Peaty Sets 100 Breast European and Championship Records in Euros Final


A day after Kirill Prigoda shattered the 100 breast European record (and meet record), going 56.02 in semi-finals at the 2017 European Short Course Championships, Adam Peaty has re-broken the mark.

In Saturday night’s finals, Peaty split 26.06/29.88 en route to a 55.94, breaking the Prigoda’s European record as well as the championship record.

Italy’s Fabio Scozzoli took second in the event, going 56.15, followed by Prigoda in 56.28.

After breaking the British national record yesterday, Peaty now owns the top eight swims in British history, as is the only British swimmer to have broken 56 — and 57 — in the event. He also went 25.70 to break the British record in the 50 breast earlier in the meet.


  1. Adam Peaty, 55.94 (2017)
  2. Adam Peaty, 56.24 (2017)
  3. Adam Peaty, 56.35 (2014)
  4. Adam Peaty, 56.43 (2014)
  5. Adam Peaty, 56.74 (2017)
  6. Adam Peaty, 56.84 (2015)
  7. Adam Peaty, 57.02 (2014)
  8. Adam Peaty, 57.03 (2015)

Cameron van der Burgh‘s World Record stands at 55.61, swum in 2009.

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Sir Swimsalot
3 years ago

What a animal. What is the WR in this event? If he could get it that would be awesome-cement himself as the best in both pools.

3 years ago

Looks like he has been changing his stroke (hands not together)

3 years ago

Van Der Burgh went 25.98 29.63 in 2009. It’s interesting compare Peaty’s races in short course vs long courses, to see just how much ground he loses on starts and turns.
Also, I would like to see peaty give the 200 a serious try sometime. He swam a 2:08.3 in 2015 I beilive, so if he focused on it I beilive he could go at least a 2:07 mid. Probably not going to happen, but it would be interesting.

Reply to  IM FAN
3 years ago

He went 2:07.34 in heat 1 and was tied for 13th in the prelims

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