34 Make Russian Olympic Team, Jury’s Still Out On 5 (Counting Efimova)

The Russian Swimming Federation announced this week that thirty swimmers qualified for the Russian Olympic team by hitting a Russian Olympic standard at the 2016 Russian Championships (look here for our full coverage).

The team members who made the cuts are listed below:

  • Sofia Andreeva
  • Viktoriya Andreeva
  • Daria Chikunova
  • Svetlana Chimrova
  • Anastasiya Fesikova
  • Natalya Lovtsova
  • Daria Mullakaeva
  • Rozaliya Nasretdinova
  • Arina Openysheva
  • Veronika Popova
  • Daria Ustinova
  • Vyacheslav Andrusenko
  • Anton Chupkov
  • Mikhail Dovgaluk
  • Andrey Grechin
  • Danila Izotov
  • Ilya Khomenko
  • Evgeny Koptelov
  • Alexander Krasnykh
  • Nikita Lobintsev
  • Vladimir Morozov
  • Aleksandr Popkov
  • Yaroslav Potapov
  • Kirill Prigoda
  • Evgeni Rilov
  • Aleksandr Sadovnikov
  • Andrey Shabasov
  • Aleksandr Sukhorukov
  • Grigoriy Tarasevich
  • Vsevolod Zanko

However, four additional swimmers (listed below) came in under the FINA ‘A’ cut but missed the Russian national standard. The Russian Swimming Federation has recommended that they join the team as well.

Another four swimmers (listed below) have been granted one more chance to swim the Russian national standard, this time at the 2016 European Championships in London May 25th through the 29th.

  • Natalia Ivaneeva
  • Aleksandr Osipenko
  • Nikolay Skvortov
  • Andrey Zhilkin

The announcement adds that if Yuliya Efimova has her suspension repealed before the start of the Games, she will be automatically added to the team, per the new selection standards.

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6 years ago

And the FINA Official doesn’t think there is a “systematic problem” with doping.

6 years ago

And the FINA executive doesn’t believe there is a “systemic problem” with doping.

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