2016 Arena Pro Swim Series – Santa Clara: Day 2 Prelims Live Recap

Today at the Arena Pro Swim Series – Santa Clara, we’ll see Nathan Adrian and Anthony Ervin go head to head in the 50 free. Ryan Murphy will take on Mitch Larkin in the men’s 100 back, and the men’s 400 free will feature another battle between Sun Yang and Conor Dwyer.



Australia’s Madeline Groves was dominant in the women’s 200 fly this morning, racing to the top seed in 2:08.42. Coming in behind Groves for 2nd and 3rd, respectively, were Stanford teammates Ella Eastin (2:12.43) and Ally Howe (2:12.97). U.S. Olympian Caitlin Leverenz wound up 4th this morning with a 2:14.06.

Top 9:

  1. Madeline Groves, 2:08.42
  2. Ella Eastin, 2:12.43
  3. Ally Howe, 2:12.97
  4. Caitlin Leverenz, 2:14.06
  5. Elise Locke, 2:14.86
  6. Sophie Krivokapic-Zhou, 2:15.87
  7. Keryn McMaster, 2:16.69
  8. Celina Li, 2:16.99
  9. Kendra Griffin, 2:17.15


Tom Shields swam to a tie for 1st place this morning with Brazil’s Leonardo de Deus, with both swimmers clocking a 1:58.93 to set up a good race in finals tonight. Just 2 hundredths behind them was Kaio Almeida, who qualified 3rd in 1:58.95. Also under 2:00 were Cal’s Long Gutierrez (1:59.00) and Australia’s Grant Irvine (1:59.94) who took 4th and 5th, respectively.

Top 9:

  1. (T-1) Tom Shields, 1:58.93
  2. (T-1) Leonardo de Deus, 1:58.93
  3. Kaio Almeida (1:58.95)
  4. Long Gutierrez, 1:59.00
  5. Grabt Irvine, 1:59.94
  6. Bobby Bollier, 2:00.10
  7. Justin Lynch, 2:00.76
  8. Adam Hinshaw, 2:00.78
  9. Andrew Seliskar, 2:00.83


The top 9 in the women’s 50 free were all in the 25-range, led by Brittany Elmslie in 25.26. Behind her, Simone Manuel led a tight race for 2nd, getting to the wall in 25.45 to qualify ahead of her teammate Lia Neal (25.51) and U.S. Olympian Natalie Coughlin (25.55).

Top 9:

  1. Brittany Elmslie, 25.26
  2. Simone Manuel, 25.45
  3. Lia Neal, 25.51
  4. Natalie Coughlin, 25.55
  5. Emma Mckeon, 25.60
  6. (T-6) Bronte Barratt, 25.87
  7. (T-6) Jessica Hardy, 25.87
  8. Vanessa Garcia Vega, 25.95
  9. Farida Osman, 25.96


After prelims of the men’s 50 free, we have an exciting race between Nathan Adrian, James Magnussen, and Anthony Ervin in store for tonight’s final. This morning, Adrian came out on top with a fast 22.02. Australia’s Magnussen was 2nd in 22.40, just hundredths ahead of Ervin, who was 3rd in 22.46. Aussie Kyle Chalmers (23.07) snuck in at 9th, and could also be a major player tonight.

Top 9:

  1. Nathan Adrian, 22.02
  2. James Magnussen,  22.40
  3. Anthony Ervin, 22.46
  4. Andrew Abood, 22.54
  5. William Copeland, 22.66
  6. Yuri Kisil, 22.89
  7. Dillon Virva, 23.00
  8. Gabriel Santos, 23.02
  9. Kyle Chalmers, 23.07


Australia’s Emily Seebohm blasted a new pool and meet record this morning, leading prelims with her 59.26. That time put her over a second ahead of the 2nd and 3rd seeds, Madison Wilson (1:00.34) and Maya DiRado (1:00.51). Aussie Minna Atherton was also in the 1:00-range this morning, clocking a 1:00.68 for 4th ahead of Cal teammates Amy Bilquist (1:01.21) and Rachel Bootsma (1:01.90).

