Swimming At The 2016 Olympic Games – The Complete Schedule

With the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro now just 221 days away, Rio organizers have released the competitive sporting schedule in its entirety.  The Opening Ceremonies are slated to kick-off on August 5th, with pool swimming scheduled to span August 6th – 13th at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium in Barra Olympic Park.  Marathon Swimming (open water) then takes place on August 15th and 16th at Fort Copacabana.

Per the comprehensive competitive pool schedule (see end of this post), the order of events remains the same as the 2012 Olympic Games, as well as the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials. However, as previously reported, the start times of the ‘morning’ and ‘evening’ sessions in Rio are quite different from the past.  Prelims are set to begin at 1pm local/10am Eastern each day, with semifinals/finals beginning at 10pm local/7pm Eastern.

As such, several countries have already taken part in special training preparations to have potential Olympic athletes acclimate to the off-hours competition. Australia held a ‘Rio Protocol Camp‘ back in September, while the Danish Olympic-qualifying meet in April will follow these Rio start times.

Taking the timeline into account, we can start to visualize which key athletes we’ll see on which days in Rio, potentially. For example, with American Katie Ledecky considering swimming both the 100m freestyle and/or the 400m IM at the U.S. Olympic Trials in July, the 18-year-old could have quite the jam-packed schedule in Rio.  The world record holder’s signature events of the 400m free and 800m free, as well as the 800m free relay would render her active on the following days:

Sunday, August 7th – women’s 400m freestyle prelims/final
Wednesday, August 10th – women’s 800m freestyle relay prelims/final
Thursday, August 11th – women’s 800m freestyle prelims
Friday, August 12th – women’s 800m freestyle finals

Add in the 200m freestyle for Ledecky, of which she has proven she is more than a viable threat via her victory at the 2015 FINA World Championships, and that books Ledecky for both Monday, August 8th (prelims) and Tuesday, August 9th (finals). Factoring in the additional ‘experimental’ events should Ledecky qualify for the stars n’ stripes roster in the 400m IM and/ or 100m freestyle, she would also be throwing down additional meters on the Thursday/Friday on which she is already scheduled to complete in the 800m freestyle relay and 800m freestyle individual event.

The women’s 400m IM is slated to start on the very first day, Saturday, August 6th, so Ledecky could potentially kick-off her 2016 Olympic campaign a day early. Ledecky could come into play in the women’s 400m freestyle relay as well, which also sees action on day 1.

22-time Olympic medalist, Michael Phelps, assuming he targets the individual events of the 200m IM, 200m butterfly and 100m butterfly, would see a relatively friendly schedule for his 30-year-old body. If Phelps were to be a member of the men’s 400m freestyle relay, his 2016 schedule would kick-off with a swim on that squad on Sunday, August 7th. Additional days would potentially pan out like this for Phelps:

Monday, August 8th – men’s 200m butterfly prelims/semifinal
Tuesday, August 9th – men’s 200m butterfly finals, men’s 800m freestyle relay finals
Wednesday, August 10th – men’s 200m IM prelims/semifinal
Thursday August 11th – men’s 100m butterfly prelims/semifinal, men’s 200m IM final
Friday, August 12th – men’s 100m butterfly final
Saturday, August 13th – men’s 400m freestyle relay final

According to Rio organizers, they have created a ‘fair, transparent and reliable process’ concerning spectator ticket sales, to ensure an exciting and memorable experience for all. Over 50% of the available 7.5 million spectator tickets will cost no more than R$70 ($18). Additionally, students, municipal school teachers from Rio de Janeiro, obese, senior citizens, people with an impairment and those with reduced mobility have the right to half-price tickets.

