Russia Breaks United States’ World Record in Mixed 200 Medley Relay


The Russians are responsible for the first World Record of the 2019 European Short Course Swimming Championships, coming on the 2nd day of competition. Swimming in the final of the mixed 200 medley relay on Thursday, the Russian foursome of Kliment KolesnikovVlad MorozovArina Surkova, and Maria Kameneva combined to swim a 1:36.22.

That broke the old World Record of 1:36.40 that was set at the 2018 World Short Course Championships by an American relay that included Olivia Smoliva, Michael Andrew, Kelsi Dahlia, and Caeleb Dressel.

Comparative Splits:

New World Record
Old World Record
Swimmers Russia Swimmers United States
Back – Kliment Kolesnikov 22.67 Olivia Smoliga 25.85
Breast – Vlad Morozov 25.40 Michael Andrew 25.75
Fly – Arina Surkova 24.94 Kelsi Dahlia 24.71
Free – Maria Kameneva 23.21 Caeleb Dressel 20.09
1:36.22 1:36.40

The Russians used the more traditional male-male-female-female lineup in their record-setting swim, as compared to the Americans who cobbled together the best available group at that year’s Short Course Worlds. The Russian relay included Vlad Morozov, who on Wednesday broke the European Record in the 50 breaststroke in short course meters (25.51), and Maria Kameneva, who earlier in the session broke the Russian Record in the 100 back (but swam freestyle on the relay).

“We have a team with the best specialists in each stroke,” Morozov said after his team’s win. “Still, you never know what can happen in this type of race – though today everything has happened as planned.”

Kolesnikov’s swim was within a tenth of a second of Evgeny Rylov’s Russian Record from last year’s World Short Course Championships.

The swim broke all of these Records in the process:

  • World Record – 1:36.40, United States, 2018
  • Championship Record – 1:37.71, Netherlands, 2017
  • European Record – 1:37.05, Netherlands – 2018
  • Russian Record – 1:37.33, Kolesnikov, Kostin, Nasretdinova, Kamenega – 2018

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11 months ago

Russia hey?!

11 months ago

I read headline and was thinking which russian couldve single-handedly broken this record, especially since it was mixed medley

Vasili Rajevski
11 months ago

This is only the beginning of the Russian take over💪

Reply to  Vasili Rajevski
11 months ago

Why only one hand of strong body is shown in your post? Is it female and you just don’t want to get censored showing whole picture. 😀 Since you use the same icon when referring to the Mother Russia I’m getting confused: is it Russian females you believe will take over entire swimming world?

Coach John
Reply to  Yozhik
11 months ago

yozhik to english translation please? why is one arm indicative of female?

Reply to  Coach John
11 months ago

While I dislike yozhik as much as anybody, he didn’t say that one arm is indicative of female. My translation would be; the original comment has this „💪“ emoji in it and they are talking about „mother Russia“, so more or less a female. Then he mentions how the rest of the body (presumably naked, like the arm is too) would be censored.

Reply to  Anonymoose
11 months ago

I read only the first sentence until the comma sign and immediately gave you the + vote….

Coach John
Reply to  Vasili Rajevski
11 months ago

you mispelled “end”… the ban is coming comrade. it will be a cold winter.

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