Mohamed Samy Excited for NC’s after Unshaved 1:32 (Video)

Reported by James Sutherland.


  • Thursday-Saturday, November 15-17th
  • Counsilman Billingsley Aquatic Center, Bloomington, IN
  • Short Course Yards
  • Live Results


  1. Mohamed Samy, IU, 1:32.97
  2. Grant House, ASU, 1:33.34
  3. Coleman Stewart, NCS, 1:34.46

After setting the #1 time in the nation last weekend in 1:33.75, Indiana’s Mohamed Samy did again tonight in the men’s 200 free, dipping under 1:33 in a time of 1:32.97. Samy was the only swimmer in the field who kept all four of his 50s under 24. His top time from the ACC/B1G Challenge had briefly been surpassed this morning at the Mizzou Invite by Mikel Schreuders (1:33.61). Samy’s PB stands at 1:31.73 from last season’s NCAAs.

Grant House of the Sun Devils was Samy’s closest challenger, actually making up ground on him with a final 50 of 23.68, as he set a new best time in 1:33.34 to get by his 1:33.47 from the 2018 NCAAs. Coleman Stewart of NC State stepped out of his usual sprint free/back/fly events and rattled off a very impressive 1:34.46 for 3rd, setting another best time after dropping half a second this morning in 1:36.25.

Indiana’s Zach Apple (1:34.68) and Thomas Vanderbrook (1:34.96) were also sub-1:35, with Vanderbrook’s swim being a massive personal best.


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4 years ago

Sub 1:30 at NCAAs??

4 years ago

Are all these Egyptian guys getting American tax-payer funded scholarships at Indiana?

Reply to  Scribble
4 years ago

They get scholarships for athletics, the same as any European, south american, Australian, Canadian etc.. athletes that compete for an american school. If american kids want those scholarships they have to earn it the same way anyone else does.

Reply to  Scribble
4 years ago

Scribble, I think maybe you misunderstand how collegiate athletics departments are funded…football and basketball and maybe baseball and in some cases volleyball and women’s basketball and donations by people who are apparently unperturbed by the presence of international athletes funds scholarships for Indiana swimming.

The portion of universities that are funded by taxes is basically the delta between the $10k that Indiana residents pay and the $35k that non-residents pay. It’s more complicated than that, but that’s a reasonable guesstimate.

Remember: the family of a swimmer from Georgia or Florida or California or Nevada or Montana has contributed effectively the same amount of tax dollars to Indiana’s academic programs as the family of a swimmer from Egypt. Universities are funded… Read more »

Ben7ebak ya mishoooooo
4 years ago

Misho da agmad wa7ed feeeenaaaaa

misho #1 fan
4 years ago

misho will you marry me

Frank Wilson
4 years ago

It was a very impressive meet with many times in the top 10 in the nation up to this date!

4 years ago

Damn! What a swim by Thomas Vanderbrook!

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