Indiana Still a Big Ten Breaststroke Powerhouse, Michigan Wins Final Relay


  • When: Tuesday, February 23rd to Saturday, February 27th | Prelims 11am | Finals 6:30pm (5pm Tuesday) CT
  • Where: Minneapolis, MN (Central Time Zone) / Diving @ Purdue University
  • Defending Champion: Ohio State (1x) (results)
  • Live Results
  • Streaming: Big Ten Network
  • Championship Central


  1. Ohio State – 1584
  2. Michigan – 1326.5
  3. Indiana – 1066.5
  4. Northwestern – 992
  5. Wisconsin – 749.5
  6. Minnesota – 555
  7. Nebraska – 542.5
  8. Iowa – 424
  9. Purdue – 414
  10. Penn State – 410
  11. Michigan State – 217
  12. Ilinois – 177
  13. Rutgers – 60

Ohio State rounded out an impressive weekend with a shiny new Big Ten title, their second-straight after a drought that had lasted over three decades.

On the final night of competition, all eyes were on the Indiana v. Northwestern battle for third, though. The Hoosiers had a strong showing in the mile, then matching the Wildcats in the pool events before IU’s dynamite diving group pushed them further out of reach.

Even two years since the graduation of World Record-holder and marquee Indiana breaststroker Lilly King, tonight’s 200 breast final showed that the Hoosiers are still carrying on a tradition of breaststroke.

Sophomore Emily Weiss lunged in for the 200 breast title tonight, clocking a 2:07.20 to slice a half-second off of her old best. She was joined on the podium by runner-up and teammate Noelle Peplowski at 2:07.61, while Mac Looze, daughter of head coach Ray Looze, took fourth in 2:08.62 to help stamp out any Wildcat rebellion there.

Looze, who swam the 200 fly at this meet last year, came into the meet with a lifetime best of 2:11.07.


The 400 free relay was the final event of the 2021 Big Ten Women’s Championships, and Michigan got the job done, the only team to break 3:12. They had three 47 splits, the most of any team, and making up three of the five sub-48 splits in the field. Northwestern and Ohio State, meanwhile, each got one sub-48 split.

Michigan Maggie MacNeil 47.47 (lead-off)
Michigan Daria Pyshnenko 47.68
Northwestern Maddie Smith 47.78
Michigan Olivia Carter 47.93
Ohio State Kit Kat Zenick 47.99
Wisconsin Phoebe Bacon 48.11
Ohio State Taylor Petrak 48.13 (lead-off)
Ohio State Amy Fulmer 48.17
Nebraska Autumn Haebig 48.27
Michigan Megan Glass 48.53
Northwestern Selen Ozbilen 48.57 (lead-off)
Ohio State Kristen Romano 48.61
Indiana Ashley Turak 48.74 (lead-off)
Indiana Laurel Eiber 48.79
Northwestern Ally Larson 48.8
Wisconsin Lillie Hosack 49.05 (lead-off)
Indiana Ella Ristic 49.07
Wisconsin Alana Palmer 49.08
Northwestern Annika Wagner 49.2
Minnesota Maggie Summit 49.25
Indiana Elizabeth Broshears 49.27
Penn State Madeleine Cooke 49.4
Wisconsin Isabel Lampre 49.47
Penn State Catherine Stanford 49.61 (lead-off)
Purdue Kendra Bowen 49.71
Minnesota Pyper Doo 49.72
Purdue Natalie Myers 49.73
Penn State Elisabeth Gaspari 49.76
Purdue Riley Kishman 49.8
Iowa Kelsey Drake 49.81
Iowa Lauren McDougall 49.96
Minnesota Jordan McGinty 49.97 (lead-off)
Minnesota Emma Linscott 50
Purdue Claire Abbasse 50.13 (lead-off)
Nebraska Alexa Kucera 50.13 (lead-off)
Iowa Macy Rink 50.3
Illinois Lillian Olson 50.40 (lead-off)
Penn State Abbie Amdor 50.44
Illinois Abby Cabush 50.55
Iowa Sarah Schemmel 50.69 (lead-off)
Nebraska Lexi Kucera 50.82
Michigan State Taylor Arnold 51.04
Michigan State Abbey Neveling 51.11
Illinois Emma Curtis 51.12
Michigan State Olivia Chick 51.23 (lead-off)
Nebraska Caitlin Cairns 51.23
Illinois Laurel Bludgen 51.68
Michigan State Taylor Contino 52.17