Top 9:

  1. Emily Seebohm, 59.26
  2. Madison Wilson, 1:00.34
  3. Maya DiRado, 1:00.51
  4. Minna Atherton, 1:00.68
  5. Amy Bilquist, 1:01.21
  6. Rachel Bootsma, 1:01.90
  7. Hillary Caldwell, 1:02.00
  8. Elizabeth Pelton, 1:02.17


Cal’s Jacob Pebley came within tenths of his best time this morning, posting a 54.03 to take the top seed. Hundredths behind him was Australia’s Mitch Larkin, who has established himself as a gold medal threat in this event for Rio, in 54.12. Rounding out the top 3 seeds was Pebley’s teammate Ryan Murphy, who broke the American Record in the yards version of this event at NCAAs this year. Murphy hit the wall in 54.86 in prelims.

Top 9:

  1. Jacob Pebley, 54.03
  2. Mitch Larkin, 54.12
  3. Ryan Murphy, 54.86
  4. Thiago Pereira, 55.86
  5. Markus Thormeyer, 56.55
  6. Patrick Conaton, 56.97
  7. Thomas Anderson, 57.33
  8. Jon Knox, 57.41
  9. Benjamin Ho, 57.47


Martha McCabe handily took top seed in the women’s 200 breast this morning, posting a 2:28.80 for the only sub-2:30 of prelims. Presley Wetterstrom and Emma Schanz were narrowly separated in the race for 2nd behind her, with Wetterstrom getting to the wall in 2:33.37 to Schanz’s 2:33.94.

Top 9:

  1. Martha McCabe, 2:28.80
  2. Presley Wetterstrom, 2:33.37
  3. Emma Schanz, 2:33.94
  4. Georgia Bohl, 2:34.01
  5. Maija Roses, 2:35.90
  6. Sarah Darcel, 2:36.56
  7. Sage Speak, 2:36.74
  8. Halle Morris, 2:37.14
  9. Grace Zhao, 2:37.39


Cal’s Josh Prenot, a contender for an Olympic berth in this event, cruised to the top seed this morning with a 2:14.74. BJ Johnson was the 2nd fastest this morning, posting a 2:16.47 ahead of a pair of 2:17s from Max Williamson (2:17.73) and Tales Cerdeira (2:17.86).

Top 9:

  1. Josh Prenot, 2:14.74
  2. BJ Johnson, 2:16.47
  3. Max Williamson, 2:17.73
  4. Tales Cerdeira, 2:17.86
  5. Daniel Roy, 2:18.16
  6. Sean Mahoney, 2:18.83
  7. Chuck Katis, 2:18.85
  8. Nick Silverthorn, 2:19.63
  9. Ganem Tebet Baez, 2:19.96


Australia took the top 2 seeds in the women’s 400 free, getting a pair of 4:10s from Jessica Ashwood (4:10.48) and Bronte Barratt (4:10.76). Rounding out the top 3 seeds was USC’s Chelsea Chenault, who clocked a 4:12.97 to put herself just ahead of Miranda Heckman (4:13.11).

Top 9:

  1. Jessica Ashwood, 4:10.48
  2. Bronte Barratt, 4:10.76
  3. Chelsea Chenault, 4:12.97
  4. Miranda Heckman, 4:13.11
  5. Katy Campbell, 4:17.52
  6. Leah Stevens, 4:19.19
  7. Danielle Hawkins, 4:21.28
  8. Nicole Olivia, 4:21.96
  9. Courtney Tseng, 4:22.47


Sun Yang tore through the water this morning on his way to a top qualifying time of 3:43.55. That time puts him 2nd in the World Rankings this year, sitting behind Mack Horton’s 3:41.65. Qualifying 2nd was Conor Dwyer, who clocked a 3:48.15 for 2nd. Those two are set up for another good race in finals after battling it out in the 200 free last night.

Yand and Dwyer aren’t the only big names in the final. Australia’s David McKeon set himself up as the 3rd seed for finals with his 3:51.69. Canadian Olympic medalist Ryan Cochrane was just a few tenths back for 4th seed in 3:51.99.

Top 9:

  1. Sun Yang, 3:43.55
  2. Conor Dwyer, 3:48.15
  3. David McKeon, 3:51.69
  4. Ryan Cochrane, 3:51.99
  5. Jack McLoughlin, 3:52.12
  6. Zhi Yong Qian, 3:55.25
  7. Liam Egan, 3:55.46
  8. Jeremy Bagshaw, 3:56.70
  9. Brandonn Almeida, 3:57.08


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6 years ago

Chinese swimmers are very much like Japan’s. Lots of fast swimming so often, but knocked down a few pegs at major events by the US. Yes Sun went a 3:43 in prelims at a small meet, and a 1:44.8 last night. But if you told Phelps (1:50 in prelims today) that he was going to race Sun Yang in the 200 free at Rio, I have every ounce of faith that we’d see a closer battle than these in season results show. One thing Bowman knows how to do is taper swimmers. Do in-season swims matter? Depends on the culture of the country, and in the US they only matter for race rehearsal before the big show.

