4 Reasons Why Kids Should Go To Swim Camp

With summer around the corner, it’s time to think about swim camp. When my kids were younger, they loved going to swim camp at the University of Southern California.

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20 Habits of Elite Swimmers

Elite swimmers like Ryan Lochte recognize the value and results that comes with hard work. Here are 19 other habits of top-level swimmers.


Regardez : 12 façons d’entrer dans la piscine – laquelle est la tienne ?

L’équipe de ‘SkillsNT’ a choisi ses 12 méthodes préférées pour surmonter la réticence de plonger directement dans l’eau.

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6 Reasons Swim Moms Are The Absolute Best

Swim moms rule. But you probably already knew that. Here are 6 reasons why they are the best.


4 Rewarding Things From the Sport of Swimming

Swimming is an extremely challenging sport, and it can take a lot out of you.  It can be a struggle…

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Are You Swimming to Win or Swimming Not to Lose? (And Why The Difference Matters.)

The difference between swimmers who swim to win compared to those who swim to not lose might seem like a trivial difference. But here’s how much of an impact it can actually have.


Dear Swimming I Want To Thank You

“Thanks for helping me face disappointment, learn from it, and grow. You have to be humble in a sport where you’re measured by the clock that does not lie.”


21 Ways You Know You Are a Swimmer

Swimming isn’t a sport, it’s a way of life. Here are 21 ways that you know you are a competitive swimmer.


SwimSwam Pulse: 33.3% Say Australian Nats Were Most Exciting

Exactly one-third of SwimSwam voters picked Australian nationals as the most exciting international meet in early April. With exactly 900 votes cast, 300 went towards the championship meet Down Under.

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Pourquoi les parents ne devraient pas entraîner leurs enfants

Voici quatre raisons pour lesquelles les parents ne devraient pas entraîner leurs enfants.

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The Parent’s Survival Guide for Dealing with a Taper

The taper is a confusing, frustrating and hilariously joyous time. Here is a quick guide for parents on how to deal with the various stages of a tapering swimmer.


What Will You Miss Most Once Your Collegiate Swimming Ends

Once your time as a collegiate athlete comes to an end, what will you miss most?

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Should Ryan Lochte Be Allowed To Swim At U.S. Masters Nationals?

What is your opinion on Ryan Lochte swimming at the U.S. Masters meet? Should Lochte swim or not swim?


Schooling, Hagino Lead Aquatic Athletes On Forbes Asia ’30 Under 30′

A shortlist of 5 aquatic athletes, including Olympic gold medalist Joseph Schooling, were among the honorees on Forbes Magazine’s latest ’30 Under 30′ for the Asian continent.


5 Keys to Consistency and Longevity with Roland Schoeman

Few have done it as long and as well as Roland Schoeman. Here are 5 keys to consistency and longevity with the sprinting star.