Peaty Takes Down British 100 Breast National Record at Euro SC Champs


Though he wasn’t the fastest qualifier on to tomorrow night’s final, Adam Peaty took down his own British 100 breaststroke record on Night 3 of the European Short Course Championships.

Swimming in semifinal 1 and winning the heat was Peaty, going 56.24 to improve upon his prelims time by five tenths. That takes just over a tenth off of the old record, a 56.35 done by him in Doha three years ago.

Peaty now owns the seven fastest times in British history in this event, and he’s the only British swimmer to have ever broken 57 seconds in this event.

All-Time British 100 SCM Breast Performances

  1. Adam Peaty, 56.24 (2017)
  2. Adam Peaty, 56.35 (2014)
  3. Adam Peaty, 56.43 (2014)
  4. Adam Peaty, 56.74 (2017)
  5. Adam Peaty, 56.84 (2015)
  6. Adam Peaty, 57.02 (2014)
  7. Adam Peaty, 57.03 (2015)
  8. Michael Jamieson, 57.52 (2013)

Peaty broke the 50 breast British record earlier in the meet. He will have another chance to challenge his semifinal time in the final, and he could end up crashing through the 56-second barrier, too. The World Record sits at 55.61 from Cameron van der Burgh, done back in 2009.

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i see peaty recovered from his pouty fit after losing the 50.

Coach John

Do you want some cheese with your whine?


What about his response to the 50 was pouty? He explained that he is not rested for the meet nor is he a short course swimmer, he was simply stating where he is in terms of preparation at this meet and comparing it to where other swimmers might be.


Should be going 54secs on his LCM Times!


What? He’s still the only person who’s gone under 58 seconds in LCM. 54 seconds in LCM would be completely rediculous.

Assuming that you mean SCM, he often admits that his biggest weakness is his turns. If he could improve on them where he’s pretty much level with everyone else, without sacrificing his swimming speed, he’d probably be around a full second faster.


you thought he was being serious? the sarcasm level of the post is through the roof


im pretty sure there was no sarcasm, but simply a missing ‘based’ in gregors comment.
( ….54secs *based* on his LCM times)


the way I read it was him saying he should be going a LCM 54 seconds, although your explanation makes much more sense. my bad

Coach John

swimming is more dynamic than a conversion…. come off it!


cannot like him he is very arrogant prick!!!!


He’s confident not arrogant and frankly he’s earned the right to confident given his dominance in sprint breaststroke. He’s on a completely different level than anyone else on the planet


So arrogant that he gave his gold medal away to a young fan tonight …

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