Michael Andrew No-Showed 50 Free at U.S. Pro Champs Due to Illness, Status Uncertain


Olympic gold medalist Michael Andrew’s coach Peter Andrew has confirmed that he no-showed the 50 freestyle on the first day of the U.S. Pro Championships due to illness. 

Peter Andrew made the confirmation via his Instagram account, stating that his son is currently suffering from a “high fever”. He did not go into any more detail beyond that. 


Michael Andrew was originally entered to swim 3 events this week: the 50 freestyle, 100 breaststroke, and 100 butterfly. However, he didn’t swim the 50 freestyle during this morning’s prelims session, leaving him with just the latter two events on the rest of his schedule, which are both scheduled for Friday. He was originally entered with the top seed time in the 50, but his scratch left Brooks Curry to claim the top spot out of prelims. 

At this time, Andrew has not scratched out of the whole competition, leaving the possibility that he might still swim his last two events on Friday. 

At last year’s World Championships, he represented the US in those three events, finishing 2nd in the 50 freestyle, 4th in the 100 butterfly, and 9th in the 100 breaststroke. Last month, Andrew failed to qualify for the US World Championship team, despite finishing 1st in the 50 butterfly at US Nationals, which served as the selection meet for the team. Under USA Swimming’s selection procedures, winners of non-Olympic events were the last priority of qualification, leaving Andrew at home after the men’s roster exceeded the maximum limit of 26 swimmers.

In addition to placing 1st in the 50 butterfly at Nationals, Andrew also finished 3rd  in the 50 freestyle, missing the World Championships team by .01 in that event. Based on that finish, however, he should still be in the position to qualify for the US National Team this year. 

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Gaglianone’s boot
4 months ago

Lemon party at the Andrew’s house!

Thamos Hailmen
4 months ago

The disease he got is called NotmakingtheteamforFukuokatis

Steve Nolan
4 months ago

Does he still do the thing where he says, “our body” when referring to his own corporeal form?

Makes me assume they all had some sort of “Midsommar”-esque collective reaction to his fever.

4 months ago

Finally got Covid?

Reply to  Pescatarian
4 months ago

He had the first Covid strain, a long time ago, before vaccine was available for his age group.

4 months ago

But but but 20.70

4 months ago

Youch. Not a lot of love in this comment section.

Reply to  YGBSM
4 months ago

At least he is an Olympic champion which gets them jealous

Last edited 4 months ago by Comet16
Rocky Mountain High Dive
4 months ago

World record survives another day

4 months ago

Amidst uncertain health’s heavy veil,
Michael Andrew’s strength did pale.
The 50 free, he no-showed, ill’s embrace,
A champion’s fight, illness to face.

Reply to  Zippo
4 months ago

ginger and lemon
the cure for all high fevers
go Tina Andrew

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