1184 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 1872 Swim Jobs listed.

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How to Stop Overthinking so You Can Swim Your Best

At some point most swimmers have suffered the ill effects of overthinking. It’s been shown to ruin our best intentions and performances with ease. Here’s how to stop overthinking in the pool.

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SwimMom Musings: 5 Things I’ve Learned Being a Swim Mom

“I have been a swim mom for as long as I can remember. Early mornings, wet towels, and broken goggles have been mainstays of my life for more than 13 years.”


7 Things You Can Do Today for a Better Practice Tomorrow

Want to get ahead of tomorrow’s workout? Here are 7 simple things that you can do today to make sure tomorrow’s practice goes down like a cool glass of success.


10 Swim Coach Stereotypes – What Type Is Your Coach?

Swim coaches coach because they love the sport and their athletes. And we love ’em right back. Here are 10 swim coach stereotypes that we see on our local pool decks.


1181 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 1869 Swim Jobs listed.

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8 Key Factors in Achieving Competition Success

With a new season upon us, athletes are starting to consider what comes next. Some athletes are riding the wave of a success, and are thinking about how to maintain the momentum next season, while others are underwhelmed by their performances and looking for ways to be better prepared come championship season.

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Mike Burton & the “Fast 66”: How Hard Work Shows You What is Possible

Swimmers are prisoners of what they think is possible. Here’s a lesson in how hard work in the pool helps you to redefine what you are capable of in the water.


What’s Your Most Memorable Pool?

Australian swimwear labels Funky Trunks and Funkita have photographed their athletes at many pools over the years but they’ve been hard pressed to find a cooler place than the outdoor pool at the Cataract Gorge in Tasmania.


Practice + Pancakes: David Marsh Leads UCSD Through Power Stations

Head coach David Marsh cooked up some spicy power stations for the college team to take on.

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Teaching and Learning Fundamentals: Begin with Streamline

I am often asked how relatively important technique is in the sport of swimming compared to training. I believe they are equally important.

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Yoga for Swimmers: Increasing Your Mobility with Yoga

Incorporating a plan to optimize your mobility is a valuable part of a well rounded training program. A swimming-specific yoga practice is an effective and efficient way to accomplish this.

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FINIS Set of the Week: Just the LEGS

This week, we’re going for a classic kick endurance workout so use it wisely.

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SwimMom Musings: What Is A Coach

Literally thousands of articles have been written about what qualities you find in the very best swim coaches. Having been around this sport for 14 years, I have seen my share of all types of coaches.


Why Change is So Hard in the Pool (and How to Make it Easier)

If it’s big-time success in the pool you want, start by thinking small. Here’s how.

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