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Buckeye fan
6 months ago

Ohio State wins 2 years in a row and the title of this article is still about IU and Mich. Sad

Reply to  Buckeye fan
6 months ago

This is an article about a few specific things that happened today, including relays, and Ohio State didn’t win any events today.

Why would they be in the headline?

Back 2 Back
Reply to  Braden Keith
6 months ago

Because they scored the most points in conference history…again…

Reply to  Back 2 Back
6 months ago

This is not the “title winners” article.

Don’t fear my Buckeye friends, that’s still coming ;-).

Reply to  Braden Keith
6 months ago

Ohio State whines when they win.

Ohio State whines when they lose.

This is why nobody likes Ohio State.

I assume that when you write about Maggie MacNeil being Swimmer of the Meet, they’re going to whine about Ohio State not getting that headline too.


Back 2 Back
Reply to  boohoobuckeyes
6 months ago

Maggie has shown time and time again that she’s the best in the B1G – probably the best swimmer in the history of the conference. I don’t think a member or fan of any team would mind if she got her own article or even category on this site.

With that being said, the constant disrespect to OSU feels intentional. Either way, I’m sure it will just add fuel to the fire..

Reply to  Back 2 Back
6 months ago

It feels intentional because Ohio State loves to play the victim.

Nothing is more reliable in these comments sections than Ohio State fans complaining. It’s been going on for years. Seems to be built in to the team culture.

It’s no wonder they don’t get the superstar recruits that will lift them higher at NCAAs. What star swimmer would want to be a part of this negativity?

Reply to  boohoobuckeyes
6 months ago

Probably a recruit that wants to win a big ten title idk

Reply to  Buddy
6 months ago

I want you to take a deep breath, and think about your response.

Your team just won its 2nd straight Big Ten title, and the first thing you do, not one “YAY BUCKEYES!” post, the first thing you do is get negative, look for who you think has wronged you, and rush to the internet to defend a perceived slight that isn’t really there.

What kind of adults is this going to make you?

This is why I laugh when ss and swm run articles about how swimming prepares athletes to be successful adults. This thread, in a nutshell, pokes a giant hole in that.

Get off the internet and go celebrate.

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  Back 2 Back
6 months ago

No doubt Maggie McN is great, enjoy her swimming & she is definitely a rising star. But best in the history of the conference? Ummm, does the name Lilly King ring a bell as a possibility too?

Last edited 6 months ago by Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  Buckeye fan
6 months ago

Give credit where credit is due. Ohio State put 196.5 breast stroke points up to IU’s 172.5.

Reply to  Buddy
6 months ago

that’s a BIG… OUCH!!!

Big ten
6 months ago

What happened to Rutgers?

Coach Chackett
Reply to  Big ten
6 months ago

They sent a team so small that they didn’t field all relays.

6 months ago

I believe this was a TEAM competition that OSU scored the most points ever in as a TEAM…. just reminding the readership….

6 months ago

I want to see Mel and Coleman interview with my old friend, and IU nemesis, “Wild” Bill Dorenkott!

Last edited 6 months ago by Guerra
6 months ago

Why is the title of this not: “Back2Back” ?

Angry Goose
6 months ago

Reply to
Braden Keith
6 minutes ago
Braden – any idea as to location and dates for 2022 Big10 Women’s Championships?

6 months ago

gotta agree with the other comments, wild not to put OSU in the title of this article. Indiana breaststroke doesn’t even look that good this year when UVa and NCSU exist.

6 months ago

Indiana is…. barely beating Northwestern???

Reply to  Whoa
6 months ago

i was hoping Northwestern was going to pull off the upset and beat IU… there’s always next year, NU is doing great recruiting

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