SwimSwam Breakdown: Curzan to Stanford, Matt Sates, and ISL Death Match

This Week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we discuss our top recruit for the Class of 2022, Claire Curzan, finally announcing her college commitment (Stanford), Matt Sates impressing with 2 World Jr Records in Berlin, and Mike Unger leaving USA Swimming and what that means for the Tim Hinchey era. See our full list of topics below:


  • Should NCAAs be short course meters Always? Ever?
  • Will Matt Sates actually show up in Athens and compete for UGA after record-breaking world cup?
  • Overall, was the first World Cup stop exciting?
  • Stanford or Virginia: Who had the better NCAA weekend?
  • Peaty or Pernille: Who had the better weekend on the dance floor?

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1 month ago

1. Is Stanford/UVA dominance on women’s side becoming the Texas/Cal on the men’s side? Is that good for Ncaa swimming? Men’s meet is extremely top heavy!
2. If Sates cared about my opinion (which he doesn’t) I would normally recommend him to go pro but with South Africa economy being in such bad shape, he probably needs to go to usa! Not many internationals have come to NCaa and reached Gold. LeClos, Duncan, Dean, Chalmers, Japanese etc have all reached Gold without American system. Sates is that good already!
3. ISL is a yawn fest! You make a big deal of the match is who is the best of the worst! What are the ratings? I don’t even… Read more »

Reply to  Ghost
1 month ago

Nothing else needs to be said haha

MC (not) Hammer
Reply to  Ghost
1 month ago

Following Ghost:

1) UVA / Stanford is like Cal / Texas for now, but I don’t expect it to last. Who has better career Huske Smith Curzan or Weyant Walsh Walsh? The Stanford crew starts ahead of the UVA crew, but we will see. Including lcm.

2) States could show up in January and swim January through March and see what he thinks. Feb & March can be pretty nice in Athens.

3) I just don’t care. I’m a swim nerd and don’t even ever watch. Never will.

4) Good flavor to the meet. Olympic veterans and upcoming US Juniors. Timing is sort of odd. Juniors have been pretty good given that many took august breaks. I… Read more »

Reply to  MC (not) Hammer
1 month ago

The real question is when does uva men become Texas/cal because according to their Instagram it’s inevitable.

Reply to  Ghost
1 month ago

Matt, his parents and his coach need to realize that NIL means he can be sponsored for NIL but prize money isn’t the same. Prize money can only be used for any travel expenses but anything more than that can’t be accepted.

Steve Nolan
1 month ago

Will Sates & the other teens even be peaking for Paris?? Popovici’s still gonna be a teen there I think, the rest in their early 20s.

I guess it’s less likely any swimmer that’s performing at a high level right now will not only maintain that level but improve upon it for seven years, but physiologically their actual peaks might not be until then.

Corn Pop
Reply to  Steve Nolan
1 month ago

Who knows?

Steve Nolan
1 month ago

Also y’all gotta get audio drops for SINK OR SWIM. Maybe a sea shanty? Those were all the rage for like, ten minutes there.

1 month ago

Coleman, it will be great if you remove that sound before and after each 4 minutes for the future breakdowns. Thanks!

Jonathan Charbroiled Steak
Reply to  Swimfan
1 month ago

Please! or at least a softer sound

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Jonathan Charbroiled Steak
1 month ago

I disagree, and may I suggest – air horn?

A reggaeton air horn is a solid compromise imo.

Wave 1.5 Qualifier
1 month ago

Thanks for doing this. I enjoy these and look forward to them every week.
You three remind me of 3 siblings in the backseat of a car on a long road trip… with Coleman stuck in the middle seat.

Little Mermaid!
1 month ago

They should have a draft for swimming classes! Something like that per program, Imagine that!

1 month ago

ISL death match?

Does this mean that the pool has shards of glass, barbed fire, and electric current going through it?

Ledecky will go under 8 minutes in the 800
Reply to  Xman
1 month ago

I mean if ISL is running out of money to pay their swimmers this could be the solution to get more views

1 month ago

UVA vs Stanford is what Georgia vs Cal was on the women’s side a decade ago. Eventually another team will put themselves back in that conversation. Maybe there’s an edge to be had out there in recruiting exceptionally talented swimmers who are dummies.

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