Practice + Pancakes: How the New York Breakers Prepare for ISL Competition

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The ISL has brought opportunities galore into swimming, and one aspect at the forefront of that is teams made up of athletes who train all over the world. But when you are competing in meets on back-to-back weekends in different continents with those teams, here’s my question: How do you get everyone on the same page, to put up the best times they can for both meets?

SwimSwam got to document this transition during Group B’s travels to their first 2 ISL Matches (Lewisville, Texas and Budapest, Hungary). On the Wednesday morning before the match in Budapest, a day after the New York Breakers arrived in Budapest the team was in full swing with their meet preparation. There was a myriad of different workouts going on, and we did our best to film what we could of each of them.

While many were getting in some quality speed work, such as Michael Andrew, Lia Neal, Ali & Gabby DeLoof, and Marcelo Chierighini, others were getting into some higher yardage, doing what they could to “keeps the K’s up” or swim the travel out, like Mack Darragh, Emily Escobedo, Jack McLoughlin, and Clyde Lewis.

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4 years ago

The New York breakers this season have been like Nathan Adrian’s final 50 of the skins races in Lewisville.

Reply to  James
4 years ago

This was the inaugural year for the ISL and the Breakers had some good swims!

4 years ago

It’ll be interesting to see if any of these develop into year round training groups.

The obvious one would be Energy Standard picking up some more swimmers. However, it’s far from implausible that pro swimmers in their mid-20s would prefer swimming in a group with other pros based in global cities full of young professionals (NYC and LDN stand out for that, but LA, D.C, Rome and Budapest are also big cities) rather than training with college kids in college towns.

Vol Navy
Reply to  Togger
4 years ago

Unfortunately, cost of living comes into consideration here. For many of these athletes it’s not feasible to live in a London, NYC, LA, etc….college towns like Ann Arbor, Athens and Charlottesville are ideal for the majority of pro swimmers

4 years ago

Judging from the headline, it’s like “‘watch this video and see what not to do.”

Ol' Longhorn
4 years ago

Based on their results, maybe not the best team to focus on for this.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
4 years ago

Well he did say parody

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