How to Use Regret to Swim Faster and Smarter

Regret. We fear and loathe it. Here is how to use it to make positive changes over the course of your swimming career.


Olympic Advice: 5 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

How does a goal become more than a just a word but a part of everything we do? SwimLabs sat down with 2016 Olympic Triathlete Greg Billington for insight on best practices for goal setting.

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How to Train InZane

 Zane Grothe lit up the American record books last weekend with freakishly fast swims in the 500 (4:07) and 1650…


The SMART Way to “Push” Little Swimmers

Often attributed to business and athletics, goal setting isn’t just for grown-ups anymore. Goal setting is a great way to…

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How Long Should You Keep Your Child in Swim Lessons?

While there is no magic number, as each child is an individual with different emotional and developmental abilities, we have provided some advantages to continuing swim lessons beyond learning just the basics.

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How To Breathe While Swimming: Air Lubrication System

First, I want to dispel one myth about breathing during intense exercise. In no sport does an athlete ever take a complete inhalation or expiration.


25 Powerful Ways for Swimmers to Stay Motivated All Season

Here’s a 25 tip breakdown for swimmers on how to stay motivated for the long haul of a typical season.


535 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 1222 Swim Jobs listed.

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SwimPowerment: Teen Entrepreneurs Launch First Swim Parka Designed for Girls

Wotter, LLC Kickstarts Girl Empowerment campaign by reinventing traditional unisex swim parkas to meet the needs of female swimmers.

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15 Swim Camps You Will Love This Summer

See 15 “Summer Swim Camps” you will love to attend this summer. These swim camps are headed by some of the best coaches in swimming.

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The Best Way to Teach Kids to Swim

Part of the job of a swim instructor is learning and identifying how children and students are processing information as they try to learn or hone a new skill. How can we facilitate that learning and give them the best swim instruction?

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What Do You Need to Pack for Swim Lessons?

Have you ever gotten to an activity like swim lessons at Swimtastic and you think you have everything you need,…

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Pick a Swim Instructor That Meets Your Little Swimmers’ Needs

Little swimmers are happiest and will do best if their needs are being met. To get the most out of their swim lessons, choose a swimming instructor that understands your little swimmers’ needs and how to go about meeting them.

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Swimtastic Stories: I Needed a Job and I Had No Idea What to Expect

I went from needing a job to get out of the house to needing this job because I can’t imagine…

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Yoga for Swimmers: Five Poses for the Chest and Shoulders

These five yoga poses focus on opening up through the chest and shoulders…


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