U.S. Team Breaks Mixed Medley Relay World Record


After seeing the lineups for this morning’s mixed medley relay, it’s no surprise that the U.S. team broke the world record in the prelims.

100 back bronze medalist and 2016 Olympic champion Ryan Murphy led them off in 52.34, a time faster than the gold medal winning time last night (though he had open water, and lead-off times in mixed events don’t officially count).

They then followed with individual medalists Kevin Cordes and Kelsi Worrell, rather than going with Trials runners-up Cody Miller and Sarah Gibson. Cordes split a solid 58.95, and Worrell followed up with a 56.17 on fly. Mallory Comerford, who set an American Record leading off the 400 free relay, anchored in 52.82 to give them a time of 3:40.28.

The swim breaks Great Britain’s world record of 3:41.71, set at the 2015 Championships when the mixed relays were first introduced on the LC World Championship stage.

Expect the U.S. to sub-in Matt Grevers and Simone Manuel for Murphy and Comerford in the final, while keeping on Cordes and Worrell. The Australians finished 2nd in 3:44.13, and have many potential substitutions to make including Mitch Larkin on back, Emma McKeon on fly and Bronte Campbell on free. Canada (3:44.46) and Great Britain (3:44.79) qualified 3rd and 4th.

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What was their overall time? The article fails to mention it.


3.40.28. It is mentioned in the article.


My bad, this is what happens when you read swim news at 5 am.


I’m a fan of Simone dont get me wrong but why simone should subtitue comerford? Comerford is the american record holder so she need to be on the final right? Shame that Ryan swam that time today and not yesterday but I hope he will come stronger in the 200

bobo gigi

You can’t compare Murphy’s performance in clear water in that useless mixed relay in prelims to his performance in the 100 back final against big rivals. Not the same pressure. Not the same context. Remember 2 years ago in Kazan when he swam very fast too in the morning in that mixed relay in 52.18. You swim very relax in that relay. Especially in prelims.


Bobo, Ryan had a 16-year old Moldovan girl in the lane next to him, don’t say there was no pressure.


Comment OTY


Omg….I’m dying here

JP input is too short

Daaave wins the internet for today.

Irish 415

Ryan is the Olympic champion and current world record holder in the event. Let’s show some respect as he has proven he can perform on the biggest stage…


Agreed. No clue why they would put Comerford in prelims?. Comerford has come through over and beat Simone head to head, and broke American record.

Oh wait, Greg Meehan is the head coach. Question answered.

E Gamble

And Simone has the faster anchor split of this meet. …52.1. Mallory was 52.8 with a big lead and tranquil water.


What incentive did Mallory have to rip an all out 100 this morning? She has done everything possible to be on the night relay, including a 52.5 flat start American record. 52.8 was plenty fast to get US into finals and keep her relatively fresh for 100 free. Her 52.5 crushes Simone’s 52.1 flying start. Simone should not be given any consideration for night relay over Simone.


Well – looks like they might as well already give USA the gold… On the GB front, do you reckon they will stick with WMMW line up? How many changes are you allowed the make to the mixed 4×100 Medley? I’d like to see CWH given a run before the men’s medley relay, but appreciate with SMOC not on top form for fly and Halsall having retired coaches might not be too keen on that option. Thoughts?

Thomas Selig

I think you’re allowed to make as many changes as you want to. I don’t see GB changing the WMMW line-up TBH. Putting Davies in rather than Dawson suggests they were initially going to sub Dawson (and Peaty, obviously) in for the final. Davies having swum faster than Dawson’s PB might present a conundrum with respect to the first change, but I think they’ll stick with the order. The talk has been that CWH is ill, so maybe they want to give him as much time to recover as possible.


The US to win but the gap could be closer . Some good new is Aust used 3 newbies for under 4 sec gap. against 4 US record holders.


The gap between USA and the field will most likely tighten up a bit’ albeit there is a strong possibility that USA may push out the WR a little further. The question for the likes of GBR, AUS & to a degree RUS & CAN is …. is the outlay on THIS relay worth it as against what their top swimmers still have ahead of them. USA has the luxury of resting top seeds in their main relays which, at this meet, these other nations are lacking in varying degrees. The reality is that …. whatever changes they may ring, they’re still only playing for the minor coin. Two years time, I suspect teams will be larger and stronger and… Read more »

Thomas Selig

For GB, the only swim Peaty has other than the 50 breast earlier in the evening is the medley relay on the final day, so don’t think it’s much of an ask for him to swim this evening, and the potential gains are obviously considerable. Guy still has a fair bit to do, but has tomorrow off, and putting him in the prelims suggests he’s happy to contribute. Dawson (if she’s subbed in) doesn’t have anymore swims to come, while Davies only has the 50 back (and there’s quite a gap between those semis and the MM relay final tonight). Anderson still has her individual swims to come, but those are more about gaining experience for her anyway, even making… Read more »


I was talking about non-USA teams in general rather than specific. Looking at specifics, I will agree that GBR does have more scope to “play” in this event; on the other hand. CAN has less scope and AUS a significantly greater “risk factor” in trying to stack their team for what would only be a silver medal at best. You say “even minor ones are not to be sniffed at” but is the price-tag going to be worth it ? For some teams, most certainly, for others its a far more nuanced decision. In two years time, I will fully agree that we will see most everyone seriously come out to play in this event …. but I can see… Read more »

Drama King

Aussies will field Larkin-Wilson-Emma-Bronte.
Larkin to drop 7s from Kaylee’s 1.00.03
Wilson’s split will be the same 59.69
Emma to add 5s from Ervine’s 51.09
And Bronte to reduce 1s from Shayna’s swim.
So Aussies will drop 3 seconds from their preliminary round .
Possibly Silver.


Yes, C1 DID tout those changes on Ch7 but will they …. and is it really worth it ? I wouldn’t be risking C2’s shoulders for this one. Not even sure they should bother about McKeon … she’s got plenty else on her plate already with 100free (where she’ll be the no1 AUS), 4×200 and both heats and finals of 4XMED. GBR could drop 3sec by just adding Peaty so that silver is in doubt.

If AUS DID have the likes of Chalmers & C1 competing; Larkin in form and/or C2 fit, then certainly I’d be saying “go after this one” as I expect they will in 2 years time. Just think its questionable whether its worth it this time around.



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