Douglass, G. Walsh Clock 21-Mid Flat Starts, 20.9 Splits, at UVA Intrasquad

by Robert Gibbs 40

October 02nd, 2021 News

Orange v. Blue Meet (UVA Intrasquad)

  • Saturday, October 2, 2021
  • Charlottesville, VA
  • SCY
  • Results on Meet Mobile as “Blue vs Orange Intrasquad Meet 2021”

The UVA women don’t appear to resting on their laurels after securing the program’s first-ever NCAA Championship this past spring. Just a few weeks into fall training, the Cavaliers put up some impressive times at the annual Orange-Blue intrasquad meet this morning in Charlottesville.

We’ve watched Kate Douglass throw down fast times all season long for the last two years, and this year started off no differently, as the junior smoked a 21.48 to win the women’s 50 free for the Blue Team. Freshman Gretchen Walsh touched just behind her, in 21.63. Those time would’ve finished 4th and 6th, respectively, at the 2021 NCAA Championships. Douglass won that event with a 21.13. Earlier in the meet, both women anchored their class’s mixed medley relays with sub-21 free legs; Douglass split 20.90 and Walsh 20.95.

That 50 free win came soon after Douglass won the 150 fly by over 5 seconds with a time of 1:21.98. Before that, she and Gretchen Walsh had dueled in the 150 free, with Douglass again coming out on top, 1:14.90 to 1:15.50. Douglass wrapped up the session with a 22.56 victory in the 50 fly, helping propel the Blue Team to victory.

The Blue Team also picked up wins from Gretchen’s sister Alex Walsh, who like Douglass earned a medal in the 200 IM this summer in Tokyo. Alex won the 300 IM in dominant fashion with a time of 3:00.90 and the 150 breast in 1:33.45. The Walsh sisters went head-to-head in the 100 IM, with Alex winning 53.08 to 53.54.

Elizabeth Kaye swept the women’s diving events for the Blue Team, earning scores of 274.4o on the 3m and 268.65 on the 1m.

Sean Conway, who led the Cavalier men in individual scoring at last season’s ACC Championships, was the Blue Team’s leading male scorer today. He swept the IMs, posting times of 2:44.64 in the 300 and 48.44 in the 100. He also won the 150 back with a 1:14.19 and took 4th in the 50 breast.

Noah Nichols and Jack Walker also earned two wins each the Blue Team. Nichols swept the 50 and 150 breaststrokes with times of 24.75 and 1:24.48, while Walker swept the distance freestyles with a 5:25.00 in the 600 and a 2:35.38 in the 300.

Blue also victories from Reilly Tiltmann‘s 1:23.38 effort in the 150 back, and Max Edwards‘ 21.31 in the 50 fly.

The Orange team got multiple victories from several swimmers. Emma Weyant, who earned a silver medal in Tokyo in the 400 IM before arriving at UVA as freshman this semester, swept the distance freestyles with a 5:45.49 in the 600 free and a 2:45.78 in the 300 free.

Sophomore sprint star Matt Brownstead swept the shorter freestyles. He won the 150 with a 1:08.95, over a second faster than Blue’s Matt King, who transferred in from Alabama after also sizzling in the sprint freestyles as a freshman last season. The two again went head-to-head in the 50 free, and Brownstead won that too, 19.75 to 19.89. Brownstead didn’t swim the 50 back individually, but his 21.7 leadoff from the mixed medley relay was faster than the winning time in that event.

That 50 back went to Orange’s Justin Grender, who won with a 22.01. Grender, who’s primarily a back/free type, showed off his versatility with a 1:18.03 win in the 100 fly. Walker Creedon swept the diving events for Orange, winning the 3m in 301.40 and the 1m in 273.15.

Alexis Wenger won the women’s 50 breast in 26.97. Accounting for the differences between a flat start and a relay start, that time essentially matches the 26.41 split she had at the NCAA championships on the 200 medley relay, and isn’t too far off her scorching 26.03 relay split on the relay that set the US Open medley relay relay record at ACCs.

