14-Year Old Finnley Conklin Swims 1:06.13 100 Breast

2021 Southeastern Aquatics Early Bird 

  • Saturday May 1 – Sunday May 2, 2021
  • Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center, Brown Deer, Wisconsin
  • Long Course Meters
  • Full Results

On Sunday, 14-year old Finnley Conklin of the Oregon Community Swim Club swam a 1:06.13 in the long course 100 breaststroke. 

Conklin’s swim was notable for several reasons. He broke a 28-year-old Wisconsin LSC record in the boys 13-14 age group. The previous record of 1:06.21 was set by K.T. Lee of SSTY in 1993. Conklin’s time ranks him fourth this year in the 13-14 age group for the event and he jumps up to 29th all time in the event. He has dropped over a second since last summer. In August he swam a 1:07.43 before dropping down to a 1:06.90 in March. His 1:06.13 from this past weekend puts him .04 away from the Summer Junior Nationals cut of 1:06.09. 

Aside from the 100 breast, Conklin put up best times in five other events. He dropped over two seconds in his 200 breast, swimming a 2:26.10 after swimming a 2:28.57. He now ranks 87th all time in the event and 4th this year for 13-14 boys. 

Finnley had few opportunities to race long course in 2020 because of the coronavirus shutdown. Due to this, Conklin had significant drops in other events. His time of 55.14 in the 100 freestyle was a 5+ second drop. In the 50 free, he swam 25.40, dropping over two seconds. His 200 IM time of 2:20.73 was a 12+ second drop from his previous best. In the 200 free, he dropped over 13 seconds, swimming a 2:06.23.

Another 14-year old, Hugo Arteaga of SEA had a pair of notable swims. Like Conklin, Arteaga has had few chances to swim long course meets since 2019. Arteaga’s time of 53.83 in the 100 freestyle was a 4+ second drop in the event and ranks him fifth this year in the event. He broke 25 seconds in the 50 free for the first time, swimming a 24.70. 

Other notable swims:

  • 17-year old Faith Sill of the Verona Area Swim Team swam 1:04.79 in the girls 100 backstroke, dropping from a previous best of 1:06.07

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2 years ago

Isn’t 1993 28 years ago?

2 years ago

Dang thought it was a girl 😂

Reply to  Hswimmer
2 years ago

Do you call girls Finnley in the US lol?

Reply to  Dee
2 years ago

We don’t really call many people Finnley in the US, to be honest…

There were only 460 boys named Finnley born in the US in 2019 (which is the most popular year for the name so far). For 14-year olds, the name is virtually non-existent.

On the other hand, the name Finley (with one n) in the US is most commonly a girls’ name, and is much more popular than the name Finnley (with two ns). So I can understand the confusion.

Reply to  Braden Keith
2 years ago

Interesting, Finley/Finlay is pretty much exclusively male in the UK & Ireland.

Reply to  Dee
2 years ago

A lot of changes have happened to this country in recent years. Not that long time ago when I called customer service regarding some account that is formally in my wife name I was required to put her on the phone to give the authorization to continue the conversation with me. Now I’m not bothering with that and simply telling her name pretending that I’m her. She has a very usual girl name. Some long pause follows after that and when I ask if the representative has any problem with that the apology gets issued and conversation continues. 😀