Urlando #2 All-Time in 15-16s, Levant #3 All-Time in 17-18s For 200 FL


A pair of teenagers put up historic age group swims in prelims of the men’s 200 fly at Nationals this morning: 16-year-old Gianluca Urlando moved to #2 all-time in the 15-16 age group while 18-year-old Jack Levant jumped to #3 all-time in the 17-18 bracket.

Ulando fought defending national champ Jack Conger the entire way in his heat, blasting a 1:56.01 that qualifies him 6th into tonight’s final. Urlando is also the only Junior Pan Pacs eligible swimmer in the A final, virtually guaranteeing him a spot on that travel roster with a clean swim tonight. The DART Swimming flyer moves to #2 all-time among Americans in the 15-16 age group, trailing only the legendary Michael Phelpswho was 1:54.58 back in 2001. Urlando jumps past Andrew Seliskarwho previously sat #2 in the age group at 1:56.42.

Top 15-16s All-Time, 200 Fly

  1. Michael Phelps – 1:54.58
  2. Gianluca Urlando – 1:56.01
  3. Andrew Seliskar – 1:56.42
  4. Justin Lynch – 1:57.80
  5. Justin Wright – 1:57.90

Levant, meanwhile, battled eventual #1 qualifier Justin Wright one heat earlier, going 1:55.89 for the third qualifying spot into tonight’s final. Levant, competing for the North Texas Nadadores, also jumps past Seliskar (1:55.92) in the all-time 17-18 ranks, trailing only Phelps (1:53.93 in 2003) and Bobby Bollier (1:55.67).

If he holds his place tonight, Levant should have a shot at a Pan Pacs berth, and if he can move up, he’ll be in line for a 2019 World Championships spot as well, though we’ll have to wait for Pan Pacs for that roster to finalize.

Top 17-18s All-Time, 200 Fly

  1. Michael Phelps – 1:53.93
  2. Bobby Bollier – 1:55.67
  3. Jack Levant – 1:55.89
  4. Andrew Seliskar – 1:55.92
  5. Zach Harting – 1:56.92

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2 years ago

This Urlando kid. Is he our last hope against Milak come 2021+beyond?

2 years ago

What was Milak time at 16?

Reply to  Rafael
2 years ago

Milak was 1:56.77 at 16. So, Urlando is faster than that.

Reply to  Braden Keith
2 years ago

Nice, that’s very good company.

Reply to  Philip
2 years ago

He also just recently turned 16

West Coast Swammer
2 years ago

We see Luca at swim meets from time to time, and the breadth of his expertise is mind-boggling. Add on to that that he has yet to fill out his frame, in my opinion, and you can’t help but think he has a great future ahead. Way to go Luca! Best of luck.

Reply to  West Coast Swammer
2 years ago

How tall is he now?

Reply to  West Coast Swammer
2 years ago

he’s an incredible talent. Huge feet, incredible kicker, soft hands, and trains like a beast. He can swim every stroke, every distance, and he is a fearless racer. Totally rare.

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