There’s two basic… Read more »

Reply to  PACFAN
6 years ago

Firstly Santa Clara is not just any ‘small meet’. It is a classy enjoyable competition hosted by one of the world’s most famous swim clubs. Don’t put it down .

Of the meets this weekend SC has the best chance of competing against top foreign contenders. How often would the likes of the local Californians get to see Sun (& lucky to compete against ). Yes Sun is back .

In the US there is also the college years & they can’t be completely under the hammer or they would not win meets & what would be the value of scholarships ? I think the Professional swimmers in the US swim pretty fast at 5-6 comps per year.

Reply to  G.I.N.A.
6 years ago

Grand Prix meets/Pro Swims are not small meets. You’re right. But in 10 years nobody will remember results outside of the elite swim fans like Bobo. Olympic Games are the hallmark of the sport. World Championships a decent 2nd. Then there’s a dropoff.

SCY is easier to swim fast untapered than LCM. You’re doing 8 burst strokes and then an underwater every length, as opposed to 30+ in a 50m pool. The fast college swimmers (see Cal, Texas, and the top 10 teams except for NC State) are not close to rested for an average duel meet. How can Dressel have a scholarship to UF while going above 20s for 50 free in season? Because they know he’s going… Read more »

6 years ago

You guys should get an app

6 years ago

WOW Seebohm went fast without a taper….Clear Rio fav

Reply to  stephen
6 years ago

She was banging out 58s meet after meet last summer & fall… expect it tonight.

Captain Ahab
6 years ago

Whoa!! @ Sun Yang 400 free time.

Swimmer Fan
6 years ago

Whoever wrote the 400 preview for Omaha, do you still think that Townley will go 3:43 and Clark smith will go 3:48?
After seeing them swim in Texas, I think that each should bump up and down a few spots, don’t ya think?

6 years ago

Swim swam… It would be incredibly interesting and helpful to see a side by side by side analysis of the three meets going on this weekend, similar to how it was done for junior nationals this past year.
I lose track of the times being done at each meet, and I’d like to be able to compare prenot/licon/cordes/wilson and grevers/plummer/murphy/prenot/ (int. I know). plus rooney/phelps/conger/haas/smith/dwyer and all the other 200 free-ers.
This would make sense as so many superstars are competing this weekend at the same level of preparation, and this would be a great preview of trials, and an awesome insight as to what will happen with the relays come Omaha.
I know different events are… Read more »

Reply to  Penguin
6 years ago

I was thinking the exact same thing. This is the first time in a while that I have actually been kind of overwhelmed with how much swimming there is in one weekend, and would really like a weekend summary article.

6 years ago

USA Men are starting to come together really well. This is great to see and makes me excited for Rio.

Swimmer Fan
6 years ago

Sun Yang just went 3:43!!
Negative split it as well…
Thoughts on what he can do tonight?

Reply to  Swimmer Fan
6 years ago

I am too scared now to comment if it’s too fast or too slow. Someone might accuse it as a bad joke 🙁

Swimmer Fan
Reply to  Smoothswimmer
6 years ago

If he goes a 3:41 tonight he’ll be looking to break the 3:40 barrier in Rio..

Reply to  Swimmer Fan
6 years ago

So 3:43 this morning is a good swim right? not too fast?

Captain Ahab\'s
Reply to  Swimmer Fan
6 years ago

Swimmer fan posed the question thoughts on what he can do tonight?

Answer: 3:39.76

Irish Ringer
Reply to  Swimmer Fan
6 years ago

He must be well rested and treating this like a qualification meet, because he hasn’t been this fast for a while, in season or tapered.

None the less that was a monster swim, especially that last 100

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Lauren Neidigh

Lauren Neidigh is a former NCAA swimmer at the University of Arizona (2013-2015) and the University of Florida (2011-2013). While her college swimming career left a bit to be desired, her Snapchat chin selfies and hot takes on Twitter do not disappoint. She's also a high school graduate of The …

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