide who represents Canada in the 100 butterfly.

Jacomie Strydom will move into the A-final due to international swimmer McKenna DeBever placing in the top-8.

Men’s 100 Fly Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 51.83, Santo Condorelli, 2016
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 52.29
  1. Alexandre Perreault, OTTSC, 53.42
  2. Josiah Binnema, EKSC, 53.69
  3. Mack Darragh, OAK, 53.97
  4. Nicolaas Dekker, RAPID, 54.22
  5. Matthew Dans, GO, 54.41
  6. Gamal Assaad, OAK, 54.61
  7. Kyle Robrock, DU-CO, 54.63
  8. Montana Champagne, GO, 54.76

Alexandre Perreault and Josiah Binnema both put up lifetime best times in the 100 fly to take the top two spots heading into tonight’s final at 53.42 and 53.69 respectively. Mack Darragh qualified 3rd in 53.97, and will have his work cut out for him to retain the national title tonight.

Osvald Nitski moves into the A-final as 7th overall Kyle Robrock (USA) will swim in the B.

Women’s 200 Back Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 2:06.80, Hilary Caldwell, 2013
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 2:11.53
  1. Hilary Caldwell, ISC, 2:08.48
  2. Dominique Bouchard, OAK, 2:11.23
  3. Kylie Masse, WEST, 2:11.99
  4. Kennedy Goss, GGST, 2:12.23
  5. Sydney Pickrem, ISC, 2:12.39
  6. Alexia Zevnik, PCSC, 2:12.44
  7. Meryn McCann, ESWIM, 2:12.87
  8. Mackenzie Glover, UMAN, 2:12.98

Hilary Caldwell dropped a season best 2:08.48 to top the women’s 200 back field, improving her time atop the world rankings for the year.

Dominique Bouchard and Kylie Masse both cruised to wins in their respective heats, taking 2nd and 3rd overall heading into the final. Tonight’s final could be tight with places 2 through 7 separated by 1.7 seconds.

Men’s 200 Back Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 1:57.34, Matt Hawes, 2009
  • FINA ‘A’ Standard: 1:58.55
  1. Anton Loncar, CRO, 2:00.44
  2. Tim Zeng, CHENA, 2:01.98
  3. Javier Acevedo, AAC, 2:02.65
  4. Rob Hill, CHENA, 2:02.77
  5. Anders Klein, EKSC, 2:03.98
  6. Nicolas Duke, CHENA, 2:04.68
  7. Matthew Mac, OAK, 2:04.99
  8. Sebastian Somerset, CASC, 2:05.58

Fresh off a 50 back win last night Tim Zeng of the Chena Swim Club dropped nearly three seconds to post the fastest time among Canadians in a time of 2:01.98. He was followed by 100 back winner Javier Acevedo and Chena teammate Rob Hill.

In a surprising move Markus Thormeyer no-showed his heat, perhaps putting all his eggs in the 50 free basket tomorrow in a final bid to make the Worlds team.

Croatian Anton Loncar established the top time overall of the morning in 2:00.44, but will of course be relegated to the B-final tonight. 9th overall Loic St-Martin (2:05.60) will swim the A-final.

Women’s 50 Breast Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 30.23, Amanda Reason, 2009
  1. Rachel Nicol, LASC, 31.33
  2. Kelsey Wog, UMAN, 31.61
  3. Faith Knelson, ISC, 31.94
  4. Sophie Angus, UN-CAN, 32.17
  5. Ashley McGregor, PCSC, 32.28
  6. Marie-Laurence Godin, MEGO, 32.52
  7. Karyn Gagne, CNBF, 32.59
  8. Sofia Carnevale, ESWIM, 32.75

Rachel Nicol led the 50 breast field in a time of 31.33, followed by Kelsey Wog and Faith Knelson who also got under 32 seconds. Ashley McGregor also made the final in 5th at 32.28.

After false starting and forcing the heat to restart, CNQ’s Sarah Fournier was ultimately allowed to swim but missed the A-final in 10th at 32.85.

Men’s 50 Breast Prelims

  • Canadian Record: 27.45, Scott Dickens, 2009
  1. Richard Funk, TSC, 27.76
  2. James Guest, PCSC, 28.60
  3. Eli Wall, TSC, 28.63
  4. Kaelan Freund, UN-VAR, 28.68
  5. James Dergousoff, CHENA, 28.89
  6. Jonathan Naisby, SHER, 28.99
  7. Ryan Telford, AAC, 29.18**
  8. Gabe Mastromatteo, KSS, 29.18**

Richard Funk put up a quick 27.76 this morning to lead the field into the final, and has a shot at the Canadian Record tonight. On day 1 Funk went for a 50 split in the 200 breaststroke, posting his fastest ever at 27.56, just over a tenth off the record. He was ultimately DQed in that swim.

James Guest leads a group of five guys who were 28 this morning, with familiar names Eli WallKaelan Freund and James Dergousoff in the mix.

200 breast bronze medalist Ryan Telford and 15-year-old Gabe Mastromatteo tied for 7th in 29.18 and will have the outside lanes in the final.

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Bill G
3 years ago

Mary-Sophie Harvey was a Did Not Start in the 400m free

Bill G
3 years ago

Tough double for Rio Olympians [and not yet on the Worlds team] Goss and Ruck today … 400m free and 200m back

Reply to  Bill G
3 years ago

Kennedy Goss could probably qualify for the 400 free if she drops the 200 back this evening. Then she could probably swim in the prelims for the 4×200 freestyle as well.

Reply to  Ben
3 years ago

It looks like she didn’t make the A final in the 200 back.

Reply to  Catherine
3 years ago

oops. not sure why I read Ruck when you wrote Goss.

Swim mom
Reply to  Bill G
3 years ago

That’s not bothered Ruck before. She is having a rough meet, especially for someone so young and talented.

3 years ago

Where is santo conderelli

Reply to  Swim
3 years ago

He saw the lit Armani gear team Italy has and made the switch

Reply to  Larheim
3 years ago

Too bad he missed the boat, Italians made the team they have 20 going and Conderelli isn’t on the list. Besides, I think he’d have to move to Italy for a time before he could compete for them since he’s been a member of the Canadian team, not sure how that rule works though.

Reply to  Swimmom
3 years ago

There aren’t often exceptions to be made for World Champs/Olympic finalists.

Reply to  Swimmom
3 years ago

Swimmom – making it bravely through life devoid of a humour gene.

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