Matt Sates Crushes SC 200 Free WJR in 1:40.65 After 400 IM Earlier in Session


South African teenager Matt Sates broke his second world junior record in as many days on Sunday at the FINA World Cup stop in Berlin.

Sates went 1:40.65 to win the men’s 200 free, obliterating Russian star Kliment Kolesnikov‘s previous record of 1:41.75. Sates split 23.58/25.93/25.63/25.51, edging out a very strong swim from Australia’s Kyle Chalmers, who went 1:40.82.

Sates’ 200 free is a South African record, besting Darian Townsend‘s 1:40.89 from 2009, and makes him the sixth-fastest performer in history. Paul Biedermann owns the world record at 1:39.37, also from 2009.

At the South African Short Course Championships in September, where the future Georgia Bulldog won 10 events, he went a then-lifetime best of 1:42.91 in the 200 free.

All-Time Men’s SCM 200 Freestyle Performers

  1. Paul Biedermann (2009) – 1:39.37
  2. Yannick Agnel (2012) – 1:39.70
  3. Danila Izotov (2009) – 1:40.08
  4. Duncan Scott (2020) – 1:40.25
  5. Towley Haas (2020) – 1:40.49
  6. Matt Sates (2021) – 1:40.65

Earlier in the Sunday session, the 18-year-old Sates put up the top time in the 400 IM with a 4:01.98. Seto’s world junior record in the event is 3:59.15.

On Saturday, Sates took out Daiya Seto’s 1:52.48 world junior record in the 200 IM with an event-winning time of 1:51.45. Sates’ swim was more than a second faster than Seto’s former WJR, which he set almost a decade ago in November 2012.

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Eric the eel > Phelps
2 months ago


Eric the eel > Phelps
2 months ago

Nice PB for chalmers though, sub 1.41 as well

Reply to  Eric the eel > Phelps
2 months ago

I know it’s not his primary event but with a recent 44.9 relay split and consistent 45 point flat starts I would imagine he could hit a 1:38 high/1:39 low on his best day

Reply to  Zdhamme86
2 months ago

The guy only has one event……it is probably his second best event.

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
2 months ago

Missing Agnel 1:39.70 from the list, so sixth fastest performer.

Not bad names to be behind eh?

Supersuited Biedermann and Izotov. The best male freestyle talent since Thorpe. The best 200 freestyler in the world right now (with all due respect to Tom Dean). Then the legend himself Taper Townley.

2 months ago

Wow! This is kid is the real deal! I hope he goes to América as soon as possible.
Amazing time from Chalmers. What’s the Australian Record?

Reply to  GrameziPT
2 months ago

I hope he turns pro instead of going to College in the US

Reply to  Swimmer
2 months ago

Pro? Yeah that’s going to work really well for a kid from South Africa—aka the NGB that cant even fund their athletes! Go to college and enjoy life in GA.

Reply to  Swimmer
2 months ago

He can earn as NIL while in college

2 months ago

I remember reading something about this kid being the next Phelps and scoffing, but yikes, he really looks special. Fantastic swimming, hope to see him in person at Commonwealths next year (how good is the mens 200 gonna be there!).

Reply to  Dee
2 months ago

Omg it was already going to be so good and now it’s just going to be even better 🤯 hope I get tickets and that international travel is back to somewhat normal by then

2 months ago

Agnel went 1.39.7 in 2012.

Reply to  Lopez
2 months ago

Man… Agnel was something. Rolling a 46.7 lcm and having a 7:29 800 scm

2 months ago

How blessed are we swim fans… this next 3-7 years is gonna be insane!! Mens side is mental: Popovici, Sunwoo?, Sates are starting to look like generational talents. Then u got dudes like Klim and Milak just a bit older. Chalmers is still only 23 and Dressel 24!!!

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Murica
2 months ago

I guess the MA train is no longer.

Reply to  Murica
2 months ago

100/200fr looks *unreal* for the next decade when you look at the list of teens…

Popovici (Sep 2004) – 47.3/1.44.6
Hwang (May 2003) – 47.5/1.44.6
Whittle (Sep 2004) – 48.1/1.48.1
Richards (Dec 2002) – 48.2/1.45.7
Shchegolev (Apr 2002) – 48.2/1.45.7

Now throw in Sates.

Milak, Dean, Minakov and Kolesnikov all born 2000 or later, then even behind them you have kids who’d ordinarily be hyped up for the times they’re doing as teens like Djakovic, Yanagimoto, Mildred and Southam…

A real golden era beckons.

Reply to  Dee
2 months ago

Oldest in Tokyo final was rapsys with 26 years old. Duncan oldest on podium with 24.

Duncan will be 27 at Paris, scheffer 26 and they will be the old guys

2 months ago

Damn Haas went 1:40? ISL meet I’m guessing?

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