Does Mitch Larkin prefer the 100 or 200 Back (Video)

In our day and age of swimming, it is becoming increasingly more rare to see athletes be at the top level of success in more than one event. But to see a country as a whole have success in an entire stroke is a completely different story. However, that was Australia has done with backstroke in the last 12 months.

They’ve found the secret down under somehow, and it is showing. Boasting both mens and womens world champions in the 100 AND 200 back, Australia has unlocked the treasure chest of backstroking gold. The Aussies backstroke ace, Mitch Larkin, competed in Santa Clara this weekend, making his debut on US soil. Our own backstroke sensation, Ryan Murphy, nabbed the victory in the 100, but Larkin cam roaring back to steal the 200 the next night. So we asked Mitch, which race do you prefer?

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4 years ago

How about ‘all of the above’? 50m,100m, 200m backstroke events at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. What a freakin legend!

6 years ago

Lol Larkin is one of the best ever no doubt there but Murphy is going to destroy and I see Grevers and Plumber as wild cards

6 years ago

very articulate young man

6 years ago

Only says that cause he won the 200 at Santa Clara. Salty that Murphy beat him

Reply to  Dcrabbe6
6 years ago

He was a 4.16 400 im at 16 in 2010 before he switched to SPW . Everyone thought he would be strong in the ims & a decent backer but he grew into a decent imer & an excellent backer. SPW is known for their 200m swimmers -even Yolane Kukla with minimal 4 year swim background went 1.58.2 at 16.

The squad used to have champion open water swimmers who were joined a few sessions per week e.g. by Stephanie Rice but not so much now. So the squad is producing more 100m swimmers but the 200 is still their strength.

Reply to  Dcrabbe6
6 years ago

Um he was a finalist in the 200m backstroke at the London Olympics as an 18 year old. That’s his event, the 100m he only started swimming fast last year and “accidentally” won gold at the world championships

Reply to  Anon
6 years ago

Actually he started swimming internationally competitive 100s (ie 53lowish) in 2014

6 years ago

He prefers the 200 back, but will win the double in RIO.

Reply to  robbos
6 years ago

No, he won’t.

Reply to  completelyconquered
6 years ago

this is why swimswam is not always considered the most reliable site for fan opinion because of diehard americans being overtly biased towards american swimmers. e.g. WEITZEL IS GOING TO SOLVE THE US’ SPRINT PROBLEMS!!! MURPHY IS GOING TO BREAK THE WR BY 0.5 IN TRIALS!! TWICE!!

Reply to  Peter
6 years ago

I’ll argue that this is why Swimswam is considered the most reliable site for fan opinion. Because you will get more fan opinions here than any other site on the internet. Part of being a fan is posting comments on articles such as this. Another part of the fun of being a fan is predicting outcomes. Being a fan includes being biased to your teams/swimmers. Next time you post, give us a better hot take.

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