Simona Quadarella Says She’s “Well” After Gastroenteritis, Makes Trip to Tokyo

by Spencer Penland 2

July 18th, 2021 Europe, News, Tokyo 2020


  • Friday, July 22 – Sunday, August 8, 2021
  • Swimming: Saturday, July 24 – Sunday, August 1, 2021
  • Tokyo, Japan

Italian Olympian Simona Quadarella left for Tokyo yesterday morning, along with teenager Giulia Vetrano and 20-year-old Anna Chiara Mascolo. Quadarella departed for Tokyo late with the pair due to gastroenteritis, which is essentially a short-term inflammation or infection in the digestive system. Gastroenteritis typically clean itself up in a matter of days, and because of this, Quadarella needed to remain in Rome for a few extra days, until she was healthy enough to travel.

Quadarella told reporters from while at Fiumicino airport that she’s “well”. Here is the full quote from Quadarella, which is translated from the original Italian:

“Now I’m fine, I have fully recovered: I had a couple of days of a flu virus. I was already able perhaps to leave in recent days with the bulk of the team but I preferred to look at myself at home. And the emotion begins to rise. I couldn’t wait to leave and seeing the photos of the other companions made me nervous not to be with them. But now I’m really happy. I’ve been waiting for this moment for five years and let’s see what will happen: I’m ready, energized, excited. I will not look much at other opponents, as I will always look more at myself. There are strong opponents and we will all be there to play for it “

Quadarella is entered in the women’s 400 free, 800 free, and 1500 free. She’s a top medal contender in the 800 and 1500, at the very least, after winning Gold in the 1500 at 2019 Worlds, and Silver in the 800 free.

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1 year ago

Didn’t know she committed to Louisville!

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  Deepblue
1 year ago

Actually Miami. She’s just starting to lift the other hand out of the water