Watch: Inside the Forge – 2017 WCs from Katinka Hosszu’s Perspective

2017 200 IM world champion (with likely more to come) Katinka Hosszu has been taking us “Inside the Forge” with her IronNetwork vlog videos for about a year now, starting at launch with the Iron Nation Anthem.

But now, she’s taking us right inside Budapest 2017 with vlogs on each day of competition. You can watch the first three videos of the 2017 World Championships series below:

In the above “pre-Worlds” episode, Hosszu talks about feeling lazy during taper, jokes around with her coach and husband Shane Tusup, and trains in the Budapest pool.

In the World Championships Day 1 episode, Hosszu discusses the concept of the “perfect race,” her emotions after the 200 IM semis, and her daily schedule and diet during Worlds.

In the day 2 episode, Hosszu shows off her 200 IM gold medal, talks about swimming in front of a home crowd, and discusses her pre-race routine before the big race. She also talks about her decision to pull out of the 100 back semifinals.

And while we’re at it, let’s take a minute to watch (or re-watchKatinka Hosszu‘s “Iron Nation Anthem” music video. (You can see the full lyrics below.)


Who are we? We’re Iron Nation!
A girl that gives us the champion’s motivation.
You can reach the sky, who you wanna be?
What’s her name? She’s Iron Lady.

Verse 1:

Everything stared in a small town in Hungary
She won a lot of gold medals just because she’s hungry
The first trainer never stop believin’ in her talent
Assistance, technique, time from the grandparent
Swimming in the pool for the rest of her life
School in the states, next step becomin’ a wife
Success is best when it’s shared together
Train hard and don’t matter what’s the weather
It always seems impossible until someone does it
A goal without plan is just a wish, so have it
The most beautiful couple, please make some noise
She’s on top of the word, it’s her destiny’s choice

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masters swimmer

Excellent. The videos give such an interesting perspective on what happens at a meet and the view of things from a top pro. Also, it allow us to connect with the athlete, so very powerful stuff. As I said before, this type of branding is a very positive thing for swimming. The sport is filled with interesting and amazing people who compete in thrilling events. Sadly, however, the sport is marketed in a very boring way. Most times all we see is a very short announcement of the swimmenr’s name, no context or background, the race, then onto the next event. Katinka’s videos help me connect and understand what actually happens up close. Great job. Keep it coming



I concur with my fellow Masters swimmer. There is more hype and branding behind the athletes who train for American Ninja Warrior than there is behind our USA Swimmers, who are on a much bigger International platform. Katinka is truly a definition of the word grit, and anything that we can see up close is bonus points for connecting more to the sport.

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