John Martin, USA Swimming’s Sports Communication Manager, tells SwimSwam that there is no change to the U.S. Olympic Trials schedule, which follows the Olympic schedule with the exception of no relays. The full Olympic schedule is below:




Men’s 400m IM

Women’s 100m Fly

Men’s 400m Free

Women’s 400m IM

Men’s 100m Breast

Women’s 4 x 100m Free Relay




Men’s 400m IM – Final

Women’s 100m Fly – Semifinal

Men’s 400m Free – Final

Women’s 400m IM – Final

Men’s 100m Breast – Semifinal

Women’s 4 x 100m Free Relay – Final




Women’s 100m Back

Men’s 200m Free

Women’s 100m Breast

Men’s 100m Back

Women’s 400m Free

Men’s 4 x 100m Free Relay






Women’s 100m Fly – Final

Men’s 200m Free – Semifinal

Women’s 100m Breast – Semifinal

Men’s 100m Breast – Final

Women’s 400m Free – Final

Men’s 100m Back – Semifinal

Women’s 100m Back – Semifinal

Men’s 4 x 100m Free Relay – Final




Women’s 200m Free

Men’s 200m Fly

Women’s 200m IM








Women’s 200m Free – Semifinal

Men’s 200m Free – Final

Women’s 100m Back – Final

Men’s 100m Back – Final

Women’s 100m Breast – Final

Men’s 200m Fly – Semifinal

Women’s 200m IM — Semifinal




Men’s 100m Free

Women’s 200m Fly

Men’s 200m Breast

Men’s 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay







Men’s 100m Free – Semifinal

Women’s 200m Free – Final

Men’s 200m Fly – Final

Women’s 200m Fly – Semifinal

Men’s 200m Breast – Semifinal

Women’s 200m IM – Final

Men’s 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay – Final




Women’s 100m Free

Men’s 200m Back

Women’s 200m Breast

Men’s 200m IM

Women’s 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay







Men’s 200m Breast – Final

Women’s 100m Free – Semifinal

Men’s 200m Back – Semifinal

Women’s 200m Fly – Final

Men’s 100m Free – Final

Women’s 200m Breast – Semifinal

Men’s 200m IM – Semifinal

Women’s 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay – Final




Men’s 50m Free

Women’s 800m Free

Men’s 100m Fly

Women’s 200m Back







Men’s 50m Free – Semifinal

Women’s 200m Breast – Final

Men’s 200m Back – Final

Women’s 200m Back – Semifinal

Men’s 200m IM – Final

Women’s 100m Free – Final

Men’s 100m Fly – Semifinal




Women’s 50m Free

Men’s 1500m Free

Women’s 4 x 100m Medley Relay

Men’s 4 x 100m Medley Relay







Women’s 200m Back – Final

Men’s 100m Fly – Final

Women’s 800m Free – Final

Men’s 50m Free – Final

Women’s 50m Free – Semifinal




No Preliminaries



Women’s 50m Free – Final

Men’s 1500m Free – Final

Women’s 4 x 100m Medley Relay – Final

Men’s 4 x 100m Medley Relay – Final

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6 years ago

When do they swim for the medal

Laura Curson
6 years ago

What time.does the swimming begin tonight,,,and what are the times for the swimming tomorrow,,,please
Thank you laurs

Paul P
6 years ago

any way to put this into a PDF we can download?

6 years ago

thanks for the info

6 years ago

If the IOC wasn’t this greedy it had let the swimmers do their jobs at normal local times. Swimming at 10pm is a freaking nightmare, and unless you didn’t have any major competitions for a while and you knew you are going, you have only 1 month to get used to this, which is not enough. Not to mention that the aquatic center is a temporary structure, and as an architect, I seriously doubt that the air-con will be good, if the roof is closed at all to protect from possible very hot weather. All I can do is wish everyone to have their perfect swim day, despite the anything but perfect conditions.

jeff foster
6 years ago

does anyone know the start times for the prelims and finals on August 6th

6 years ago

Since the time this article was written, the northern hem has changed clocks ahead one hour for daylight savings, and southern hem has changed clocks back one hour for their winter, so the time difference noted above for the swimming events in August is listed incorrectly. It should read:

Prelims 1pm local time/12pm eastern time (9am pacific)
Finals 10pm local time/9pm eastern time (6pm pacific)


6 years ago

What’s the schedule for the open water swimming ?

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