Maxime Rooney on Trials prospect: Relays are my favorite (Video)

Produced by Coleman Hodges.

Reported by Jared Anderson.


Top 3:

  1. Sun Yang, CHI – 1:44.82
  2. Conor Dwyer, Trojan – 1:45.41
  3. Kyle Chalmers, AUS – 1:47.64

China’s Sun Yang provided the swim of the meet so far, blasting a 1:44.82 to win the 200 free and rise to #1 in the world ranks for the year.

That’s faster than Sun went in winning the silver medal at last summer’s World Championships, and would have earned him gold in Kazan.

Behind Sun was American Conor Dwyerwho had a great swim of his own, finishing at 1:45.41. That now sits #3 worldwide, with only World Champs gold medalist James Guy of Great Britain between him and Sun. Dwyer is another versatile American with some lineup decisions to make before Olympic Trials, but tonight’s swim suggests the 200 free should definitely be his marquee event in Omaha.

2015-2016 LCM MEN 200 FREE


GBR 1.45.19 04/17
USA 1.45.41 06/03
GER 1.45.45 05/08
JPN 1.45.50 04/06


Australian 17-year-old Kyle Chalmers rattled the junior world record, going 1:47.65 for third place. Chalmers has been trending more towards pure sprint freestyle lately, but this swim shows great potential for Australia’s 4×200 free relays down the road.

The current junior world record-holder, American Maxime Rooneywas fifth in 1:48.85. Between the two was Zhi Yong Qian at 1:48.08.

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bobo gigi
6 years ago

Good luck Maxime Rooney!
Show the world you’re the next 100 free/200 free US superstar! The McEvoy from USA.

ice age swimmer
6 years ago

Love this kid! He is a class act.

6 years ago

Go Gators!!!!!!

6 years ago

Conor is going to be very powerful on that 200 free this summer – he is only 7 hundreds from Yang’s best time this year . Rooney , will show in 3 weeks what he can do on both 100 and 200 free . I expect form his 1.46 high comes trials ( probably a relay spot on both free relays ) – I wish his the best – Great young guy

6 years ago

Relay spot in the 4×200 free I can see. Relay spot in the 4×100 free…might be a bit harder to come by. The best I think he’s been was 48.8 if I remember correctly. There are a lot of old dogs that have been down into the low 48’s and high 47s who are still swimming (Jones, Adrian, Phelps, Lochte, Grevers, Dressel, Feigan, Ervin, Schnieder I think too…) and I know I’m probably missing a few from that list and that’s not even including other young up and comers.

Reply to  Michael
6 years ago

Maxime went 48.4 to take the silver medal behind Chalmers at Junior Worlds. (I’m pretty sure)

Captain Awesome
Reply to  bobthebuilderrocks
6 years ago

I’m pretty sure that was about a 48.8 like Michael said above. I don’t think he was THAT close to Chalmers.

Reply to  Captain Awesome
6 years ago

Whoops, sorry! You guys are right. He went 48.87 to take the silver and Chalmers went 48.47 to take the gold.

Reply to  bobthebuilderrocks
6 years ago

Chadwick and Conger! Forgot about both those guys. 48 high, 49 low, but we also need to consider what meets these were swam under (championship meet vs in season times). And to be honest, I’d love to see Murphy, Townley, and Dwyer go for it too just to see what happens. Not saying Rooney couldn’t do, anything’s possible, but I do think he’s better positioned to make it in the 4×200 free relay than the 4×100. So many people are always eyeing to try to make that relay, especially the aging studs. The 4×200 is a younger mans relay…although with how long Phelps, Lochte, Pereira, Biederman, and others are hanging around for I guess anything goes at this point.

Reply to  Michael
6 years ago

Only adrian and feigen were 47 textile. And can’t see feigen doing that again. Phelps was 48’low the other guys are 48 mid high. Easier for rooney to go 48 mid low than these guys

Reply to  Rafael
6 years ago

U are right – Only Adrian has been 48 low since 2015 in Usa from a flat start . So Rooney has as much chances to get on that 400 free relay .

Reply to  Rafael
6 years ago

I don’t know, I think we’re going to see a couple surprises at Trials. Feigen admitted in a recent interview with swimming world magazine that he may “have had a little too much fun” after college, and he’s been posting decent in season times so far. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but I could see around 48 low for him

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