Torri Huske Asserts Dominance With PSS 100 Fly Record at 55.68, Only 0.04s Off Her Own AR


During the Friday finals session of the 2024 Pro Swim Series, Arlington Aquatics’ Torri Huske asserted her dominance over recent NCAA record-breaker Gretchen Walsh of Virginia by breaking her own PSS record with a 55.68. Huske accelerated on a slightly fading Walsh to take the event win and smash her recent record of 56.13. Coincidentally, Walsh finished behind Huske with a time of 56.14, exactly 0.01s off the pre-existing PSS record.

At the most recent PSS stop in Westmont, Huske won that race in 56.13, which took down Sarah Sjostrom‘s 2016 PSS record of 56.38. Huske’s time here in San Antonio was also 0.04s off her own American record of 55.64 and 0.02s off her own US Open record of 55.66. Below is a look at her overall best times progression, including her recent back-to-back Pro Swim Series records.

Splits Comparison, Huske’s best times:

2022 Worlds 25.72 29.92 55.64
2021 Olympic Trials Final 25.65 30.01 55.66
2021 Olympic Final 25.84 29.89 55.73
2021 Olympic Trials Semi 25.96 29.82 55.78
2024 PSS Westmont 26.03 30.1 56.13
2024 PSS San Antonio 25.96 29.72 55.68

When initially glancing, we can see that 21-year-old Huske has matched her 2021 in-season times from her teenage years. The time between the Westmont and San Antonio stops has been over a month, making her 0.45s in-season improvement stand out.

What also makes her 55.68 swim at stand out from the rest of her notable best times is that she closed her second 50 in a 29.72, her fastest ever closing effort.

Looking back when Huske swam at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic final, she faded to fourth during the closing meters. Entering another Olympics soon, Huske is in full focus for Paris to earn an individual 100 fly Olympic medal.

More proof Huske is ready to take on Paris, she now takes over the fastest time in the world for the 2023-2024 season over Yufei Zhang of China’s 55.86, the only other swimmer this season to break 56 seconds so far in this event. Meanwhile, Walsh moves to No. 4 in the world and takes over No. 2 American this season.

2023-2024 LCM Women 100 Fly

55.18 WR
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Originally reported by Sophie Kaufman.


  • World Record: 55.48, Sarah Sjostrom (2016)
  • American Record: 55.64, Torri Huske (2022)
  • Pro Swim Series Record: 56.13, Torri Huske (2024)
  • U.S Open Record: 55.66, Torri Huske (2021)

Top 8:

  1. Torri Huske (AAC) — 55.68 *Pro Swim Series Record*
  2. Gretchen Walsh (UVA) — 56.14
  3. Claire Curzan (UN) — 57.67
  4. Regan Smith (UN) — 57.93
  5. Alex Walsh (UVA) — 57.95
  6. Beata Nelson (WISC) — 58.41
  7. Siobhan Haughey (HKG) — 58.64
  8. Kelly Pash (UN) — 58.67

Torri Huske put together a huge swim for her in the women’s 100 butterfly. It was Gretchen Walsh who led the field at the turn, splitting 25.84. Huske was running second with a 25.96. The two had already separated themselves from the rest of the field, as Beata Nelson was 3rd at the turn in 27.02.

Huske made her move on the second half of the race. She split 29.72 on the way home, pushing ahead for the win in a speedy 55.68. Not only does that swim lower her own Pro Series Record by .45 seconds, it’s also just .04 seconds off her American record from 2022.

This is also Huske’s first 55-point outing since 2022, which she pointed out herself in her post-race interview as she affirmed that she was pleased with the time.

For her part, Walsh turned in a personal best of 56.14. That chops two-tenths off her personal best, which stood at 56.34 from June 2023. That time makes her the third-fastest American all-time in the event.

On the second swim of her 200 backstroke/100 butterfly double, Curzan finished third in 57.63.

