SwimMAC, Mason Manta Rays Triumphant Winners at Junior Nationals


The 2017 US Junior National Championships are in the books, with SwimMAC winning the girls team scores as well as the overall combined gender scores. The Mason Manta Rays were the top team on the boys side, led by the Foster brothers Jake and Carson, while Mason also ended up 2nd in the combined rankings.

For the girls, Magnolia Aquatic Club finished just 9.5 points behind SwimMACLucie Nordmann and Lillie Nordmann were another sibling act to help propel them to 2nd, while Dakota Luther and Diana Dunn led the way for Austin Swim Club to take 3rd.

Things weren’t that close for the boys, as Mason was the only team over 200 points with 327. 2nd place Irvine Novaquatics had a lot of good performances out of Andrew Koustik and Owen Kao, while SwimMAC tied them with 197 points as well keying on two A-final appearances from Will Chan.


1. SwimMAC Carolina                  244   2. Magnolia Aquatic Club           234.5
  3. Austin Swim Club                  193   4. Lakeside Aquatic Club             180
  5. Chelsea Piers Aquatic Club      121.5   6. Waves Bloomington/Normal Y S.T    121
  7. Carmel Swim Club                  112   8. North Baltimore Aquatic Club      110
  9. Sandpipers Of Nevada              106  10. Fort Collins Area Swim Team        93
 11. Long Island Aquatic Club           83  12. Enfinity Aquatic Club              72
 13. La Mirada Armada                   69  14. Metroplex Aquatics                 63
 15. Crow Canyon Country Club Shark     62  16. Nation's Capital Swim Club         61
 17. Santa Clara Swim Club              60  18. Beach Cities Swimming              50
 19. Mason Manta Rays                   49  20. Triton Swimming                    47
 21. Irvine Novaquatics                 46  22. The Fish                           43
 23. Brea Aquatics                    42.5  24. Gator Swim Club                    41
 25. Socal Aquatics Association         40  26. Indiana  Swim Team               38.5
 27. Fastjets                           36  28. South Florida Aquatic Club         34
 28. Greater Tampa Swimming Assoc.     34  30. Bolles School Sharks               32

1. Mason Manta Rays                  327   2. Irvine Novaquatics                197
  2. SwimMAC Carolina                  197   4. Nitro Swimming                  183.5
  5. Lakeside Aquatic Club             137   6. Bolles School Sharks              120
  7. Terrapins Swim Team             112.5   8. Scarlet Aquatics                  111
  9. King Aquatic Club                 109  10. Pleasanton Seahawks                93
 11. New Trier Swim Club                75  12. North Texas Nadadores              74
 13. Katy Aquatic Team For Youth        72  14. Portland Aquatic Club              59
 15. Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics        55  15. Delaware Swim Team                 55
 17. Team Greenville                    54  18. Nation's Capital Swim Club         53
 19. Academy Bullets Swim Club        51.5  20. Sandpipers Of Nevada               50

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Timothy Morrison
6 years ago

Realky need to change the “Girls” and “Boys” to “Women” and “Men”

6 years ago

Was that the best meet ever for the Mason Manta Rays?

The coaches must be ecstatic at how well their kids swam this year.

6 years ago

Magnolia is a small team. I might be wrong but I think they only have one 25 yard pool and a small shallow warm down pool.

Reply to  anonymous
6 years ago

From pictures, it looks like the pool isn’t quite 50 meters, but it has a bulkhead and at least 16 lanes. (Not that their pool takes away from any accomplishments of the team.)

Reply to  dmswim
6 years ago

Anonymous- Can confirm. As a swimmer with a local team that competes in Magnolia often, their primary training facility is the Magnolia HS Nat which is exactly like you describe.

6 years ago

MAC clipped Magnolia when MAC’s B medley relay scored pretty high, so it basically came down to the last event on the women’s side!

Reply to  Swimmer
6 years ago

Relay clipped, mac scored 300 points on relays alone, recipe to win – bring enough athletes to score two relays.

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