2017 Arena Pro Swim Series Austin: Day 3 Finals Live Recap



  1. Hali Flickinger 2:08.77
  2. Hannah Saiz 2:10.83
  3. Taylor Pike 2:10.91
  4. Holly Hibbott 2:12.48
  5. Eva Merrell 2:13.80
  6. Ashlyn Fiorilli 2:15.29
  7. Lydia Jones 2:16.14
  8. Jacomie Strydom 2:16.37

Hali Flickinger of Athens Bulldogs popped a 2:08.77 for the win here, the only competitor under 2:10. Flickinger, who swam this event in Rio, was well ahead of 2nd place Hannah Saiz of Schroeder YMCA (2:10.83). High school senior Taylor Pike, a Texas A&M commit, swam a 2:10.91 for third, while up-and-coming California butterflier/backstroker Eva Merrell swam a 2:13.80 after coming into the meet seeded at a 2:16.54.


  1. Daiya Seto 1:57.73
  2. Marcos Lavado 1:57.94
  3. Jack LeVant 1:59.56
  4. David Dixon 2:02.99
  5. Jared Graham 2:03.90
  6. Daniel Kim 2:04.50
  7. James Bretscher 2:04.64
  8. Danny Erlenmeyer 2:05.77

Japan’s Daiya Seto picked up another win tonight, though not by much, in the 200 fly. His 1:57.73 was just enough to get ahead of Marcos Lavado (1:57.94). 17-year-old Jack LeVant of North Texas Nadadores posted a 1:59.56 for third place.


  1. Breeja Larson 1:07.17
  2. Melanie Margalis 1:07.88
  3. Imogen Clark 1:08.46
  4. Kayla Brumbaum 1:08.72
  5. Alex Walsh 1:10.16
  6. Katie Matts 1:10.41
  7. Hillary Metcalfe 1:11.48
  8. Ella Nelson 1:12.43

Breeja Larson, who looked ecstatic after her race, swam a very strong 1:07.17 to ultimately get the win. 2nd went to the versatile Melanie Margalis in 1:07.88, just ahead of British teenager Imogen Clark (1:08.46). Joining the three of them under 1:10 was NC State’s Kayla Brumbaum (1:08.72).


  1. Andrew Wilson 1:00.63
  2. Josh Prenot 1:01.03 *TIE*
  3. Nic Fink 1:01.03 *TIE*
  4. Michael Andrew 1:01.20
  5. David Murphy 1:01.65
  6. Richard Funk 1:01.68
  7. Nick Zito 1:03.43
  8. Zack Warner 1:03.58

Emory senior Andrew Wilson swam a 1:00.63 for the win in the men’s 100 breast touching just ahead of two NCAA Division 1 post-grads. Josh Prenot and Nic Fink hit the pads at the same time, clocking 1:01.03’s for the tie for second. Michael Andrew, meanwhile, finished fourth in 1:01.20, not far behind them.


  1. Lucie Nordmann 1:01.21
  2. Danielle Hanus 1:01.49
  3. Kayla Sanchez 1:01.77
  4. Elise Haan 1:01.91
  5. Mackenzie Glover 1:02.13
  6. Ingrid Wilm 1:02.50
  7. Alexia Zevnik 1:02.50
  8. Kathryn Greenslade 1:03.26

16-year-old Lucie Nordmann of Magnolia Aquatic Club took the women’s 100 back by a small margin, touching out Canadian Danielle Hanus 1:01.21 to 1:01.49. Most of this final was made up of Canadian or NC State talent (or both), with Canadian teenager Kayla Sanchez touching 3rd in 1:01.77.


  1. Matt Grevers 53.31
  2. Jacob Pebley 54.05
  3. Hennessey Stuart 55.82
  4. Markus Thormeyer 56.00
  5. Sean Lehane 56.01
  6. Rob Hill 56.08
  7. Coleman Stewart 56.69
  8. Carson Olafson 57.59

What a swim for Matt Grevers, who posted a huge 53.31 in his first big meet since the 2016 Olympic Trials where he missed out on the Olympic team with a third place finish in this event. Considering Grevers’ best in-season or non-championship time in this race is a 53.05 from the 2010 Austin Grand Prix, this is a very impressive swim for him. Finishing second was Jacob Pebley, who was 4th in this race in Omaha. Hennessey Stuart of NC State posted a 55.82 for third. Grevers and Pebley currently hold the world’s fastest times of 2017 in the 100 back.