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Awsi Dooger
2 months ago

I’m glad we’re finally getting some respectable opening splits. Last year at worlds all the principals were there yet nobody was out in sub-26. It was disgraceful. Credit to Gretchen for revitalizing this event. The rest of the world know they can no longer loiter that opening 50, with Gretchen an emerging threat and getting better all the time.

The world record will go down with all accounted for and 25.6 or 25.7 openers. It becomes a numbers game. Some will falter late. Not all of them. Record gone.

Then once that model becomes the new standard the event evolves.

2 months ago

Yes, Torri Huske showing who’s boss. Visually I don’t think I see others like her.
I hope he has great Olympics and is part of the styles relay.
and in free relays, Opening with 52 like no one in the country has done so far (so it can’t be that bad hahaha)

Reply to  Swimmerfan
2 months ago

You forgot about Mallory Comerford swimming the lead-off leg in the final of the women’s 4 x 100 FR-R at the 2017 World Aquatics Championships.

2017 – 52.59 lead-off split
2022 – 52.96 lead-off split

By the way, the last time USA Swimming won the women’s 4 x 100 FR-R was at the 2017 World Aquatics Championships.

Reply to  Swimmerfan
2 months ago

Um that’s a woman not a man…


Last edited 2 months ago by phelpsfan
Reply to  phelpsfan
2 months ago

There are a few users who obviously use a translation tool that doesn’t distinguish genders properly. This is a common mistake in comments.

I’m starting to think most of them are the same person with different usernames though lol

2 months ago

It’s kinda insane that Sarah Sjostrom’s 55.48 has gotten under so much pressure since 2020 but it’s still standing 4 years later

MacNeil 55.59
Zhang 55.62
Huske 55.64
Zhang 55.64
Huske 55.66
Huske 55.68
McKeon 55.72
Huske 55.73
Zhang 55.73
Huske 55.78

Is this finally the year it goes?

Last edited 2 months ago by Tencor
2 months ago

The performance (W 100 FL) of the meet to date.

Not often does one witness a top ten all-time performance at a TYR Pro Swim Series. That is with the exception of Regan Smith at the 2024 TYR Pro Swim Series in Rosemont, IL (W 100 BK, W 200 BK).

2 months ago

So far for me this is the swim of the meet!

2 months ago

Amazing from Huske, I truly believe the 100 fly final is going to be one of the most high level and exciting events in Paris. Mcneil Huske and Yufei and throw in Walsh who is finally getting to the truly elite level in long course pool. I am sure I am missing other candidates. Would love to have peak Sjostrom and Emma Mckeon in this final for one of the best finals in swimming history but I think that ship has sailed.

Reply to  maverick1993
2 months ago

The final would represents 16, Olympic champion and WR holder sjorstrom, 19 World champ & Tokyo Olympic champion Mcniel, 22 World champion Huske, 23 World champion yufei, 24 World champion Angelina, NCAA champion Grechen..OMG a star line up

Reply to  Swimz
2 months ago

Plus Commonwealth Champion McKeon

Smimming fan
Reply to  Sub13
2 months ago

Macneil won commonwealth

Reply to  Sub13
2 months ago

MacNeil beat McKeon in 2022 (admittedly only by 0.02!)

Reply to  Swimz
2 months ago

Has Sjorstrom indicated whether she will be swimming 100 fly in Paris? She has said she wouldn’t be swimming 100 free there.

Stewart Fenwick
Reply to  Swimz
2 months ago

Sjostrom has said publicly, and reported by Swimswam, she will only swim 50 free and relays in Paris.

She won’t be in 100 fly final (or 100 free) in Paris.

Reply to  maverick1993
2 months ago

McKeon has been putting up some solid times lately, I wouldn’t count her out

2 months ago

Torri Huske is America’s butterfly queen.

Reply to  RMS
2 months ago

1/2 of the current queen with Regan

Reply to  JimSwim22
2 months ago

She has a tougher flight to win the 100 than Regan does to win the 200.
And in a ranking of greatest American women flyers I don’t think sure is top 5 yet

2 months ago

Although Torri’s swim was exceptional, I am so happy to see that Gretchen is finally figuring it out the long course side of things when we need it the most 🙂

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