Pernille Blume Going For Gold on the Dance Floor (Vild Med Dans VIDEOS)

Annika Johnson
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October 01st, 2021 News

Three-time Olympian Pernille Blume, who just won bronze in the 50 free at the Tokyo Olympics for Denmark, is now going for gold on the dance stage after making it through three rounds of the Danish dancing show Vild Med Dans.

Like Dancing with the Stars, celebrities are paired with professional dancers. Blume was partnered with Danish actor and dancer Morten Kjeldgaard who won Vild Med Dans in 2016 with boxer Sarah Mahfoud.

Together, they’ve made it through three weeks of this season.

Their first dance was a quickstep: fast-paced and upbeat. They bounded across the stage, ultimately earning a score of 24 points for 2nd place that week.

They slowed it down a bit for dance 2: a cha-cha. Blume worked her hips in a purple fringe skirt and the pair ended with a dramatic dip, earning themselves a spot in week 3.

In week 3, Blume performed a graceful Viennese waltz to a cover of “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls. She told Billed Bladet she felt dizzy during this dance from all the spinning, but the team earned 4th out of the remaining 10 teams.

Blume and Kjeldgaard personified swans (Denmark’s national bird) in a feathered dress a detailed suit.

“Just two swans dancing around,” she wrote on social media.

Next week, the pair are set to dance the rumba.

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11 months ago

For a beginner, her quick step was impressive. Musicality needs developing, and the breath-long pauses before steps were awkward, but they were fun to watch.

11 months ago

putting to bed the stereotype of uncoordinated swimmers with those moves in those heels

Just give the trophy to the condors already
11 months ago

I will eat my shoe if Manaudou joins her and leaves the ISL like peaty

Last edited 11 months ago by Just give the trophy to the condors already

He visited the show yesterday 🙂

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