US Open, Minnesota Invite, Winter Jrs, AND SC World Champs | SWIMSWAM BREAKDOWN

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we dissect the US Open and Minnesota Invite as well as preview the upcoming Winter Jr Champs East/West and Short Course World Championships. See below for full list of topics:

  • 0:00 US Open: Who will shine brightest at the 2023 World Champs – Summer McIntosh, Katie Ledecky, or Regan Smith?
  • 9:50 Minnesota Invite – Which team stood out the most?
  • 16:34 Which Winter Jrs Meet will be more exciting, East or West?
  • 22:45 What will THE race of the 2022 Short Course World Champs be?


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1 month ago

You’ve got a 25 year old swimmer and a 16 year old swimmer.The 16 year old is probably one of the greatest 16 year old swimmers of all time.She improves almost every time she swims.Its your experts opinion that come the summer the 25 year old will improve more.Hmmmmmmm. I don’t think so but you never know, only time will tell.Your 3rd expert thinks Regan Smith is a good bet to drop 3 seconds off her breast time to help her IM time, while all the swimmers ahead of her stay the same or regress…Hmmmmm.Well what do I know…time will tell.

1 month ago

Can Regan Smith swim best times in the 100 and 200 back again? Yeah, maybe someday.

Is it reasonable to assume she’ll definitely break both of them next year? Absolutely not.

Reply to  Sub13
1 month ago

I think if she breaks a WR next year it’ll be the 100.

Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
1 month ago

Yanyan’s analysis and commentary is the most detailed and thorough of anyone’s on this week’s podcast. Long live Yanyan.

Reply to  Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
1 month ago

why the downvotes? she always has the most reasonable takes, tbh

Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
Reply to  Random123
1 month ago

Because she’s a teenage girl, and they are the easiest group to dismiss?

2 months ago

The way things are going I’m almost ready to say the women’s 400 free in Paris with Summer, Ledecky, and Titmus will overtake the men’s 200 free from 2004 with Thorpe, Phelps, and Hoggie as the new race of the century. If not it’s at least looking like a strong #2.

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  Willswim
2 months ago

First night scheduling certainly lends to the anticipation and publicity. NBC will be hyping that race during Opening Ceremony.

2 months ago

I can’t believe that all 3 writers don’t mention that Summer is 15 or 16 and teens improve at a higher rate than mid 20s! Remember when Katie was 15/16, she was doing best times (WR) at almost every meet! You can’t ignore puberty!

Gummy Shark
2 months ago

Why are some YMCA programs so good but others are so bad? My YMCA management team hated the swim team and tried to get rid of it year after year. On the other hand, Sarasota Sharks and York YMCA are really good. Can we do an article on this with some interviews, please?

Reply to  Gummy Shark
2 months ago

Sarasota Sharks are no longer YMCA. We broke off to save our program when our YMCA shut down a few years ago.

Gummy Shark
Reply to  Unnamed
2 months ago

Ahh, I didn’t know that. I think it was for the best!

Tracy Kosinski
2 months ago

Thanks for the great discussion. I love all of your takes on every swimmer you’ve spoken of. I think Summer McIntosh will eventually have the 200 fly WR – may take a few more years (she’ll take the 400 FR and 400 IM records next year).

I will say that the GOAT will again break her WRs in the 800 and 1500. Seems like Ledecky is also improving at 25. With her, anything could happen. Two WRs at worlds next year doesn’t seem impossible.

Regan Smith can’t beat SM in the 200 fly, YET, but I think she has found her happy home with Bowman and we should expect great things from her. The backstroke field is stacked with… Read more »

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Coleman Hodges

Coleman started his journey in the water at age 1, and although he actually has no memory of that, something must have stuck. A Missouri native, he joined the Columbia Swim Club at age 9, where he is still remembered for his stylish dragon swim trunks. After giving up on …

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