Gretchen Walsh picked up a win in the 50 back with a 23.86, to go along with her 2nd-place finishes in the 50 free, 150 free, and 100 IM.

The meet actually began with a 200 mixed medley relay where the relays were grouped by classes, and not Blue/Orange. Here’s a full list of results from that event:

200 Mixed Medley Relay Results (By Class)

1) Third Years (Juniors) – 1:30.76

Max Edwards (22.18)

Sean Conway (24.57)

Lexi Cuomo (23.11)

Kate Douglass (20.90)


2) First Years (Freshmen) – 1:32.02

Jack Aikins (22.90)

Daniel Worth (24.61)

Reilly Tiltmann (23.56)

Gretchen Walsh (20.95)


3) Second Years (Sophomores) – 1:33.21

Matt Brownstead (21.70)

Noah Nichols (25.24)

Alex Walsh (22.77)

Emma Weyant (23.50)


4) Fourth Years (Seniors) – 1:37.30

Casey Storch (23.52)

Alexis Wenger (25.69)

Julia Menkhaus (24.76)

Carter Bristow (23.33)


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15 days ago

Sean Conway is a legend

Reply to  SwimFan
15 days ago

Going off already

15 days ago

Two 20.9 relay splits at the first meet. Wow

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Swimmin’
14 days ago

And not even Desorbo hand-timed.

15 days ago

They were suited right!? Either way sheeeesh 🤯

15 days ago

So Tiltmann, who competed last year, is classified as a freshman but Weyant who just joined the team is classified as a sophmore? Can someone explain?

Reply to  Robert Gibbs
14 days ago

Probably their committed classes. Weyant was committed to class or 2020 and Tiltmann 2021.

Reply to  Robert Gibbs
14 days ago

Also I believe Weyant redshirted rather than taking a gap year

katie’s gator arc
Reply to  TeamRegan
14 days ago

yeah she most likely red shirted

sticky rice
15 days ago

Were they suited up? Either way those are some quick times.

Reply to  sticky rice
15 days ago

They were obviously suited up. Come on now.

15 days ago

Did Alexis Wenger go 25 in the BR for the relay? That is crazy fast but they listed three women. I am guessing that was someone else but if Alexis is throwing 25 relay splits to start the year, that is huge for UVA along with some many other swims that were crazy fast.

Reply to  Robert Gibbs
14 days ago

It is correct. Only one 4th year male (Casey Storch) was present on Saturday morning. Justin Grender swam his times in advance. There were 3 women on the 4th year relay. FYI: 2 men who would have been in this 4th year class graduated a year early, and are retired from swimming but working on graduate degrees at UVA. Todd’s 1st recruiting class (which he didn’t start recruiting until mid-August before their HS senior years) also had one transfer out after one semester and one stop swimming after two years.

Reply to  Brian
14 days ago

Wenger took off early, but it’s right around 26.0 hand-timed, still crazy fast for early October.

Reply to  Greg
14 days ago

How many dolphin kicks this time?

15 days ago

23.86 G Walsh BK
25.69 A Wenger BR
22.77 A Walsh FL
20.90 K Douglas FR
1:33.22-that is faster than they went at NCAAs last season.

Reply to  Brian
14 days ago
  • a relay of Gmelich, Wenger, Cuomo and Douglass which finished 2nd.
Reply to  Brian
14 days ago

That was the NCSU won, right? Go Pack!

katie’s gator arc
14 days ago

kate is gonna break abbey’s record soon, i just know it.

Big mac #1
Reply to  katie’s gator arc
14 days ago

What about Maggie?

katie’s gator arc
Reply to  Big mac #1
14 days ago

honestly the both can go after abbey’s 50 free SCY record. but from my original comment i was more alluding to the american record for SCY since spoiler alert… we’re the only country to do SCY

Little Mermaid
Reply to  katie’s gator arc
14 days ago

I just know that, I am going to save by switching to geico! Hey now