Olympic Champion Lydia Jacoby’s Come From Behind 100 Breast Victory | RACE ANALYSIS


At the halfway point, no one would have predicted Olympic champion Lydia Jacoby winning the 100 breast at her first NCAA Championships. But she did what she does best… prove everyone wrong and come from behind to get her hand on the wall first. Watch as we break down how she is able to keep surprising everyone time and time again.

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1 day ago

great analysis! One note: Anna is from Germany and her name is pronounced Ah-nah

2 days ago

It wasn’t front half, back half. The effective analysis is walls v swim. Below is a note written on the subject after another SwimSwam blurb on the event:

Lydia’s skills are remarkably inconsistent, incongruent and incompatable. She is very weak in some aspects of the sport, and so briliantly excellent in others.

And remarkably, she has summed those parts into an Olympic Gold Medal and an NCAA Championship, in the sprinting, springing, power based 100 M/Y distance events of her stroke.

In this age of underwater swimming, where in so many cases the starts and walls have become overwhelmingly important,especially in Short Course, Lydia is seductively soft and singularly unimpressive on the walls.
On the SWIM portion, she is… Read more »

Reply to  dscott
1 day ago

She didn’t make finals in the 200 breast, which would indicate your turns analysis is spot on. Being a freshman, I would think that her start and turn technique will improve greatly while at Texas. She will be one to watch over the next few years.

Reply to  Blastman
1 day ago

She didn’t make the final because she went 2.07, not 2.04…

Reply to  dscott
1 day ago

You are wanting too much of analysis from a regular SwimSwam article that is just highlighting the strong finish of the swimmer who wasn’t expected to win almost all race long. We all hope that gold medal at OG is just a beginning of bright career of this young lady. Wait with your deep and interesting analysis for the article dedicated specifically to prospects of this talented swimmer.

Stephen Strange
Reply to  dscott
1 day ago

She reminds me of Leisel Jones

2 days ago

I hope this result fuels Lydia Jacoby’s comeback to the international stage.

Reply to  Weinstein-Smith-Ledecky-Sims
1 day ago

Where does she need to come back from? Olympic champion a year and a half ago and she’s 18 years old… I don’t really think she went anywhere to come back from

Mr Piano
Reply to  Bud
1 day ago

She missed the worlds team, which is a step backwards for an Olympic gold medalist.

2 days ago

For those who didn’t watch the race and aren’t familiar with lane assignments it isn’t easy to follow this analysis not knowing what lakes mentioned swimmers are at. So it requires to listen to this report several times to figure out who is where.
Please help your viewers with that problem unless multiple hits of this page is the goal of this report 🙂

Reply to  Yozhik
1 day ago

Lane 2; second closest to the camera.

2 days ago

You just gotta love the swimmer!
Love the swim itself!
. . . And those lady Longhorns, love’em!

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