Here’s to the Volunteers – We Did It!

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This Shouts from the Stands comes from Alexis Skelos, a coach with the Long Island Aquatic Club (LIAC). The LIAC recently finished hosting the 2017 U.S. Open and Junior National Championships.

Here’s to the Volunteers who make things happen!

To the Dad’s patrolling the parking lot in 90 degree heat and pouring rain.
To the Mom’s who skipped work to marshal the deck.
To the Swimmers who spent their days off from practice as timers.
Here’s to you!
To the families who gave their only swim meet free Saturday this summer to plant a garden and lay 14,000 square feet of sod.
To the parent who made 20 trips to BJ’s in 15 days to supply hospitality.
To the kids who came with suspenders, bows, and smiles to make the meet feel special.
To the grandparents who babysat younger siblings so that parents could be clerk of course.
Here’s to you!
To the teenagers who carried countless coolers of water to keep the athletes hydrated.
To the parents who put up with confused people purchasing tickets.
To the Alumni who checked credential after credential after credential.
To the 8 year olds who posted result after result after result.
Here’s to you!
Here’s to the 1,010 volunteer positions filled in 10 days.
Here’s to the 347 individuals who gave their time during those 10 days.
Here’s to those who helped make it happen.
Here’s to you, the volunteers!
Long Island Aquatic Club has hosted 58 sessions of competition since April. This culminated with the US Open and Junior Nationals this August.  Our parents have volunteered more than 4,000 hours of their time in just the last 10 days alone.   Long Island Aquatic Club is just that – a Club.  There’s no visitors bureau, administrators, or event directors running the show…  Our athletes, parents, and coaches come together to make it happen.  Way to go team – we did it!

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Swim Dad
6 years ago

Thanks LIAC! And, thank you to the volunteer officials who paid their own way to travel from all over the country to work the meet!

Swim Mom
6 years ago

Sounds like the meet was run well. NCSAs was frustrating. The clubs that are profiting from the meet asked for timers… Even teams with less than 4 swimmers had to time. Paying $75 for admission over the course of the week and timing = dissatisfaction.

6 years ago

LIAC ran a great couple meets. That’s no surprise coming from the leadership of Dave and Ginny. Alexis – and all the other LIAC folks were awesome. I’m sure USA Swimming appreciates the efforts. Thank you.

6 years ago

Thank you Long Island Aquatic Club! I was at the US Open and it was a well run meet. It takes a lot of effort to run a big meet, no less two on back to back weekends. Thank you for all of your efforts!