Morozov, Ustinova Each Win Second Event at Russian Trials


  • April 16-23rd, 2016
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Prelims 09:00/Finals 18:00 Local Time
  • Prelims 02:00/Finals 11:00 U.S. Eastern Time
  • Live results (IN ENGLISH – including event-by-event start lists)
  • Olympic selection standards

Braden Keith contributed to this article.

The 7th and second-to-last finals session of the 2016 Russian National Championships was the shortest of the meet, with just one semi-finals and two of the day’s 5 races being the 50 freestyles.

Women’s 200 Backstroke- Final

  • Russian record: 2:04.94, Anastasia Zuyeva (2009)
  • Olympic selection standard: 2:09.70
  • Podium:
    1. Daria K. Ustinova, Sverdlovsk Region, 2:06.92
    2. Anastasia Fesikova, Penza Region, 2:08.74
    3. Irina Prikhodko, Tartarstan, 2:09.51

In what has been a rare occurrence this week, three swimmers went under the Russia selection standard for the 2016 Olympic Games. Only two can swim in Rio, though, and those two are Daria K. Ustinova, who won in 2:06.92, and Anastasia Fesikova, who won in 2:08.74.

For the 17-year old Ustinova, that’s a new lifetime best by three-tenths of a second, and beat out Anastasia Fesikova, the former Anastasia Zueva, who is the Russian National Record holder in the event. Fesikova, who took silver in the event at the London Olympic Games, has disappeared from swimming since then, but now has reemerged and earned a spot on the Russian Olympic Team.

Irina Prikhodko finished 3rd, leaving her one spot out of the Olympics now in both the 100 and 200 meter backstrokes.

Men’s 100 Fly- Final

  • Russian record: 51.26, Yevgeny Korotyshkin (2009)
  • Olympic selection standard: 52.16
  • Podium:
    1. Aleksandr Sadovnikkov, Volgograd Region, 51.50
    2. Evgeny Koptelov, Moscow City, 52.05
    3. Nikita Konovalov, Volgograd Region, 52.17

After the retirement late last week of Evgeny Korotyshkin, the Olympic silver medalist in the 100 fly, there was some uncertainty in the men’s 100 fly about who would carry the torch for Russia both individually and in relays. Aleksandr Sadovnikkov put those questions to rest with a very solid 51.50 to win and come within two tenths of Korotyshkin’s national record. Sadovnikkov was well under his previous personal best of 52.17 from last summer’s World University Games.

Along with Sadovnikkov, Evgeny Koptelov will make the Olympic team as he was under the standard of 52.16 in 52.05. Koptelov won the World University Games last summer in the same time Sadovnikkov won with today, 51.50.

Finishers 2nd through 8th all went 52-something, as Nikita Konovalov (52.17) and Alexander Popkov (52.25) finished 3rd and 4th in the very tight final.

Women’s 800 Free- Final

  • Russian record: 8:23.07, Yelena Sokolova
  • Olympic selection standard: 8:28.98
  1. Arina Openysheva, Krasnoyarsk Territory, 8:33.91
  2. Anastasiia Kirpichnikova, Sverdlovsk Region, 8:38.38
  3. Anna Egorova, Kaliningrad Region, 8:41.13

Not surprisingly no Russian woman will swim the 800 free at the Olympics, as they didn’t manage to get under the standard of 8:28.98. Russia had no women represent them in this event at the World Championships last summer. Arina Openysheva touched 1st in 8:33.91, dropping over ten seconds from her best time. Anastasiia Kirpichnikova was a distant 2nd in 8:38.38, and Anna Egorova was 3rd in 8:41.13.

Men’s 50 Free- Final

  1. Vladimir Morozov, Volgograd Region, 22.01
  2. Aleksei Brianskii, Irkutsk Region, 22.16
  3. Andrey Grechin, Altai Territory, 22.19

Despite two quick swims in the prelims (21.75) and semi-finals (21.69), Russian record holder Vladimir Morozov had his slowest swim of the three in the final touching in 22.01. Morozov still finished 1st, and hit the Olympic selection standard right on the nose to qualify for Rio in this event. Morozov’s time of 21.69 from the semi-finals is a good sign for him going forward.

No other men managed to attain the standard, with 2nd place Aleksei Brianskii touching in 22.16. Andrey Grechin was 3rd in 22.19 after having a great 100 free, and Sergei Fesikov was 4th in 22.20. The biggest surprise in this event has to be Evgeny Sedov, who didn’t make it out of the prelims despite a best time under 22 seconds.

Women’s 50 Free- Semifinals

  • Russian record: 24.82, Elizaveta Bazarova (2014)
  • Olympic selection standard: 24.99

Rozaliya Nasretdinova leads the women into the 50 free final tomorrow night after putting up a time of 24.90 in the semi-finals, the only woman under 25 seconds. Nasretdinova’s swim sets her up to get under the 24.99 standard tomorrow night and make the team.

She has over three tenths of a second advantage heading into the final, as 2nd place Natalia Lovtcova was back in 25.22. The final will be all about breaking 25 seconds for Nasretdinova.

Top 8 Heading to the Final:

  1. Rozaliya Nasretdinova, Moscow City, 24.90
  2. Natalia Lovtcova, Novosibirsk Region, 25.22
  3. Maria Kameneva, Orenburg Region, 25.28
  4. Daria Kartashova, St.Petersburg, 25.38
  5. Daria S.Ustinova, St.Petersburg, 25.46
  6. Veronika Popova, St.Petersburg, 25.49
  7. Elizaveta Bazarova, Tatarstan, 25.68
  8. Ekaterina Kudinova, Moscow City, 25.71

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Did Zueva retire? I feel like maybe I saw an article about that, but I’m not sure.

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Oops never mind haha I hadn’t read the article yet.

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Men’s 50 free final and semifinal of Morozov

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