4 Ways To Develop Your Super-Strengths In Swimming

What is it that makes you a nightmare to compete against? What is it about your swimming skill set that makes the biggest difference in your performance?

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Why Not?

Regardless of how talented, fast, or experienced, there may be one common area where swimmers struggle – self-doubt. Whether during practice or behind the blocks, we sell ourselves short by thinking we are not capable of reaching our highest potential.


SwimSwam Pulse: Voters Most Excited For Pac-12 Women

Almost half of voters said they were most excited for the women’s Pac-12 Championships compared to the other four major conference meets to take place this month.


4 Tips to Be a Better Swim Parent

One goal of swim parenting is to keep our kids in the water, if that’s what they choose. We don’t want to be one of the reasons why they’ve given up on their dreams and love of swimming.

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The Last Race

I never thought the last race I’d see my son swim in wouldn’t count.


The Key To Swimming Fast: Don’t Forget To Fill Your Tank

My freshman year of college I received advice that immediately made its way to the top of my “Words to Live By” list.


Simple Strategies to Change Your Eating Habits

Dr. Greg Wells the author of The Ripple Effect offers several simple strategies to take your nutrition to the next level…


What Type of Swim Parent Are You?

When you look around the pool deck, you’ll recognize a variety of parent types. We’re most likely a combination of a few or many. What type of swim parent are you?


15 Signs You Are a Tapering Swimmer

The moment you know your taper worked. Here are 15 signs you are a tapering swimmer.


SwimMom Musings: Friendships Brought To You By Swimming

As the mom of a freshman college swimmer, the role that I play in her beloved swimming has changed so dramatically these last six to seven months.

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How To Maintain Your Poise & Composure During A Swim Race

When open water gets rough . . . and it is not the water! “Ain’t that a kick in the head?”

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Taper-Friendly Super Bowl Party Food

It is notoriously difficult to eat healthy during taper, when appetites are still at winter-training levels, but workout loads have plummeted. Here are some healthy and healthier Super Bowl snack alternatives.


Who Would Win a New England vs. Philly Swimming Super Bowl LII?

What would happen if New Englanders Jenny Thompson and Madison Kennedy swam on a relay for the Patriots, against a team of Eagles fans? Let’s defy space and time to stage a Swimming Super Bowl LII dual meet.


When Should Your Child Wear A Tech Suit?

“Southern California Swimming’s House of Delegates voted unanimously to prohibit the wearing of ‘Tech’ suits in Age Group competition at committee level (BRW), invitationals, dual/tri and intrasquads.”


How To Train Your Autonomic Nervous System For Peak Performance

Our brain is a complex organ that manages to control each and every muscle of the body. Every movement, perception and reception of enormous amount of data is all done by the brain.


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