Daiya Seto wanted to set a pool record in Austin (Video)

Reported by Lauren Neidigh.

Produced by Coleman Hodges. 


  1. Daiya Seto 1:57.73
  2. Marcos Lavado 1:57.94
  3. Jack LeVant 1:59.56
  4. David Dixon 2:02.99
  5. Jared Graham 2:03.90
  6. Daniel Kim 2:04.50
  7. James Bretscher 2:04.64
  8. Danny Erlenmeyer 2:05.77

Japan’s Daiya Seto picked up another win tonight, though not by much, in the 200 fly. His 1:57.73 was just enough to get ahead of Marcos Lavado (1:57.94). 17-year-old Jack LeVant of North Texas Nadadores posted a 1:59.56 for third place.


  1. Daiya Seto 1:58.77
  2. Josh Prenot 1:58.95
  3. Michael Andrew 2:01.96
  4. Martyn Walton 2:02.84
  5. Yuki Kobori 2:05.54
  6. Jake Foster 2:06.53
  7. James Dergousoff 2:07.14
  8. Soeren Dahl (DQ)

The 200 IM was a great race between Japanese IM stand-out Daiya Seto and Cal grad Josh Prenot. Seto was out to a lead at the halfway mark, but Prenot snuck by on breaststroke and had a beautiful underwater coming home on freestyle. It wasn’t quite enough, though as Seto pushed hard to finish ahead at 1:58.77 ahead of Prenot 1:58.95. For the Cal grad, however, it’s his 2nd-best time ever, having only been faster (1:58.38) at the World University Games in 2015. Michael Andrew touched third with a 2:01.96.

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