Shouts From The Stands: Whatever You Need Me To Do?

SwimSwam welcomes reader submissions about all topics aquatic, and if it’s well-written and well-thought, we might just post it under…


SwimMom Musings: What Is A Coach

Literally thousands of articles have been written about what qualities you find in the very best swim coaches. Having been around this sport for 14 years, I have seen my share of all types of coaches.


8 Ways You Know You’re a Swimmer

ONE Your face is peeling off. No matter how much lotion you put on, your face is still peeling off. Eventually…


Video: Literally My Life Parody, Featuring Ryan Murphy

While at the Cal Invite, Davis High School freshmen never imagined they’d be able to meet Olympic swimmer, Ryan Murphy,…


Use Your Food For Recovery

One of the most important factors in sustained athletic success is understanding recovery. There are many components to improving your recovery time from training that can really up you’re A game.


How Swimmers Can Use Zinc To Help Them Swim Faster

Zinc plays an important part in the growth, repair, and recovery of muscle tissue, which is a crucial part of any athlete’s training protocol. Low zinc levels can negatively impact on athletes’ muscle repair and overall recovery.


How To Get Prepared For Your Big Swim Event

Often underestimated by swimmers, coaches, and parents, getting enough quality sleep is a critical part of preparing for your big swim event. While we sleep, our bodies repair and recover, they consolidate memories and prepare us for the next day.

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Introducing Olympian Duncan Scott

Duncan Scott, a Scottish and Great Britain swimmer who is extremely versatile competition in freestyle, medley,and butterfly events. Scott started…

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My Biggest Competitor Is Myself

As a collegiate swimmer, your conference meet—besides NCAAs—is the most important meet of the season. It is exciting, nerve-racking, stressful, and fun.

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Mothering A Champion – Christina Cooper Dressel

Author Eney Jones takes us up-close and personal with Christina Cooper Dressel, mother of Olympic Champion Caeleb Dressel.


3 Reasons Why Being a Middle Tier Swimmer Matters

Figuring out that it takes more than just stud swimmers to make a team great.


5 Ways Parents Can Help Their Swimmers’ Performance

If we—or our children—have self-defeating words bouncing through our brains, those negative and destructive thoughts need to be changed.


Perks of Being a College Swimmer

The many perks of being a collegiate swimmer.


10 Tips for More Confidence in the Pool

Struggling with your levels of self-confidence in the pool? Here are 10 ways to get back on track.

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Swimming, From: A Retired Swimmer

I never thought the day would actually come where I was done swimming forever. I had been working so hard at something I loved for twelve long,

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