Swimquaintences: What’s a Swimquaintence? (Video Feature)

What’s a Swimquaintence?

Whether you’re an athlete, coach, or parent, you’re at the pool for hours a week. Practice, meets, volunteering… you put in some serious time. And during that time, you meet other people who are putting in their time. Swimquaintences. We all have them.

The best part about swimquaintences is the stories that come from those people you meet. When you become a pool regular, you start seeing the same people over and over. But you might not actually meet them until years later… or in the most conventional way. 

As swimmers, we are constantly making new swimquaintences without even realizing it. You never know when you might meet one that could become your teammate, best friend, or both! 

I want to hear your swimquaintence stories. I’m at swim meets all the time, so if you ever see me at one, come say hi and tell me about your swimquaintences. Wait, then that would make us swimquaintences. Whoa.

So get your stories ready, I’ll make sure to keep you posted on where I’ll be and when

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5 years ago

Love that pic of phelps

5 years ago

Love that pic of phelps

5 years ago

That FSU girl is smoking hot

Reply to  WildmanSwim
5 years ago


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