Madden, Galea Lead All Earners at U.S. Pro Champs With $4500 in Prize Money (Full Table)


American Paige Madden and Australian Matthew Galea each won 3 individual events at last weekend’s U.S. Pro Championships in Irvine, California to lead all swimmers with $4500 in earnings. 

Madden and Catie DeLoof were the only Americans to finish in the top 5 of the earnings table as Australians claimed the remaining three spots, showing the impact the international swimmers had at this meet. 

The U.S. Pro Championships served as the final stop of the 2023 Pro Swim Series. At each stop of the meet, $102,000 in prize money was offered and divided among the top three finishers in each event.


  • 1st – $1,500
  • 2nd – $1,000
  • 3rd – $500

59 different swimmers walked away from last weekend’s meet with at least $250 in earnings, with 44 swimmers winning at least $1000. 

As a result of its conflict with the 2023 World Championships, many of the United States’ top swimmers did not compete at the Pro Championships, leaving a wide pool of money up for grabs. For the first time this season, there was also a very prevalent international presence in most of the events, with a large contingent from Australia competing. 

There were also many NCAA and future-NCAA athletes competing at the meet. While high school and college swimmers are generally limited to accepting money up to “actual and necessary expenses,” there are plenty of loopholes that allow them to accept more money than that. How much money a swimmer can actually take home might vary, but under new NIL rules, more swimmers will be taking home more of their own earnings. 

2023 Pro Championships Prize Money:

Swimmer Name Age Club Gender Money Won
Paige Madden 24 New York Athleti W 4500
*Matthew Galea 21 Australia-IT M 4500
*Ella Ramsay 19 Australia-IT W 4000
Catie Deloof 26 New York Athleti W 4000
*Maximillian Gi 20 Australia-IT M 3000
Jake Foster 22 Mason Manta Rays M 3000
Jack Aikins 20 SwimAtlanta-GA M 3000
Grant House 25 Sun Devil Swimmi M 2500
Kelly Pash 22 Longhorn Aquatic W 2500
*Mikayla Smith 25 Australia-IT W 2500
Brooks Curry 22 Louisiana State- M 2250
Rachel Stege 20 Athens Bulldog S W 2000
Daniel Matheson 20 Sun Devil Swimmi M 2000
Jay Litherland 27 Sun Devil Swimmi M 2000
Phoebe Bacon 20 Wisconsin Aquati W 2000
Grace Cooper 21 Longhorn Aquatic W 1500
Simone Manuel 26 Sun Devil Swimmi W 1500
*Thomas Nowakow 22 Australia-IT M 1500
Emma Weyant 21 Gator Swim Club- W 1500
Aiden Hayes 20 Wolfpack Elite-N M 1500
Isabelle Odgers 22 Trojan Swim Club W 1500
Isabelle Stadde 21 California Aquat W 1500
Erica Sullivan 22 Longhorn Aquatic W 1500
Dakota Luther 23 Longhorn Aquatic W 1500
Trenton Julian 24 Mission Viejo Na M 1500
Jake Magahey 21 Athens Bulldog S M 1000
*Alicia Wilson 23 Mission Viejo Na W 1000
Colin Feehery 22 Dallas Mustangs- M 1000
*William Petric 18 Australia-IT M 1000
Maddie Waggoner 18 Jersey Wahoos-MA W 1000
Landon Driggers 21 Tennessee Aquati M 1000
*Lily Price 20 Australia-IT W 1000
Emma Sticklen 21 Longhorn Aquatic W 1000
*Jesse Coleman 19 Australia-IT M 1000
Justina Kozan 19 Trojan Swim Club W 1000
*Nick Mahabir 17 EliteCoronado Sw M 1000
Bradley Dunham 23 Athens Bulldog S M 1000
Paige McKenna 20 Wisconsin Aquati W 1000
Michael Brinega 23 The Swim Team-CA M 1000
*Hannah Frederi 20 Australia-IT W 1000
*TY Hartwell 22 Australia-IT M 1000
Will Licon 28 Longhorn Aquatic M 1000
Colby Mefford 22 California Aquat M 1000
Santo Condorell 28 Unattached-NT M 750
Jonathan Kulow 18 Sun Devil Swimmi M 750
Caroline Pennin 20 Tac Titans-NC W 500
Will Gallant 22 Wolfpack Elite-N M 500
Aurora Roghair 20 Alto Swim Club-P W 500
Beata Nelson 24 Wisconsin Aquati W 500
Gabby DeLoof 27 New York Athleti W 500
Josei Panitz 21 Ohio State Unive W 500
Grant Bochenski 20 M 500
Josephine Fulle 20 Tennessee Aquati W 500
Ian Grum 22 Athens Bulldog S M 500
Max Reich 21 Indiana Swim Clu M 500
Finn Brooks 20 Indiana Swim Clu M 250
Charlie Swanson 25 Nova of Virginia M 250
*Joshua Yong 22 Australia-IT M 250

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1 month ago

Was a great meet for those that never made their country teams.

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