Lochte Back On Trial For Rio Gas Station Debacle

A Rio de Janeiro court has accepted a complaint from the state prosecutor’s office putting Ryan Lochte back on trial for falsely reporting a crime. Lochte was originally cleared of wrongdoing in July of 2017, but the prosecutor’s office was able to overturn that ruling and reopen the case, according to Brazil’s Globo.com.

Lochte was competing in the 2016 Olympics in Rio when he told a news outlet that he and three teammates were robbed at gunpoint one night. Security footage eventually revealed, though, that the four swimmers were accused of vandalizing a gas station and were asked to pay for the damage by security guards. Lochte was ultimately suspended by USA Swimming for 10 months, but Brazilian authorities have continued to seek criminal punishment against Lochte, incensed by the negative attention it created for Brazil’s image during the Olympics.

The Globo.com story quotes the state Public Prosecutor’s Office. Here’s a rough translation of the Portuguese: “The actions of the accused brought serious negative repercussions on Brazil’s image abroad, and caused mobilization and expenses with completely innocuous investigative acts, since there was no crime of theft reported by the accused.”

Last month, we reported that the Public Prosecutor’s Office was seeking to reopen the case, and a Rio court made it possible this week, putting Lochte back on trial for false communication of a crime. He could face 1-6 months in prison or a fine if convicted, per Globo.com.

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3 years ago

Dude, Rio, move on with your life. You have so many more pressing issues to deal with in your city than this.

Ole 99
Reply to  Idisagree
3 years ago

Both sides should have been able to figure this out in a much more efficient manner. How much did Feigen pay to get out of the country? It’s gotta be less than both sides have/will rack up in legal bills.

Reply to  Ole 99
2 years ago

Not to mention they’re drowning in debt due to being an olympic host city.

Reply to  Idisagree
3 years ago

No more comments needed, Mr. Idisagree nailed it!!

Reply to  Idisagree
2 years ago

2088 SwimSwam headline:
“103 year-old Lochte summoned from assisted living facility to answer more questions regarding the Rio gas station incident. His great-grandchildren are all expected to attend as well.”

Coach Mike 1952
Reply to  200 SIDESTROKE B CUT
2 years ago


Joel Lin
Reply to  Idisagree
2 years ago

Amen. You’d think Ryan Lochte was a first time non-violent drug offender in Baltimore by compare. So dumb, such a frivolous use of resources.

science geek
3 years ago

Falsely reporting a crime? If exaggerating while being filmed is falsely reporting a crime Brazil has this happening multiple times a day on YouTube or Instagram type sites. Their courts must be overflowing to extremes I can’t imagine.

samuel huntington
3 years ago

help me out – he falsely reported a crime to who? Access Hollywood? Did he ever speak to police about the supposed crime?

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  samuel huntington
3 years ago

In contrast, someone now much more important accurately reported a crime to Access Hollywood.

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