  1. Melanie Margalis 2:11.06
  2. Mary-Sophie Harvey 2:12.32
  3. Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson 2:12.70
  4. Emma Day 2:15.65
  5. Candice Hall 2:16.55
  6. Katie Matts 2:16.89
  7. Alex Walsh 2:16.96
  8. Alexia Zevnik 2:17.83

While she settled for 2nd in the 100 breast, Melanie Margalis blazed to a 2:11.06 for the win in the women’s 200 IM. That time ranks her #1 in the world for 2017, as she finished over a second ahead of Canadian’s Mary-Sophie Harvey (2:12.32) and Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson (2:12.70). Britons Emma Day (2:15.65) and Candice Hall (2:16.55) touched for 4th and 5th.


  1. Daiya Seto 1:58.77
  2. Josh Prenot 1:58.95
  3. Michael Andrew 2:01.96
  4. Martyn Walton 2:02.84
  5. Yuki Kobori 2:05.54
  6. Jake Foster 2:06.53
  7. James Dergousoff 2:07.14
  8. Soeren Dahl (DQ)

The 200 IM was a great race between Japanese IM stand-out Daiya Seto and Cal grad Josh Prenot. Seto was out to a lead at the halfway mark, but Prenot snuck by on breaststroke and had a beautiful underwater coming home on freestyle. It wasn’t quite enough, though as Seto pushed hard to finish ahead at 1:58.77 ahead of Prenot 1:58.95. For the Cal grad, however, it’s his 2nd-best time ever, having only been faster (1:58.38) at the World University Games in 2015. Michael Andrew touched third with a 2:01.96.


  1. Ashley Twichell 8:30.19
  2. Hannah Moore 8:32.82
  3. Olivia Anderson 8:35.10
  4. Kristel Kobrich 8:36.95
  5. Holly Hibbott 8:41.65
  6. Kaitlynn Sims 8:48.64
  7. Chase Travis 8:49.51
  8. Madison Homovich 8:51.84

After taking the 400 free earlier this weekend, Ashley Twichell swam an 8:30.19 for the win. She finished ahead of NC State’s Hannah Moore (8:32.82)– that’s Moore’s third-best time ever, behind only the two 800 free’s she swam this past summer at Trials and U.S. Open. Canadian Olivia Anderson, a UGA commit, swam an 8:35.10 for third.


  1. Anton Ipsen 15:13.45
  2. Naito Ehara 15:19.36
  3. Adam Linker 15:30.14
  4. Michael Brinegar 15:38.89
  5. Lane Stone 15:43.54
  6. Josh Zakala 15:45.78
  7. Trey Freeman 15:46.67
  8. Jack McIntyre 15:47.85

This race was all Anton Ipsen, as the NC State distance ace popped a 15:13.45 for the fastest time in the men’s 1500 free by almost six full seconds. He touched ahead of Japan’s Naito Ehara, and the Wolfpack got another hand to the wall with Adam Linker‘s 15:30.14. High schoolers Michael BrinegarLane Stone, and Trey Freeman peppered the top 8 finishers, going 4th, 5th, and 7th, respectively.

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4 years ago

That race must be a huge boost of confidence for Matt Grevers. So happy for him. Also happy for Pebley.

Reply to  AvidSwimFan
4 years ago

53.31 is moving… Totally see him making yet another US team this summer and then who knows what happens.

4 years ago

From a British point of view, Imogen Clark finally turning her 50s into good 100s. 1.09.9 – 1.08.4 in a day is pretty tasty. She’s really one to watch, she has the raw speed (31.0 LC, 29.6 SC) and at just 17 she has a lot of time to keep dropping that 100 time.

Interestingly, from the same county as Adam Peaty, Molly Renshaw and Sarah Vasey (30.8/1.07.5). Not bad for an area with a population of 1million.

Sir Swimsalot
4 years ago

Yay Grevers! He’s going to crush it this summer.

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