19 to Represent New Zealand at 2018 Commonwealth Games

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December 24th, 2017 News

Nineteen swimmers will represent New Zealand at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia, next spring.

Headlining the Kiwi roster will be nine-time Paralympic champion Sophie Pascoe, who heads a team of five Para swimmers. Pascoe has been to three Paralympics for New Zealand, and is the most decorated Paralympian, in any sport, in the country’s history. Joining Pascoe in Para swimming events are Jesse ReynoldsTupou NeiufiChris Arbuthnott and Celyn Edward.

Four 2016 Olympic swimmers will make an appearance in Gold Coast in a few months for New Zealand. Corey MainBradlee Ashby, and Matthew Stanley will race for the men, while Helena Gasson will swim for the women.

One of the most exciting young swimmers to compete in April for NZ is Gabi Fa’amausili, a NZ record holder in several events who was the 2015 World Junior Champion in the 50 backstroke.

Stanford sprinter Sam Perry will also make a splash for NZ, along with 50 and 100 free national record holder Daniel Hunter.

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What about college swimmers in the US such as Bayley Main? Will any of them swim or maybe be added later?

Kiwi Strong

He wasnt even close

Kiwi Joe

Did Matt Hutchins retire?

Kiwi Strong

On the able bodied side, only 2 swimmers made the qualifications. Why is there swimmers on the team that werent even close to qualifying? Making teams for New Zealand continues to get easier as the talent level continues to plummet and SNZ is just a sad joke
with dimwits in charge. We should be ashamed.

Marisa Hurley

NZOC set qualifying at top 6 ranking in the Commonwealth for individual events, top 3 for relays. Imagine if every country did that. Straight finals of 6 swimmers for each event, only 3 relays entered. Luckily those “ dimwits” managed to get some secondary criteria in there. NZ records are still regularly getting broken so these young swimmers are not getting slower. Give them a break! You can’t develop sitting at home racing each other in NZ.


Do you remember Luis Villanueva? .)


Im with Kiwi Strong. Why continue to make our qualifications easier? Led by the uninspired, we have become a “has been” in World swimming with no remedy in sight.Just take a look at this month’s results.

Marisa Hurley

A has been? When have we ever been a strength in world swimming? Never! It’s partly a numbers game, with so many nations swimming we are never going to compete the same we do in sports like shot put, rugby, netball and rowing where the competition is so much less. Then there is the total lack of support from a what has been for years dysfunctional sports body, plus a bunch of haters who love to post regularly online. Who in their right mind would take up swimming in NZ?

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