Ohio State’s Hannah Bach Swims One of the Fastest 50 Breast Splits in History


Ohio State sophomore Hannah Bach split 26.03 on the Buckeyes’ 200 medley relay on Tuesday as competition began at the swimming portion of the 2021 Big Ten Women’s Swimming & Diving Championships.

Only 3 swimmers in history have split faster than that on the breaststroke leg of the 200 medley relay, and two of them have World Championship or Olympic medals.

All-Time Fastest Splitters, 50 Yard Breaststroke, 200 Medley Relay

  1. Lilly King, Indiana – 25.36 (2019 Big Ten Championships)
  2. Jorie Caneta, Texas A&M – 25.54 (2017 NCAA Championships)
  3. Kasey Carlson, USC – 25.78 (2014 NCAA Championships)
  4. (TIE) Hannah Bach, Ohio State – 26.03 (2021 Big Ten Championships)/Alexis Wenger – 26.03 (2021 ACC Championships)
  5. Kayla Brumbaum, NC State – 26.06 (2017 NCAA Championships)

Lilly King has the 2 fastest splits in history and has split sub-26 seconds 7 times. The rest of the world combined has only done so twice.

With that split, Bach pulled Ohio State back in to the women’s 200 medley relay after Michigan leadoff leg Maggie MacNeil split the fastest 50 yard backstroke leadoff in history at 23.02.

Ohio State would eventually cruise to a relay win, touching in 1:34.46 – almost two seconds ahead of the field.

The Ohio State women hadn’t won the 200 medley relay at the Big Ten Championships since they took back to back titles in 1982 and 1983, which were the first two years of the women’s swimming & diving Big Ten championships.

And so Ohio State opened their Big Ten title defense with a resounding victory and a school record – by seven tenths of a second. The old record of 1:35.17 was set last season, when they finished 2nd in this race. Only the breaststroke leg, Bach, and freestyle leg, Rayner, return from that relay; backstroke leadoff Emily Crane and KitKat Zelnick are both new to the team.

That opening relay reitterated how deep Ohio State was last season. They both graduated more points than any other Big Ten team (287.5) and returned more points than any Big Ten team (932).

Early indications are that the favored Ohio State Buckeyes could turn this into a runaway sooner rather than later, if they keep the momentum up.

But they’re not the only team swimming well. Northwestern, without their star Calypso Sheridan (an Australian who stayed home this season) and with head coach Jeremy Kipp moving on to USC proved that Katie Robinson, promoted to lead the program this season, has plenty of magic of her own to continue the ‘Cats’ momentum.

Northwestern’s second-place finish broke their school record in the event as well.

With Michigan coming back later in the session and winning the 800 free relay without having to use Maggie MacNeil, the Wolverines aren’t going to give up on the team battle easily.

And it’s not like their medley relay was bad. They had 3 very good legs, and just don’t have the breaststroker this season to stay close with a very well-rounded Ohio State team.

Given that they missed two weeks of team training earlier this month, coming out with a “fastest all-time swim” and a Big Ten title in the first two events of the meet should give them confidence, and momentum can sometimes overcome paper at these high-intensity conference championships.

The most interesting relay choice of the night goes to the Wisconsin women, who left Phoebe Bacon off the 200 medley relay, giving that spot to another freshman, Kaylyn Schoof, instead. The end result for Wisconsin was a 5th place finish in the 200 medley relay and a 4th-place finish in the 800 free relay. Coming away from day 1 with those finishes and Bacon available for their last 3 relays is a good position for the Badgers.

Fastest Backstroke Splits:

Team Swimmer Split
Michigan Maggie MacNeil 23.02
Ohio State Emily Crane 23.66
Northwestern Emma Lepisova 24.54
Penn State Marie Schobel 24.66
Wisconsin Kaylyn Schoof 24.81
Nebraska Autumn Haebig 24.96
Indiana Bailey Kovac 25.31
Illinois Athena Salafatinos 25.36
Iowa Julia Koluch 25.44
Purdue Tessa Wrightson 25.73
Michigan State Samantha Villiani 25.77
Rutgers Kathleen Dougherty 26.6
Minnesota Emily Cook TP Error

Fastest Breaststroke Splits:

Team Swimmer Split
Ohio State Hannah Bach 26.03
Northwestern Sophie Angus 26.76
Indiana Emily Weiss 26.85
Michigan State Erin Szara 27.09
Purdue Riley Kishman 27.5
Wisconsin Jenna Silvestri 27.53
Penn State Carly Hart 27.7
Nebraska Ella Stein 28.09
Iowa Aleksandra Olesiak 28.26
Michigan Claire Tuttle 28.33
Illinois Divya Kale 28.78
Rutgers Delaney Carey 29.46
Minnesota Emma Lezer TP Error

Fastest Fly Splits:

Team Swimmer Split
Ohio State KitKat Zenick 22.87
Michigan Olivia Carter 23.26
Northwestern Miriam Guevara 23.45
Indiana Elizabeth Broshears 23.49
Iowa Mallory Jump 23.54
Wisconsin Isabel Lampre 23.71
Penn State Margaret Markvardt 23.9
Illinois Abigail Cabush 24.29
Nebraska Caitlin Cairns 24.32
Michigan State Abbey Neveling 24.52
Purdue Sylvia Kobylak 24.76
Rutgers Kasja Dymek 25
Minnesota Emma Linscott TP Error

Fastest Free Splits:

Team Swimmer Split
Northwestern Madeline Smith 21.45
Indiana Ashley Turak 21.6
Michigan Daria Pyshenko 21.73
Penn State Madeleine Cook 21.88
Ohio State Freya Rayner 21.9
Nebraska Alexa Kucera 22.57
Wisconsin Mara Newman 22.6
Illinois Lillian Olson 22.76
Purdue Jade Knueppel 22.85
Iowa Madison Black 22.98
Michigan State Sheridan Phalen 23.22
Rutgers Lily Black 25.23
Minnesota Indy Jongman TP Error

Fastest 800 Free Relay Leadoffs

Team Swimmer Time
Wisconsin Lillie Hosack 1:45.03
Indiana Ella Ristic 1:45.33
Ohio State Kristen Romano 1:45.42
Michigan Sophie Housey 1:45.46
Nebraska Autumn Haebig 1:45.48
Northwestern Ally Larson 1:45.60
Minnesota Jordan McGinty 1:46.86
Iowa Macy Rink 1:46.99
Purdue Belle Hinshaw 1:47.78
Penn State Sadie Schumann 1:48.86
Illinois Cara Bognar 1:50.24
Michigan State Sydney Kelly 1:52.03

Fastest 800 Free Relay Rolling Starts

Team Swimmer Split
Michigan Megan Glass 1:44.24
Indiana Josephine Grote 1:45.19
Wisconsin Phoebe Bacon 1:45.75
Ohio State Amy Fulmer 1:45.78
Ohio State KitKat Zenick 1:45.79
Indiana Noelle Peplowski 1:45.90
Michigan Sierra Schmidt 1:46.01
Northwestern Annika Wagner 1:46.09
Indiana Abby Kirkpatrick 1:46.20
Michigan Kathryn Ackerman 1:46.51
Ohio State Veronica Tafuto 1:46.77
Wisconsin Alana Palmer 1:46.96
Northwestern Selen Ozbilen 1:47.01
Wisconsin Emily Ecker 1:47.17
Northwestern Ilektra Lebl 1:47.30
Penn State Abigail Amdor 1:48.12
Iowa Lauren McDougall 1:48.43
Minnesota Kelli McCarthy 1:48.50
Penn State Camryn Barry 1:48.62
Minnesota Rachel Butler 1:48.68
Purdue Natalie Myers 1:48.72
Iowa Alyssa Graves 1:49.11
Nebraska Alexa Kucera 1:49.25
Nebraska Shannon Stott 1:49.30
Minnesota Katherine Sullivan 1:49.38
Purdue Elissa Haake 1:49.78
Purdue Kate Beavon 1:49.94
Nebraska Audrey Coffey 1:50.09
Penn State Elizabeth Gaspari 1:50.09
Illinois Abigail Cabush 1:50.17
Illinois Hannah Aegerter 1:50.42
Iowa Kennedy Gilbertson 1:51.36
Michigan State Allison Haak 1:52.54
Illinois Laurel Bludgen 1:53.12
Michigan State Olivia Chick 1:53.58
Michigan State Kylie Goit 1:55.12

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1 year ago

The female IU coach would have been faster than 3 of the relay splits on the 800 free relay.

1 year ago

did rutgers not swim a 800 free?

1 year ago

I don’t think Caneta’s split was legit considering her next best is 26.4, and the backstroker also went 25

Coach Chackett
1 year ago

Nice swim Hannah. Maggs sets the fastest time. I’d pick that for the headline.

Ben S
Reply to  Coach Chackett
1 year ago

Your facts don’t care about their feelings

Reply to  Coach Chackett
1 year ago

You’d use the same headline on two articles in the same day? Guess that’s why you are where you are…


Coach Chackett
Reply to  Gatorchomp
1 year ago

Not the same headline. (Actually didn’t see the Maggs headline first)
Maybe go with Maggs goes faster than any Gator in history.

Last edited 1 year ago by Coach Chackett
1 year ago

did the Michigan breastroker slip? She went 28.3 and was out in flat start 100 in 28.0 in HS her senior year.

1 year ago

Hannah is a super young lady – Best wishes for a great year

badger fan
1 year ago

Shouldn’t Wisconsin’s Lillie Hosack top the 800 FR leadoffs with her 1:45.03?

1 year ago

I could’ve sworn that Hannis popped a 25 at a meet, but maybe I’m wrong

Reply to  Tswim
1 year ago

https://www.omegatiming.com/2013/at-t-winter-national-championships-live-results it has her as a 25.8, and it seems legit but there’s no reaction time so maybe there was an error?

Reply to  Tswim
1 year ago

PAC 12 vs USA swimming meet

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